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Write the happiness of education in a happy classroom


Oct 1, 2023

The classroom is the main battlefield of education, where children spend most of their time. After \”double reduction\”, education has completely returned to schools, and the classroom has become the main position for implementing \”double reduction\” to reduce burden and improve quality. In the past, students\’ unhappiness, teachers\’ unhappiness, and even education\’s unhappiness, to some extent, were still problems in the classroom. Yu Dan: To educate children, growth is more important than success. Under the shadow of exam-oriented education, traditional classrooms are blindly indoctrination and repeated drills, which are boring, monotonous, lifeless, depressing and suffocating, lacking vitality, which not only loses students\’ interest in learning, but also eliminates students\’ instincts. , drying up students\’ lives, and causing students\’ learning burden to increase day by day. It not only loses the liveliness of the classroom, the effectiveness of teaching, and the creativity of education, but also causes teachers\’ professional burnout to continue to increase. \”Double reduction\” has become the will of the country. The high-quality development of education is our mission. The growth of students is even more urgent and unshirkable. It is imperative to reform inefficient and ineffective classrooms, and it is even more imperative to create happy classrooms. A happy classroom must be student-oriented and student-centered. Everything focuses on students and starts from students. It has students’ perspective, students’ logic, and students’ expressions, allowing students to stand in the center of the classroom and become the masters of the classroom. classroom. A happy classroom must see students, believe in students, follow students, develop students, present and fulfill every student, so that no student is left behind, and every student can bloom brightly in the classroom like a flower. classroom. A happy classroom must be one of equality and democracy, with harmonious relationships, full of trust, rippling understanding, permeated with respect, flowing with the atmosphere of truth, goodness and beauty. Souls blend with each other, lives reflect each other, there is no ridicule, no humiliation, no one is discriminated against, and no one is discriminated against. A classroom where everyone can enjoy the value and dignity they deserve as a \”human being\” despite ruthless attacks. A happy classroom must be a place where the body and mind are relaxed, free to stretch, and full of emotions. The students\’ mental state and way of thinking are not bound by any ropes, restricted by various terms, and suppressed by a suffocating atmosphere. The \”law of the jungle\” of education is Instead of \”forest law\”, students can breathe freely in the classroom world and feel a vibrant \”forest\” classroom. A happy classroom must open up the imagination, enlighten the mind, unleash potential, demonstrate individuality, return creation to children, return childhood to children, return happiness to children, and allow children to walk out of the classroom, into life, and into the future, still full of happiness. Countless surprises and curiosity, the classroom still maintains interest and enthusiasm for learning, and the love and passion for life are still surging. A happy classroom must be a classroom where all work serves the growth of students, paving the way and building bridges for students\’ growth, where students learn to learn, learn to create, learn to be a person, learn to solve problems, and can grow up happily. A happy classroom must be one where the classroom is opened up and there are no restrictions on thinking. Students can let their thoughts fly, imagine and express themselves to their heart\’s content. There is no limit to time and space. The sun, moon, stars, mountains, lakes, fields, beautiful nature, industrial and mining enterprises and communities are all there. can become a classroom, allowingThe classroom extends and expands, becomes infinitely vast, and becomes very large. It allows students to be free and unrestrained, compete with each other, and have unlimited growth possibilities in the classroom. A happy classroom must be lively, efficient, lively and interesting, a classroom that can improve the highest efficiency within a limited time, obtain maximum benefits without heavy burden, and reflect the best results in relaxed and happy learning. A happy classroom must be where the heart is before class, where God is going, and full of expectations. During class, we perform together, interact and generate, and are creative. After class, we reflect and reflect, and the meaning is endless. Teachers and students support each other and rely on each other. , a classroom where teaching and learning are mutually beneficial. A happy classroom must be one where teachers are actively engaged, enlightening, leading with wisdom, clearing the clouds and seeing the sun. Students actively participate, are active and vivid, experience success, and gain development. Learning follows rules, proceeds in depth, unfolds rhythmically, happens naturally, and education follows the wind. Sneak in, come quietly, the spring breeze turns into rain, moistening things in a silent classroom. A happy classroom must teach everything that should be taught, learn everything that should be learned, combine learning and teaching, teach less and learn more, learn without teaching, teach without teaching, learn without learning, and allow experience and knowledge to be linked, related and related in a timely manner. Transform and nourish each other for this purpose, becoming a nutritious classroom for students\’ conscious development. With a happy classroom, a happy education has a cornerstone and a ballast, and the happiness of education has endless possibilities and sources!

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