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You can tell whether your marriage is good or not by looking at your children! It makes so much sense

In a family, if parents are loving, most of their children will be cute; if parents are unloving, most of their children will have various problems. The quality of parents\’ marriage affects children throughout their lives. Qingming followed Rui\’s father back to his hometown and learned from chatting with his aunts and uncles that Rui\’s father\’s cousin\’s daughter Xiaohui was getting divorced. It is said that the man, who has always been a coward, finally had enough of his wife\’s aggressiveness over time, and would rather leave the house than live with her anymore. I remember the first time I met Xiaohui, about twelve years ago. She was only fifteen or sixteen years old at that time, but she left a deep impression on me. During the first Spring Festival after my marriage, I followed Rui\’s father back to my hometown. As soon as I reached the entrance of the alley, I saw a girl asking who bullied her brother, her voice echoing throughout the alley. The other children ignored her, and the little boy next to her didn\’t speak, but just kept twitching. The girl got impatient and yelled at her brother: \”You only know how to cry. You are just like a boring gourd and have the same virtues as our father.\” When he heard his sister being mean to him, the little boy drooped his head, his face turned red from holding back, and he tried hard not to shed tears. A pair of small hands rubbed the corners of his clothes vigorously, and the friends next to him began to laugh at him: \”Xiaoyong is such a soft persimmon, being pinched here and there by his sister all day long, so pitiful!\” Rui\’s father told me that the girl was Xiaohui, and Xiaoyong The boy is her younger brother Xiaoyong. On the Spring Festival, Dad Rui took me door to door to pay New Year greetings. When I arrived at my cousin\’s house, I saw Xiaohui again. In the process of chatting with my cousin and his aunt, I found that whenever my cousin spoke, his aunt would interrupt him and often make unreasonable comments on his words. What I remember deeply is that my cousin told us that their factory was planning to promote several directors, and he was among them. After hearing this, my cousin sneered and said, \”Come on, I\’m just like a lump all day long. I can\’t speak or deal with interpersonal relationships. It\’s strange that you can promote me.\” Dad Rui and I originally thought To end this embarrassing topic, Xiaohui unexpectedly spoke up: \”Fortunately, I followed my mother and did not inherit my father\’s heritage. Otherwise, I would have been like Xiaoyong, bullied…\” Later, in the chat with his family, , I learned more or less about the situation of my cousin’s family. My aunt is a stubborn person, while my uncle is dull and doesn\’t like to show off. The couple often quarreled over trivial matters, which made the family restless. My aunt would get hysterical every time we had a quarrel, and even kicked my uncle out of the house. For a long time, in order to calm things down, no matter who was right or wrong, my cousin would take the initiative to admit his mistakes. In fact, when I first met Xiaohui and his brother in the alley, I had a vague idea of ​​what their parents were like and what their family was like. What I saw and heard afterwards confirmed my suspicions. There is a saying: \”Children are the spokesperson of family happiness index.\” Really, whether a family is happy or not depends only on their children. I heard a real case before when I was studying psychology. There was a little girl who lived an unhappy life since she was a child. Her father was an unemployed vagrant who drank, smoked, and beat her mother at every turn. But her mother was extremely forbearing. Every time she was raped by her husband, she would just secretly wipe away her tears. girl from childhoodI grew up in such a loveless family and eventually became a little girl who often fought with boys in school. When she reached the age of marriageable age, people around her advised her to restrain herself and find a man to live a good life. And she is full of hostility towards all men and only likes girls. Unhappy families are each unhappy in their own way, but happy families are all alike. At the beginning of the year, our company had a new male intern named Xiao Liu. He was good-looking, very polite, and got along well with every colleague. Everyone in the company liked him. And he is cheerful every day. No matter what problems he encounters, he never frowns for more than three minutes. One time, Rui\’s dad and I went to see a movie and happened to meet Xiao Liu and his parents. Xiao Liu stood in front of the film schedule to choose a movie, while his parents held hands and talked and laughed. Xiao Liu asked his parents if he wanted to buy a bucket of popcorn. Liu\’s father refused and said, \”I\’ve just eaten so much that I won\’t get tired of eating sweet things.\” But Liu\’s mother said that she wanted to eat a little bit. After listening, she saw Dad Liu immediately went to buy a bucket of popcorn, and it was the biggest bucket. At that moment, I understood why Xiao Liu was so happy every day, because he had been nurtured by love since he was a child. Every outstanding and happy child is not born out of nowhere, but has traceable causes and effects. Its cause is in the family; its root is in the parents. Therefore, when children have problems, most of them are caused by their parents. The relationship between husband and wife is the anchor of the family. If parents love each other, children will tend to be cheerful and lively, feel more secure, have more stable emotions, have stronger ability to withstand stress, and will be able to get along and cooperate with others better. If the relationship between parents is not good, the child\’s life will be accompanied by panic and anxiety. He will be like a frightened bird every day. What he cares most about is not studying, but whether his parents will quarrel today and whether they will get into trouble. Over time, children will develop psychological and physical problems such as restlessness and depression. The happiest children in the world are all raised with love. And the most miserable children in the world grow up in loveless families. In fact, marriage is like a pendulum, good times and bad times are normal. It\’s the same with children, who will inevitably have stumbling blocks as they grow. However, a child only grows once and it is irreversible. Therefore, each of us must try our best to maintain our marriage. Even if they quarrel, they should hold hands and quarrel; even if they are separated, they should get together and disperse easily to minimize the harm to the children. Because the quality of parents\’ marriage will really affect their children\’s life.

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