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Why can’t I afford a summer vacation for my children with a monthly salary of 30,000?

Recently, an article titled \”With a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, I can\’t even afford a summer vacation for my children\” became a hot article in WeChat Moments, attracting the attention and discussion of many people. In the article, a mother complained: Her monthly salary is 30,000 yuan, and most of the family expenses are borne by her husband, but her children spend 35,000 yuan during the summer vacation. Let’s take a look at where the money is spent: my daughter went on a study tour in the United States for 10 days, which cost 20,000 yuan; her daughter usually needs an aunt to take care of her at home, which cost 5,000 yuan; she will take piano exams in July, and she will have to take two piano lessons a week, which costs 200 yuan. One session costs a total of 2,000 yuan; a swimming class costs 2,000 yuan; and a three-subject training class in English, Mathematical Olympiad, and composition costs 6,000 yuan. In this regard, she sighed helplessly: The painful thing is that although you have spent the money, you feel uneasy because you don\’t know whether it will be useful; if you don\’t spend it, you will feel sorry for your children, and you will feel uneasy! This sentence not only expresses the inner thoughts of this mother with a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, but also expresses the inner thoughts of thousands of parents. This mother\’s thoughts actually represent the thoughts of a large number of parents. She believes that a good education means spending money to go to a prestigious school, attend a high-end training class, study abroad and see the world. . It is good for parents to have money so that their children can have more educational opportunities, but can they educate their children well by spending money? Does correct education really rely on spending money? Is it true that, as some articles say, class is solidifying and we all have no way out? I have a friend. When she was in middle school, she was inconspicuous and her academic performance was average. However, now she has become a real-life inspirational goddess: cheerful, optimistic, and full of confidence. At a young age, he had already bought two houses in Beijing on his own, and his career was also flourishing. Her father died young, and her mother opened a canteen next to the school. At that time, she didn\’t like to talk. She always sat in the corner with her head lowered. He is always shy when looking at people. Always wearing clothes that don\’t fit. At that time, we were only introduced to English in junior high school. We had a poor foundation and it was extremely difficult to learn. My friend\’s English was also not good, and she resignedly believed that she was not the material for learning. Her mother firmly believed that knowledge changes destiny. She picked up her daughter\’s textbooks with tears and began to study by herself. If there was no teacher, she would listen to tapes and ask teachers in school for advice. I copied a lot of small notes, memorized words whenever I had time, and listened to the text on the tape being read aloud. After listening to it year after year, I have worn out a bunch of tapes. Later, mother and daughter studied and discussed together. Four years later, my friend’s mother was hired by the school as a substitute English teacher. Later, due to the scarcity of English teachers in rural areas, she got another opportunity to officially join the teacher recruitment examination. My friend’s mother, who is constantly striving for self-improvement, naturally passed the test through studying as hard as she could. My friend later got into a prestigious university through hard work. Does the story end here? Not yet. My friend’s mother has not stopped at her achievements. She knows the importance of knowledge. She has insisted on reading every day for more than 20 years and discussed with her daughter. The mother and daughter have developed a love for reading and deep thinking. Habit. The two of them travel every year to broaden their horizons. A friend\’s mother said: No matter you are in a good or bad situation in life, never give up on self-growth. friendHe also said: My mother is the person who has the greatest influence on me. If it weren’t for my mother’s efforts, I would definitely live the same life as most girls in our small town. After finishing junior high school, I would work in a factory and have a few children. They are repeating my walk. Lin Wencai, a famous parent-child marriage expert and doctor of psychological counseling, said: Psychological nutrition is the underlying code for a child’s lifelong happiness. A child needs five psychological nutrients as he or she grows: 1. Accept her/him unconditionally; 2. Make him/her feel important; 3. Accompany the child to give him a sense of security; the sense of security mainly comes from: the mother’s stable mood, Good relationship between husband and wife. 4. Affirmation, praise, and recognition; in this kind of psychological nutrition, the role of father is greater than that of mother. 5. Learning, cognition, and role models. Parents should never give up on self-learning and give their children the power of role models. Sufficient psychological nutrition will produce the \”five golden flowers\” of life: the ability to love; independence; connection; sense of value; and security. When a child\’s psychological nutrition is sufficient, she/he can take a good path in life on her own. Psychological nutrition mainly comes from parents. Giving children psychological nutrition can nourish their lives. It was through the inner psychological nourishment that my friend’s mother gave her child that she was able to walk the road ahead. I once worked in a training institution for a period of time. During this period, I had a student who took classes there for a long time, but he was still a child and did not make much progress. One day I passed by the classroom where he was taking a math class and heard him arguing with the teacher. The little child was holding his neck and yelling: I am playing in class, what’s wrong if I don’t listen? My parents pay money and they are customers. Customers are God. I That\’s God… Later we went to see his mother, who apologized: His father and I were busy at work and had no time to take care of him. We stayed with our grandparents all the time. We also found that the child had many problems, so we quickly took him to make up lessons. . The child impatiently yelled next to him: \”Mom, take me to Hong Kong tomorrow.\” Mom agreed hurriedly and turned to explain to us: The child still needs to be taken out to gain experience. After all, it is said that education is all about hard work. Dad fights against mom! Yes, education is a struggle between parents and mom, but the real battle between parents and mom is the company of parents, the education methods of parents, the conduct of parents, and the philosophy of parents. It can also be said that what matters is the psychological nutrition parents provide their children. The mother of a child who does not pay attention to the inner nature of the child and only wants to educate the child well through tutoring and teachers will undoubtedly not succeed. For a child at such a young age to be so uneducated, it must be said that there are some problems with the education of his parents. If we use the image of a tree to describe education, then psychological nutrition is the root, school education is the branches, social education is the leaves, and students\’ growth is the fruit. Only when the roots are deep can the branches be plentiful, when the branches are luxuriant can the leaves be luxuriant, and when the foliage is luxuriant can there be fruits. No matter how good a gardener is, you can prune the branches and leaves, but if you don\’t fertilize the tree, the tree will not thrive. The correct way to start education is for parents to provide their children with adequate psychological nutrition and lay a foundation for him/her to follow his/her own path in the future. Not paying attention to children\’s psychological nutrition, and relying only on training and attending prestigious schools for education will not only not be able to support the children\’s summer vacation, but also the children\’s future. Don’t let class solidify into people who give up on hard work.Excuse. Even if you don’t have a fortune, you can still give your children enough psychological nourishment, let the roots of the education tree take root, and give your children the capital to take a good future, so that they can reap the fruits of the tree.

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