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You can go to your parents’ house during the summer vacation

My mother is here, and the happiest thing is that I can have dinner right after I get home from get off work. Eat meals at least an hour earlier than usual. My mother, who always eats quickly, is usually the first to put down the dishes and go to the living room to watch TV. The sound of the TV is turned on very low, but we in the restaurant will still receive news broadcasts from time to time: \”You must be careful when driving. Look, there is another car accident.\” This is mainly said to Dad Dou. , he drives harder. \”Alas… this child is so pitiful. He has leukemia. Can leukemia be cured?\” These words were mainly meant for me. I have worked in the hospital for many years. \”This child said that his parents are working in Shanghai and he hasn\’t seen them for more than half a year. He looks so pitiful. Look how happy you are. You are with your parents every day and you still don\’t obey.\” These words were mainly meant for Doudou. Yes, grandma is often annoyed by his disobedience. Every time she said something, the child turned to look at the TV. I muttered to my mother dissatisfied: Mom, can we watch TV without talking? She happily agreed: OK. After a while, I couldn\’t help but broadcast again: Doudou, you said you could go to your grandma\’s house during the summer vacation. But the child said that he could go to his parents\’ house during the summer vacation. Doudou put down the bowls and chopsticks, jumped in front of the TV, and said with a mouth full of food: I\’m full. Let me see, let me see, is it possible that he is the guest of Mom and Dad, not their child? The mother pushed the child: Go and eat quickly, what is there to watch on TV? My heart suddenly became chaotic: Mom, it was you who lit the flame of his curiosity, and now I picked up a basin of water and tried to pour it on. Can he let you water it? Suddenly I remembered a time when I participated in a psychological counseling training for the elderly. The teacher said: Do you think the most difficult thing to educate is children? wrong! The most difficult people to educate are parents. Don’t know your mistakes, never admit your mistakes, always right, always justified! When parents get old, they become willful children. In order to maintain family harmony, don\’t try to change them, just accept it. I admit it. Back to business. Holidays, for most children, are a time to escape the control of their parents and let themselves go. For some children, it is a time to reunite with their parents after a long separation. My mother hasn’t been here for more than half a year. When she\’s not here, the TV is a dispensable display. Now that she is here, TV is an indispensable companion, and she cannot be deprived of the pleasure of watching TV for the sake of her children. Therefore, every time before my mother comes, I will pay the cable TV bill in advance. Children will also be urged to finish their homework at the institution as much as possible. I put down the chopsticks in my hand and said to Dad Dou: I am full too. He leaned in front of the TV and sat on the sofa side by side with his grandparents. Youman Cartoon TV was playing \”The Wish Tree\”. A group of teenagers told their own wishes: I want to be a teacher when I grow up. . Give me a basketball and I can be Kobe. I just want a family photo. I want my dad to spend more time with me. I want to be with my parents. They work in Jiangyin and only come back once a year. Some children have great aspirations, such as becoming Kobe Bryant. Some children have very small wishes and just want to be with their parents. For children who want to be Kobe Bryant, parents are just helping them. And for those who want to be with their parentsChildren, parents are the main force. Parents hope that their children will not lose at the starting line. However, children do not know that reincarnation is their starting line. Last winter vacation, a colleague’s nine-year-old daughter came to the office. My children go to school in my hometown in Henan, and my colleagues and wives work in Suzhou and rarely go back. Every winter and summer vacation, children come to Suzhou to reunite with their parents. When I am on duty on weekends, I will take my son to the office to do his winter vacation homework. My colleague’s daughter is half a year younger than my son and is also in the third grade. When the two children were together, there was no greeting or alienation, and they quickly became familiar with each other. They read books, played games or went to the yard to swing together. All winter vacation homework was left at grandma’s house. After reminding my son several times to \”finish the homework for the day before playing\” to no avail, I asked the girl: Do you want to do your winter vacation homework? The girl said: I have finished my winter vacation homework long ago. I was surprised: very few? She said: There is one book each for Chinese, Mathematics, and English. I started writing the homework as soon as the teacher handed it down. I\’ll finish my homework early so that I can go to my parents\’ house after the winter vacation. A colleague proudly said: My daughter is very sensible and she never has to accompany her when doing homework at home. He ranked first in the class in the final exam and was still a top student. There are questions that she doesn\’t know, and no one can ask her. She will cry when she calls her mother. I couldn\’t agree with his pride, I just felt sorry for this sensible little girl. The longing to be reunited with his parents, the disappointment of having no one to ask about his homework, how helpless and helpless does it feel to a nine-year-old child? Can this father understand? Probably every child is looking forward to summer vacation, just like every child has his own wish. Because of different living conditions, summer vacation has completely different meanings for children. Some children are looking forward to traveling abroad with their parents during the summer vacation. Some children look forward to attending summer camp during the summer vacation. Some children are looking forward to going to their grandma\’s house in the countryside during the summer vacation. Some children look forward to working during the summer vacation to earn pocket money. Some children look forward to reunited with their parents during the summer vacation. Perhaps, for a child, the most exciting and sad thing is that he can go to his parents\’ house during the summer vacation. Children are originally members of the family. Because their parents go out to work, the children become guests or relatives at home. I believe that many parents also feel aggrieved. If they are not forced to do so, who would be willing to leave their children at home? However, ask yourself, is it really the only way to leave the children in your hometown and the husband and wife go out to work? My colleague had three children. The first child is 20 years old this year. He went to the best boarding school in the city when he was in elementary school. He smoked, drank, fought and skipped school when he was in junior high school. He had no choice but to graduate from junior high school and was sent to the army for training. Now he is working. The second child is seventeen years old and is in his second year of high school. He dropped out of school some time ago and is currently working in Suzhou with his girlfriend. The third child is nine years old this year. This daughter is in the third grade of elementary school. She is smart, sensible and good at studying. The couple has been in Suzhou for six or seven years. They used to open a clinic in their hometown in Henan. Later, due to the development of the new rural cooperative medical system, people basically went to the hospital when they got sick, and the clinic\’s business was not as good as before. Colleagues said that when he decided to come to Suzhou to work, he hoped that his wife would stay in his hometown to take care of the children.Less than a year after her arrival, when her daughter had just entered kindergarten, my wife left her daughter and her son, who was in elementary school, with her grandmother, and she also went out to work. I asked him why he didn’t buy a house when he first came to Suzhou? He said he had no money. I said, you can sell the house in your hometown. He said he couldn\’t bear to part with it. At that time, he still thought about keeping the house and going back when he got old. I don’t dare think about it now. Houses in Suzhou have risen so much in recent years that I can no longer afford them. I plan to let my wife go back to take care of the children first, but it’s hard to find a job in my hometown and the salary is low, so she refuses to go back. I suddenly thought that even now, they can still afford a house in Suzhou. From his description, the house in his hometown can be sold for 700,000 to 800,000 yuan. He has saved some money in these years. Both sons are working and only the youngest daughter is studying. It is entirely possible to buy a house in Suzhou and send your daughter to school. He said that their eldest son would get married in a few years and they needed to save more money to buy a house for him. Six or seven years after I came out, my thinking was still stuck in my grandfather\’s generation. In vain, I often \”brainwashed\” him – you have such a good daughter, find a way to keep her in Suzhou. How many parents, due to the limitations of their own thinking, let their children turn into expectations that \”they can go to their parents\’ house during the summer vacation\”? I hope that after this summer vacation, \”going to mom and dad\’s house\” will no longer be the wish of the children.

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