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Young people must work hard and learn early

\”Mom, I want to endorse something, please listen to it for me.\” My son ran over and handed me the Chinese book. The book he spread out was \”The Shepherd Boy\” by Lu Yan, a poet from the Tang Dynasty. He memorized it with a shake of his head: The grass spread across the field for six or seven miles, and the flute played three or four times in the evening breeze. After returning home and having a good meal at dusk, I lie down under the moonlight without taking off my coir raincoat. Memorize it fluently. I was surprised: \”Didn\’t you start previewing just now? Will you memorize it so soon?\” \”My memory is good, I can read it twice. Don\’t believe it? Find an article that I haven\’t memorized and let me try it. Try.\” The son was very proud. I couldn\’t resist him, so I had to pull out a section of \”Disciple Rules\” and ask him to memorize it. He read it twice, handed the book to me, and started to memorize it again with his head shaking: the width is within the limit, work hard, the time is up, and the stagnation will be cleared. . If you have doubts, take notes and ask people for confirmation. After reciting it, he looked forward to my praise. I smiled and said: \”It\’s really good, I have a good memory.\” \”Am I very smart?\” \”You don\’t call it smart, you call it hard work and being able to work hard. In fact, most people have similar intelligence. Why are some so fast? Some people just master it, but some people still can’t master it after a long time? It’s because the former learn very carefully and know how to put in the effort, while the latter either procrastinate and refuse to learn, or learn half-heartedly and without using their brains. On the surface, It looks like you are studying, but in fact, you have wasted your time, which is almost like not studying. That is the difference.\” My son shouted: \”Yes! Some students in our class are like this. During class, although their eyes are fixed on the blackboard, they are actually either on the blackboard or on the blackboard. I secretly play with toys below, or my mind is wandering, and I am shocked when the teacher calls me on. After class, I run very fast and play wildly outside. After class, I continue to mess around. They are also the ones with the worst grades, and the ones who call their parents the most It\’s them too.\” \”A black-haired person doesn\’t know how to study hard, and a white-headed person regrets studying late.\” Yan Zhenqing has long warned us that young people should cherish their youth, study diligently, and make a difference. Otherwise, they will accomplish nothing when they grow old and regret it too late. I asked my son to remember this song \”Encouraging Learning\” and let him understand why he should work hard when he is young and learn early. I told him that he has a good memory and learns things quickly because he is young, has a flexible mind, is full of energy, lives a simple life, and has no distractions. And this situation will not last forever, and the time he can devote to studying is not long. As we age, after reaching its peak, memory declines. Remembering the same thing takes several times more effort than when you were young. The effect is not good, the memory is not firm, and it is easy to forget. The same is true for people\’s energy. As they get older, they will feel tired and lack energy. Even if you have many dreams and plans, sometimes you are too weak to realize them. Another point is that when I was a student, the living environment was very simple, the people and things I came into contact with were relatively simple, there were no complicated social relationships, and there was no need to bear heavy family and social responsibilities, so you could study without any worries or distractions. Once you become an adult, leave school, enter the society, start a family and start a business, you will have many identities in an instant, and you need to spend a lot of energy to balance the relationship between family and work, and deal with various interpersonal relationships. At that time, it would be difficult to study without distractions. No matter how hard you try, the effect is far less thanIn youth. I also used my own personal experience to warn my son that he should work hard as early as possible. Although my grades were acceptable when I was studying, I was not considered a diligent student. Because I don’t like mathematics, I don’t listen carefully in class, and sometimes I skip reading extracurricular books. As a result, I fell behind in mathematics during the college entrance examination and was admitted to a very ordinary university. It doesn\’t matter if you get admitted to a very ordinary university, and it\’s still time to work hard. But I still didn\’t wake up. Apart from taking classes seriously, I didn\’t plan for my future or make any extra efforts. Some students have very clear goals, such as getting into a good employer, taking the postgraduate entrance examination, going abroad, starting a business… When I graduated, the gap between me and those classmates was like a deep chasm. They got what they wanted, crossed the other side of the ditch, and ran towards a wider world. And I can only stand on this side of the ditch, looking at the ditch and sighing, leaving only regrets. After working, all kinds of pressures hit my face, and then I got married and had children, and complicated and trivial matters came one after another. Sometimes I want to learn something well, but it is really beyond my ability. \”So, son, please cherish your precious time as a student. This period of time will pass quickly. No matter how much you regret it, you can\’t go back.\” \”I know, the teacher often advises us like this, and we still I have learned this saying: An inch of time is worth an inch of gold, but an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time.\” Easier said than done. It is human nature to have fun and be lazy, not to mention children, who forget what they are doing when playing. How can we help children develop the good habit of conscious learning and voluntary efforts? The most important and effective thing is undoubtedly to cultivate children to establish lofty ideals and aspirations. Great ideals and ambitions can inspire people to have endless motivation and courage, to overcome various difficulties with determination and perseverance, and to work hard without moving forward. When Premier Zhou Enlai was 12 years old, his teacher once asked his classmates \”Why study?\” He seriously said: \”Study for the rise of China!\” This sentence of Premier Zhou Enlai was not only a lofty ambition of his youth, but also His life also confirmed this sentence. Therefore, when our children are very young, we must cultivate their ambitions, ranging from a better life and gaining more knowledge, to becoming a leader in a certain field and contributing to the development and strength of the country. They are all very meaningful and necessary. Youth is a boat, ideal is a sail. Dear children, I hope you will ride on the boat of hope, raise the sails of your ideals, set off as early as possible to face the rising sun, and ride the wind and waves in the long river of life to reach the other side of your dreams.

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