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\”Your children are ill-educated\” hurts the hearts of many parents

A child\’s behavior is a mirror of the family. Whatever the cause is planted, the result will be the same. The truest character of the parents is hidden in the child. When many people are eager to show off their wealth through luxury bags, watches, and sports cars, they do not know that raising an educated child is the highest level of showing off wealth. To see whether a child is well-educated or not, it will be clear at a glance by looking at the details of what he usually does. Some time ago, I went to a friend\’s house party and I met a strange child. My friends have been busy preparing for this party. When it was time to eat, everyone sat in front of the table. My friends brought out dishes one by one. Two people went to help, and the others were chatting while waiting for them. During this period, a child kept tapping the dishes with chopsticks, complaining to his mother that he was very hungry and that it was not fun here. The clinking noise really affected everyone. At this time, my friend brought a plate of roasted chicken legs, and he shouted: Mom, mom, I want to eat chicken legs! ! ! His mother didn\’t care that everyone else was still waiting for the host to sit down, so she stood up and picked up a chicken leg for the child. She explained at the same time: Children are like this, you are laughing! When my friend heard this, he tried to smooth things over and said, \”It\’s okay. The child is growing. Eat more.\” How to develop children\’s thinking? Whole-brain parenting method: 12 revolutionary strategies to expand children\’s thinking can help your child tell his mother that he wants to watch TV while eating, and his mother will give him a bowl of food and let him watch TV, and the child will not make any noise. There was no fuss, and my mother just ate and chatted with everyone in peace. After dinner, everyone walked to the living room and found that her child had made a mess on the coffee table and was stained with vegetable soup. The child\’s mother smiled and wiped the table with a rag and said: The child is still young and not sensible. Just wipe it off and it\’ll be fine. During the whole process, the child\’s mother kept wiping the child\’s butt and smoothing things over, but she didn\’t feel anything was wrong at all. She always felt that the child was still young. However, no matter how young a child is, he will eventually grow up. The relative of my friend enjoyed that meal very much and was not aware of the strange looks from others. No one will tell you that your child is really rude. But everyone will hate your kids. A child\’s behavior is a mirror of the family. Whatever the cause is planted, the result will be the same. The truest character of the parents is hidden in the child. When many people are eager to show off their wealth through luxury bags, watches, and sports cars, little do they know that a well-educated child has become the highest level of showing off wealth. Some time ago, I had dinner at a restaurant with friends. There were several adults leading three children at the next table. It looked like three families were having a dinner together. One of the middle-aged women with heavy makeup placed her bag with a huge logo in the most conspicuous place on the table, stuffing her rice into her hands and talking excitedly. Her voice was so loud that several nearby tables were forced to listen to her various purchases and purchases, and her words were full of superiority. Next to her, a little boy of about eight years old kept climbing up and down, playing with the turntable on the dining table as a toy. Seeing that no one stopped him, he kept spinning and getting high. The turntable spun faster and faster, and the teapot on the turntable slipped out, scalding a lady who was eating with him. There was a commotion in the crowd and everyone was anxious to call 120, the beaming mother finally stopped and said quietly: \”The kettle slid out by itself, it has nothing to do with us.\” Suddenly people thought of a sentence, the child is a good child, but what kind of This is the kind of child your mother will teach you. Your upbringing is hidden in your truest life, and your children are the highest expression of your upbringing. I saw a story like this online that made me very angry. A woman with her child got on the bus. Upon seeing this, the migrant worker sitting on the seat quickly got up and gave up his seat. It was originally a good thing, but unexpectedly, this middle-aged woman grabbed the child and yelled: \”I don\’t care if you give up your seat, you are full of germs.\” The atmosphere was very awkward at that time, and the migrant workers got off the bus silently at the next stop. When I saw this scene, in addition to feeling sorry for the special group of migrant workers, I felt even more sorry for the children next to the mother. The education of parents is the education of children. As a mother of a child, her words and deeds embarrassed and chilled the young migrant worker. Not only did she despise migrant workers with harsh words, but she also instilled this awareness in her children. Let this child grow up thinking that migrant workers are inferior and dirty, and they will get sick if they come close to them. This mother not only allowed herself to be despised by others, but also used her twisted heart to measure the kindness and love of others. It also instills wrong consciousness into children and plants the seeds of distinction between high and low in their young minds. Parents are like molds, and children are like clay. Children who are shaped by what their parents are like are often what they are. CCTV once filmed a documentary \”Mirror\”, in which a child\’s confession is unforgettable: I am a mirror, and my face can reflect how loyal I am to my parents. No matter how similar they are in appearance and heart. The cultivation of parents predicts the future education of their children. The appearance of every child is the upbringing of their original family. Recalling a little story, the mother crab said to the little crab: \”My child, why do you always crawl sideways? Why don\’t you walk straight?\” The little crab replied aggrievedly: \”Mom, I walked just like you. .” Yes, child, he is the one who walks in our footsteps. The little boy\’s impolite behavior also had something to do with his friends and relatives\’ own dining habits. After dining with her, I found that as long as it was her favorite dish, she would usually take a lot of it. Although she kept praising her for her superb skills, she could not hide her possessive attitude. On the entire table, only her desk was messy, with soup, bones, and paper towels. This is exactly the same as what the little boy did in the living room. The so-called family education means raising children and educating oneself. A child is born like a blank sheet of paper, and everything drawn on this paper comes from your hands. If you write carefully and draw carefully, your child will be presented with a beautiful picture; if you scribble and scribble carelessly, your child will be presented with a piece of dirty waste paper. To evaluate the quality of a work does not depend on the quality of the paper, but on the skill of the person who painted it. Someone once said that in the garden of the human soul, the most simple, beautiful and ordinary flower is human education. People\’s education is often reflected in the details, every word and deed, every move, every bit of daily behaviorBehavior can reflect the character and cultivation. At the same dinner party, I was deeply impressed by the children of my best friend’s family. Several friends brought their children to the dinner party, and the party was held at a specialty restaurant. The stairs in the restaurant are very narrow wooden stairs that can only accommodate one person going up and down. Everyone consciously lined up when they got here. I saw my best friend’s 7-year-old son standing still at the top of the stairs, so I asked him why he didn’t go up. He smiled lightly and said, “Ladies first.” This is the first time I have enjoyed being a child first and it feels great. At the dinner table, I can observe this child. He will not reach over the dishes in front of him to pick up the dishes. Instead, he will wait for the dishes to be transferred to him and wait quietly until it is his turn. Yanzi was chatting with us at that time. He was full at this time and might want to go out for a walk by himself. Seeing that we were chatting enthusiastically and not wanting to interrupt us, I made a gesture to tell my mother: I\’m full, I\’ll go downstairs for a walk. In this child, I saw a gentleman, politeness and quality. I think the so-called education is to make people feel comfortable with each other. Education determines whether a person can fly far. There is a little boy in the child\’s class who has some physical disabilities and a weak mind, so his grades are not good. However, he is the most popular person in the class. When he goes out for an outing, his classmates will take turns to push his wheelchair and take care of him. On his birthday, he will also receive gifts from his classmates. why? Because he is sincere and polite to others, and he is never greedy for other people\’s love. Although he has a disability, he never feels that he is different from others, nor does he need others to treat him specially or give him more help. When participating in group activities, he often limped to catch up, and told other students, \”It\’s okay, you go first, I can do it myself.\” As long as there is something delicious, he will often share it with everyone. Because he is well-educated, his classmates never look down upon him as a flawed person. Instead, everyone likes to talk and laugh with him. I met him once at school chatting with a teacher. Later, I heard the teacher say: Such a well-educated child does not have to worry about his livelihood at all. Wherever he goes, there are people willing to help him. He may not be outstanding as defined by the secular population, nor may he be able to become a professional elite. But he is well-educated, and his future interpersonal relationships will not be much worse. A person\’s interpersonal relationships determine whether a person can fly high, and a person\’s upbringing determines whether a person can fly far. The highest level of showing off wealth is not to be more prominent than your family or to be in a prestigious school, but that although you have gold and silver, you will never be richer than me. Because, I have a well-educated child. Parenting from the inside out pdf download: Being a good parent starts by accepting yourself

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