• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

You must tell your child these 7 secrets before he is 14 years old, otherwise it will harm your child for life.

Children\’s growth is inseparable from the correct teachings of their parents. Educating children is a process that accompanies their children\’s growth. Parents need to not only pay attention to their children\’s grades, but also pay attention to the shaping of their children\’s qualities, ideological education and the cultivation of habits. When a child reaches the age of 14, he is in adolescence, which is a critical stage for personality formation. As children change physically and mentally, parents need to communicate more with their children. Parents must let their children understand these 7 secrets, otherwise they will ruin their lives. You are really not studying for me. I want to learn from what Long Yingtai said in \”Dear Andre\”: My child, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your grades with others, but because I want you to study hard. In the future, we will have the right to choose, choose meaningful and time-consuming work, rather than being forced to make a living. When your job gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity, giving you happiness. The meaning of studying hard is that when you choose a lifestyle with joy, you will not give up with regrets because of a lack of knowledge or ability. Hang your thank you around you. When others help you, it is their duty to be kind to you. If others do not help you, that is their duty. Everyone you meet in your life, including your parents, has no obligation to help you. Therefore, once someone helps you, you must sincerely express your gratitude to them. When others don\’t help you, there\’s nothing to complain about, just continue to be yourself. Only by always having a grateful heart can you discover the beauty of life and live a happier life. You won\’t be liked by everyone. Everyone will come into contact with all kinds of people in their lives, and everyone has different personalities and preferences. You may not want to be friends with a person because of his poor grades, and others may not like you because you are too arrogant. But so what? For people who don\’t like you, even if you pretend to be friendly, they will think you are hypocritical. Why bother? Some people, the more you try to make friends with them and help them, the less they will take you seriously. On the contrary, if you study and work seriously, make achievements in study and work, and are not arrogant, you will naturally win the respect of others. No matter what you do, the outside world\’s evaluation of you will be two-sided. It\’s like a glass filled with half water. You see that it is half empty, and you should also see that it is half full. Don\’t try to make everyone like you. Because this is impossible and unnecessary. You must go to college in this life. Even though you may often skip classes, often sleep in class, and may fail multiple classes, in fact, you still gain more knowledge than those who have never gone to college. You will get to know a group of people who are about as good as you, better than you, or not as good as you. They will help you understand yourself better and become a valuable asset for your future career development. I know that the level of academic qualifications does not equal the level of achievement. But when you are first employed, your academic qualifications are a \”stepping stone\”, which determines roughly the scope and level of work you can do. If you ask me, which stage is the best time in this life? Then I will tell you without hesitation: college! Believe me, not long after leaving school, youI will miss your college days so much, as well as those buddies and sisters. You must go to college in this life, and broaden your horizons through the platform of college. With an open mind, the road to the future will also open up. Health is more important than money. Money is not everything, but nothing is impossible without money. Yes, money is very important to us. Without money, we may not be able to solve even the most basic problems of food and clothing, let alone dignity and status… However, if you don’t care for yourself in the process of making money, Body, when you get older, the money in your hands will become medicines, and your \”home\” will become a hospital. How terrible this will be! Therefore, no matter what time, you must ensure your health as the premise, so that the money you earn will be meaningful. Life is inherently unfair. There is nothing fair in this world. From the moment everyone is born, there is a huge gap in finance, status, nationality, gender, and IQ. Therefore, you must learn to accept these injustices, work hard to change what can be changed, and accept what cannot be changed. This will make you much happier. You must also learn to respect, respect everyone who is worse than you, and more importantly, respect everyone who is not as good as you. When you stand at a high place, you must learn to be humble. Be humble but not inferior, confident but not arrogant, free but not indulgent, it is true. As long as society is full of competition and unfairness, we don\’t need to be too obsessed with these things. The only reliable thing is to work hard to improve ourselves. You have to rely on yourself for everything. Your parents will grow old and will not be able to accompany you for the rest of your life. Brothers and sisters will have their own homes and will not be able to help you for the rest of your life. Even if they are partners, they may leave halfway. When your children grow up, they will naturally leave you and start their own family. …So, only by relying on yourself can you not feel lonely and lost. If our car is worse than your neighbor’s, you don’t have to feel ashamed because our parents bought it with their own money, so there is no shame in it. If our car is better than your neighbor’s, you have no reason to be proud, because This car has almost nothing to do with you. You have never paid anything for it. If you are at a disadvantage, complaining about the unfairness of society all day long will wear down your will, make you sink, and suffer more injustice; if you are at an advantage, showing off all day long will blind your eyes, and you are afraid that one day, you will Fall into the kind of people you originally despised.

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