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You don’t have to be a top student, children with this kind of temperament are the happiest

Recently, Hu Shuyuan, a 6-year-old primary school student in Xinyu, Jiangxi, found lost and found items that made people feel warm. That day, Hu Shuyuan went out to play with his mother and picked up 100 yuan on the stairs. After searching nearby for a while, he couldn\’t find the owner, so Hu Shuyuan decided to go home and write a lost and found report. Because he couldn\’t write many characters, Hu Shuyuan used pinyin instead. He posted the note filled with crooked pinyin and soon found the owner. It turned out that the neighbor on the fourth floor accidentally dropped it when he went out. In order to express his gratitude, the neighbor also wrote on the note: \”Thank you, kid Hu Shuyuan.\” Hu Shuyuan was very happy when he received the thanks. He smiled shyly and said, \”I just want others to be happy.\” I\’m happy.\” The simple expression reflects the kind and honest heart of a child. The lives of adults are busy and rigid. If you meet a child who is caring and considerate of you, you will really feel warm in your heart, as if your life has turned to the sunny side. Harvard University tracked 724 lives over 75 years and found that \”happiness\” has nothing to do with wealth, fame, or hard work. Good social relationships are the only secret to keeping us healthy and happy. Psychologist Martin Seligman also proposed five elements of a happy life, the most important of which cannot be ignored is good social relationships. Those who love you will love you back, and those who love you will love you back. Those warm children in life are mostly upright and kind. While they bring friendliness, sunshine and convenience to others, they also gain more happiness and sense of accomplishment through mutually nourishing interpersonal relationships. Warmth comes from the way the world looks in the eyes of children. Franklin once said: The best thing to give to your enemies is forgiveness, to your opponents is tolerance, to your friends is sincerity, and to your children is a good example. A kind and warm-hearted child must have some kind of \”example power\” to do what he does. There is an educational short film in Thailand: Bazaar, a primary school teacher, always brings his dependent mother who suffers from Alzheimer\’s disease to class. The children were unconsciously distracted during class, and Teacher Baza would occasionally ask the children to help look after their mother for a short time during lunch and recess. Although parents sympathized with Teacher Bacha\’s actions, they complained more because they were afraid that it would affect their children\’s homework. But every day, as the teacher took care of her elderly mother, the children not only did not miss their homework, but also became delicate and soft. In life, they are polite, considerate, expressive and grateful. Seeing the warm love from their children, the parents were sincerely moved. \”Positive Discipline\” says: \”Although children\’s ability to explain is poor, their ability to observe is very strong.\” For that little person, you don\’t have to tell him what is right or how to do it. The most authentic way of teaching is: teaching by example is more important than words. My colleague’s daughter often travels with us on weekends. A 5-year-old girl actually knows how not to litter. Seeing that she often holds garbage in her hands and throws it away when she touches the trash can reminds me that my colleagues have the habit of carrying plastic bags with them. The child\’s behavior is a complete copy of the mother\’s. A Zhihu netizen said: The light in the heart can only be cultivated from an early age. The warm-hearted baby is loved by everyone, but those lights and brightness are the result of reflection from the parents. Warmth, a release that comes from how children are treatedChildren of warmth must have received the nourishment of warmth, which is the transmission of love. A TED speech talked about a phenomenon: In an African-American neighborhood in the United States, young people are always stopped, searched, and arrested by the police at any time, whether on the street or at home. As for those teenagers who have been treated rudely by the police, their way of playing is to chase and fight with each other, and then imitate the rudeness and rudeness of the police. For young children, good and evil are emotions that can flow. What kind of emotions the child accepts will follow what kind of actions. On Tian Liang\’s Weibo, there are often pictures of the two children living in harmony: the elder sister teaches her younger brother arithmetic, but the younger brother can\’t count, so the older sister draws two little hands on the blackboard and patiently demonstrates it to her younger brother. The siblings were roller skating together. The younger brother fell, and the older sister quickly picked him up. The younger brother\’s protective gear came loose, and the elder sister thoughtfully helped to tie it up. Sen Die\’s heart-warming behavior can be seen in \”Where Are We Going, Dad\”: Whether in front of or behind the camera, Tian Liang treats his daughter Sen Die very gently and truly respects, understands and appreciates Sen Die. Not every heart-warming behavior is innate. Only when children\’s delicate emotional changes are taken into account can they be able to perceive the emotional changes of others well. The child who is treated tenderly by the world knows how to repay the world with a soft heart. Only by being loved can we see love and express love; by being warmed, can we continue the warmth from ourselves and others. Warmth, acts of kindness are affirmed. Some time ago, Shen Jingyao, a sixth-grade child from Shandong, took a bus. After getting on the bus, an old man looked left and right and only found a 100 yuan note. When Jingyao saw this, he swiped the card for the old man. The old man was very grateful and insisted on giving 100 yuan to Jingyao. After being rejected, the old man still threw the 100 yuan bill to him when he got off the car. Jingyao thinks it’s okay to swipe the bus pass for the old man. He is willing to accept the old man’s thanks, but financial thanks are not necessary. Because he couldn\’t find the old man and couldn\’t exchange money, Jingyao cried anxiously. The children can understand the embarrassment of the old man not being able to change, and the old man also inspired the children\’s kind deeds with practical actions. One old and one young, their simple deeds shine with quality. Children who are recognized for their kind behavior will definitely pass on their kindness. William Damon, a child development psychologist, pointed out: Children are often preached about altruistic behavior and appreciate those children who have high empathy and show prosocial behavior. The positive impact of appreciation will strengthen children\’s behavior. My friend\’s son is a standard little warm boy. She takes care of her baby alone and still has to work. I pick up my children from kindergarten every day and start doing all kinds of housework without stopping. And her 6-year-old son always understands his mother\’s hard work and will take the initiative to help: take the initiative to change garbage bags, take the initiative to sweep the floor, take the initiative to wipe the table… I once asked her how to raise her son, and she said: \”I didn\’t do it deliberately. It\’s just The first time he took the initiative to help me, I praised him as \’really my mother\’s little helper\’! Later, every time the child helped, I would sincerely praise him.\” That warm child was the first child who was well-cared for with kindness. Warmth, coming from a child with a sense of security, \”The Road Less Traveled\”\”The Road\” says: \”Children who lack a sense of security are wary and hostile to the world and the people around them.\” Only children with a sense of security in their hearts can connect with the outside world more actively and enthusiastically. Some time ago, a car in Changsha accidentally collided with a deliveryman\’s car. Xie Muyan, a passing primary school student, saw the deliveryman coming and going in the wind and rain, and encountered such a \”bad\” thing, and wanted to help the deliveryman compensate. . At that time, the child\’s parents respected the child\’s ideas and agreed with her to donate her pocket money. Such behavior made the delivery boy feel warm, but he did not ask for the child\’s money. A child who can freely control his pocket money must be fully respected in the family. Only a child who feels safe and has a sense of control over his own behavior is willing to give. \”The Art of Love\” says: Giving is happier than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because the act of giving expresses the existence of my life. It is in the act of giving that I experience my power, my wealth, my abilities. Children who feel secure are more willing to show their strength and abilities. Buffett once said: \”When evaluating a person, the four most important characteristics are: kindness, integrity, intelligence, and ability. If you don\’t have the first two, the latter two will harm you.\” Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan also said: \” If you are honest, this is more important than anything else; if you are not kind, nothing matters.\” That Nuan Nuan child is a kind little energy field. Nuan Nuan\’s personality will add points to the child\’s life. . From today on, teach your children to be frank, upright and warm-hearted. The warm temperament is love, hope, and April in the world.

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