• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Why were the children who could have been raised well been raised crookedly?

Everyone who has a child can’t help but compare their own child with other people’s children, either explicitly or covertly, right? Fat or thin, tall or short, whether you talk sooner or later, walk sooner or later, or even how much you eat, you don’t want to fall behind others, right? What do you prefer to hear from the bottom of your heart? Is it when someone says, \”Your child is so smart!\”? People have an indescribable yearning and love for \”child prodigies\”, but people must accept a reality from the bottom of their hearts, that is: in fact, most children are on the same level, no one is stronger, and no one is worse. If you really feel that your child is not as good as other people’s, why not reflect on it first, have you raised him crookedly? There are several common parenting pitfalls in life that many people must have skipped. Fooling me, I remember there was a joke on the Internet, and everyone took it as a joke. \”When I was four years old, I asked my mother where I came from. My mother said that I was born from a pig at home, but I actually believed it. My father was going to kill a pig during the Chinese New Year, and I ran to the neighbor\’s house crying and said My father wanted to kill my mother, and more than a dozen members of my neighbor\’s family rushed into my house excitedly and prepared to break up the fight. When they rushed into the yard, they saw my father chasing the pig with a knife. This was not the climax. The climax was when I hugged the pig and said, \”Mom , I\’m looking for someone to save you! \”Is it funny? It\’s so funny that my stomach cramps when I laugh. The only person who doesn\’t think it\’s funny is probably the child, right? He must have been wondering for a long time why other mothers are human and only my mother is a pig. Why is it a pig? All the piglets were born, and I was the only one who looked like a human being? Why did he try so hard to save his mother, but became a laughing stock to others? Just imagine, if this child was taken seriously, and the mother told it in detail in the right way, How babies are conceived and how they are born. Not only can children increase their scientific knowledge, but they can also enhance the relationship between mother and child. If one day, on an appropriate occasion, a child talks about the birth of life, most people present will be surprised: This child You know so much! Regarding “Where do I come from?” \”Almost every child will ask this question, but different answers from parents will lead the child to different situations. A child who cries while holding a pig may not be so stupid, but there are no children who talk about \”baby birth\” Their parents used their own upbringing methods to put an invisible label on them because of their exceptionally superior IQ. Many years later, the child who hugged the pig and cried had just broken free from the invisible shackles, while the child who talked freely had long since passed away. Far. It’s not that your child is stupid, it’s you who taught him to be stupid. Please stop fooling your child! Pampering and pampering will make children unable to reach the bottom line. We often see some information on the Internet: There is pushback There are naughty children who go downstairs, and there are also children who shout and kill their parents at every turn, and there are also people who actually kill their fathers and mothers. What is the root of the mistake? Parents who dote on their children are usually unprincipled parents who are blindly satisfied. , blindly shielding, the most common thing they say is, \”He is still a child.\” How many naughty children rely on the protection of this sentence to grow into villains. Just because he is still a child, he does not understand the rules of this world, and he does not If you don’t know what the bottom line is as a human being, what parents should do is teach them to understand the bottom line and rules, instead of ignoring the bottom line and rules in order to protect their children. HeIt is your child, and you regard him as the best in the world, but the world will not make way for you because of your unclear understanding. Children who do not pay attention to precepts and deeds will see the world through their parents. From the time he started babbling, he has been quietly observing his parents. His serious look may be imitating his father, and his frowning and sighing look may be imitating his mother. When he was imitating adults when he was a child, you laughed. You think your child is really smart, but when your child grows up, will you forget this and think that your child should be as good in everything as others? Many parents don\’t know it, but they always play with their mobile phones and scold their children, \”Why don\’t you know how to study hard?\” They have no plans for life and just muddle along, but instead scold their children, \”Why are you so worthless?\” They don\’t pay attention to maintenance at all. Instead, he hates his children, \”Why don\’t you know how to respect your elders?\” The world says, \”You will reap melons if you sow melons, and you will reap beans if you sow beans.\” You cannot plant sesame seeds yourself, but expect watermelons to grow in the soil. How can your child be like others? The process of raising children is also a good time to grow yourself. Good parents are willing to be their children\’s teammates and go through ups and downs with them. As for the kind of parents who sit in the shade, eat melons and crack their whips, their children will definitely move further and further away from you. Habitually hitting, but not teaching methods. Many people like to pay attention to \”dignity\” and like to say to their children: \”Wrong!\” with a straight face, but never say what is wrong. It seems that if they explain it a little, they will lose their confidence as parents. Decent. The dignity of the parents was maintained, but the children were confused. Where did I go wrong? Why is it wrong? I remember that when I was in the first grade of elementary school, our classmates liked to sing and recite the text loudly. My dad was not happy and said that this is a bad habit of yours and you are not allowed to sing and recite. But I was used to it. As soon as I read, I started singing and reciting the text. When my dad heard it, he yelled angrily: \”What are you reading?\” I felt ashamed, and then I felt rebellious. I scratched my neck and said, this is The teacher taught it! One day, I was reading text at home after school, and my cousin bumped into me. Maybe I looked too funny. He walked up to me and smiled kindly and said, \”Do you know what silent reading is?\” Then he told me that the advantage of silent reading is that you can memorize while reading. Even if you want to read aloud, you don\’t have to read so loudly. He picked up my The textbook demonstrated it for me and also taught me how to pause and break up sentences. I have gotten rid of my habit of singing while studying, how easy it is! If I followed my father\’s routine, I, a rebellious and stubborn person, might even hate studying from now on. I often lament that raising children is like other things that seem easy. I think the process is simple, but I find that the results vary greatly. When it comes to parenting, compared to the high-profile school district housing and sky-high tuition fees, I believe that real effort is spent in subtle details that are not easy to detect.

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