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You must understand the 5-step massage and fever reduction chart for children with fever, otherwise you will regret it.

My baby has a fever again? How to do how to do? Will it burn out your brain? encephalitis! Oh my god, hurry up and cool down physically! Ice, alcohol, towels to wipe the body… Why don\’t you go to the hospital and get an injection… I believe many parents have experienced this kind of panic moment. When their children have a fever, they are in a hurry. On the one hand, they are worried about their children suffering, and on the other hand, they are very worried about their children\’s fever. It’s bad, you just want to reduce the child’s fever quickly, but you don’t know that the wrong way to reduce the fever will make things worse… (1) Physical cooling three times in a row!!! ① Rubbing the body to cool down the temperature rises and falls repeatedly ✘ Parents are anxious when their children have a fever, thinking of physical cooling as soon as possible , and as a result, I became more and more panicked! In order to reduce her daughter\’s fever, Ms. Wang kept wiping the child\’s body with a towel. After wiping, she took the child to the bed and covered her with a quilt. After a while, the child\’s temperature rose again, and she took her to the bathroom to wipe her body… After much tossing and tossing, the child\’s temperature dropped again. When the child went up, the fever of the tossing child was not cured and his energy was gone. In fact, a fever is the body\’s defense mechanism\’s way of killing bacteria and viruses in the body. At this time, you are physically cooling the child, but the body\’s defense mechanism is still working and will raise the temperature, so cooling at this time has no effect. It is also a manifestation of the body\’s energy re-accumulation to fight against disease pathogens again according to traditional Chinese medicine. ② Alcohol cooling is not advisable ✘ Alcohol is volatile and can absorb and take away a large amount of heat, causing the body temperature to drop. Some parents use alcohol extensively to cool down their children, but it will take away too much heat and cause the children to shiver. In addition, the skin of infants and young children is very delicate and has abundant subcutaneous blood vessels. After a fever, the capillaries throughout the body are in a state of expansion, and the body\’s tolerance to alcohol is low. The ethanol in alcohol is easily absorbed and causes alcohol poisoning. ③The antipyretic patch may not reduce fever ✘The actual heat dissipation area of ​​the antipyretic patch is very limited, and it is not as magical as advertised. That’s not to say it’s useless at all, but its effect is minimal. Because the antipyretic patch can only lower the temperature of the local skin, it cannot lower the temperature of the brain or even the entire body by cooling a small area of ​​skin on the forehead. Parents can use it if they want to help their children relieve fever, but don\’t point out that it can make their children recover. If the child doesn\’t like to stick on it, or if it feels obviously uncomfortable, parents should never force it. (2) Do you always want to take an injection to reduce fever? Rejection – \”Doctor, give the child a fever-reducing injection. It\’s 39 degrees. Don\’t let the child burn out!\” ——\”We came to the hospital for treatment because we couldn\’t get rid of the fever after taking antipyretics at home. Let\’s give the child an injection as soon as possible!\” Generally, if a child\’s body temperature exceeds 38.5°C, antipyretics need to be considered. In real life, when a child has a fever, many parents are anxious and panicked. They often think that antipyretics are slow to cool down the child, so they ask the doctor to give their child an antipyretic injection. On the one hand, these intramuscular injections may damage the gluteus maximus muscle, cause local tissue edema, form induration, and affect drug absorption. On the other hand, antipyretic injections cannot fundamentally eliminate the pathogenic factors in the body. Take the most common dexamethasone as an example: Dexamethasone is a hormone that has a rapid antipyretic effect by reducing the sensitivity of the thermoregulatory center. It is precisely because of the decreased sensitivity of the nerve center that the child\’s own immune systemIt is difficult for the system to function, which can easily lead to further infections and complications in the digestive system and cardiovascular system. We hope that parents will take as few antipyretic injections as possible when treating their children\’s fevers. (3) How does Chinese medicine treat fever in children? 1. When you have a fever, you need to replenish more body fluids. When you have a fever, your body draws a lot of body fluids to the surface to resist the disease, so the first step we have to do is to replenish body fluids. You can drink more hot rice soup at this time. It is best to drink it until the body sweats slightly, the pores open, and the evil wind and cold are expelled from the body. But be careful, you must keep warm after sweating to avoid feeling heavy. 2. When you have a cold or low fever, you can drink ginger and scallion white water to treat low fever (less than 38 degrees). If you are obviously afraid of cold and wind, you can boil ginger and scallion white water with 45g of ginger and 4 sections of scallion white. Bring to a boil over high heat. Boil over low heat for 30 minutes, drink while it\’s hot and cover yourself with a blanket to rest. Ginger is pungent and dispels cold, while scallion white has a similar effect, helping the body expel cold evil from within. Ensure enough sleep. In the process of the struggle between good and evil, the most important thing we need to do is to reduce the consumption of righteousness in the body. Sleep can best save body energy and help us concentrate energy to fight against diseases. 3. If you have a fever, you can choose the classic prescription – Pueraria Gent Decoction. Original text: Taiyang disease, strong neck and back, no sweat and bad wind, Pueraria Gent Decoction is the main treatment. 4 liang of kudzu root, 3 liang of ephedra, 2 liang of cinnamon twig, 2 liang of peony, 2 liang of licorice, 3 liang of ginger, 12 jujubes. Reference dosage: 60g of kudzu root, 30g of ephedra, 45g of cassia twig, 45g of white peony root, 45g of ginger, 12 jujubes. Zhigancao 30g, Rehmannia glutinosa 90g, Aconite 10g (fried for 90 minutes first) Dosage reference: If one tael = 15.625g: Pueraria lobata 60g Ephedra 30g Guizhi 45g White peony root 45g Ginger 45g Zhigancao 30g 12 jujubes 12 black aconite 20g (fried for 90 minutes) minutes) for one dose or less, add or subtract appropriately according to your own situation: 1. For itchy throat and cough: add 45g of Ophiopogon japonicus and 20g of Schisandra chinensis. 2. Yellow nasal discharge: add 45g of Scutellaria baicalensis. 3. Yellow phlegm: add 30g of Trichosanthes trichosanthes. 4. White phlegm: add half of it. Xia 15g 5. Migraine:: Add 30g Bupleurum, 45g Scutellaria baicalensis, 45g Chuanxiong. If one or two = 3g: Pueraria lobata 12g, Ephedra 6g, Guizhi 9g, White peony root 9g, Ginger 9g, Zhigancao 6g, 4 jujubes, 7g black aconite (first fry for 90 minutes) One dose or less is appropriate additions and subtractions based on your own conditions: 1. Itchy throat and cough: add 15g Ophiopogon japonicus and 10g Schisandra chinensis 2. Yellow nasal discharge: add 15g Scutellaria baicalensis 3. Yellow phlegm: add 10g Trichosanthes trichosanthes 4. White phlegm: add 5g Pinellia ternata 5 Migraine: Add 10g Bupleurum, 15g Scutellaria baicalensis, and 15g Chuanxiong [Analysis: Add aconite to the basic cold recipe, because aconite strengthens the surface and can prevent excessive sweating. 】 4. Other methods recommended ▶ For children with high fever, you can mash ginger and squeeze out ginger juice, mix one Tongrentang Fuzi Lizhong Pill, apply it to the child\’s navel and cover it with medical gauze or a band-aid. This method has the same effect as the \”Navel Warming Method\” taught by Master Nan Huaijin. It can directly improve the body\’s righteousness level and thereby defeat diseases. ▶Children have immature yang bodies, and their diseases are shallow.Under normal circumstances, high fever in children can be treated with correct massage methods. Methods include chiropractic, Qingtianhe water, etc. ▶ Moxibustion on Dazhui point can be used. Dazhui point is the place where seven meridians, namely the three yang of the hand, the three yang of the foot and the Du meridian, meet. It is the point where Yang Qi gathers, and moxibustion here can invigorate the body\’s energy to fight against diseases. All in all, all aspects of the body and brain functions in children are not fully developed, and the most important thing is to reduce fever safely.

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