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Zhang Zhiyong: Trinity moral education in family, school and society


Oct 1, 2023

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China included \”improving the school family social education mechanism\” and \”strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition\” into the party\’s political report. One \”improvement\” and the other \”strengthening\” reflect the party\’s profound understanding of the laws of education in the new era. , attaching great importance to the excellent educational tradition of the Chinese nation has further established the important position of family education and social education in our country’s education system. In today\’s era, the status of social education and family education has become increasingly prominent. With the rapid development of networked, informatized, intelligent, and virtualized production, life, and education in human society, human education is facing two major crises. On the one hand, the physical living space of human beings is increasingly compressed, and there is less and less time for labor and life on which human beings need to survive and develop. Labor not only creates people, it is also the only way to cultivate and shape people. The compression of physical labor, practice, and living space in which children use both their hands and brains brings about the biggest challenge to children\’s growth, which is the disconnect between knowledge and practice. The learning of subject knowledge cannot be connected with real life, and it is difficult to activate children through challenging cognitive activities. The brain, reconstructs children\’s psychological, cognitive and emotional structure, and promotes children\’s healthy growth. On the other hand, human society has entered a learning era in which everyone can learn, can learn everywhere, and can learn at any time. From the perspective of knowledge learning, the dissemination and consumption of human cultural knowledge has almost entered a cost-free era. In this context, the central status of school education has declined, and the trend of \”deschooling\” has even emerged. As a result, the status of social education and family education has become more prominent. Party committees and governments at all levels must coordinate the coordinated development of schools, families, and social education, study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party, and implement the strategic deployment of \”improving the school family social education mechanism\” and \”strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition\”. Party committees and governments at all levels must Coordinate the coordinated development of school education, family education, and social education. Comprehensively strengthen social education. The whole society, especially the public opinion propaganda front, must carry out in-depth education on socialist core values, and all walks of life must vigorously promote the spirit of labor, struggle, dedication, creation, diligence and thrift, and provide a positive social atmosphere and role model guidance for the healthy growth of young people; the party Government agencies, enterprises and institutions should be open to schools, establish and improve the school\’s off-campus education practice base system; and improve the off-campus public education service system managed by education, science and technology, cultural tourism, sports, women\’s federations, civil affairs and other departments. Comprehensively promote family education. The Chinese nation has always had a fine tradition of attaching importance to family education and family tradition. The family is not only the cell of society, but also the \”first classroom\” of life, the \”cornerstone\” of human education, and the \”soil\” of school education. Family education should be driven by the construction of family tradition. The whole society should further promote the construction of beautiful families, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, integrate patriotism, collectivism, and socialist education into the construction of family tradition, and strive to cultivate children\’s feelings of family and country, and noble values. Morality; promote family education with life education, advocate a civilized, healthy and positive family life in every family, advocate a civilized, healthy, sanitary and green lifestyle, and strive to cultivate children\’s sense of social responsibility in a beautiful family life; use parent-child activities Promote family education in reading, sports, volunteeringPromote children\’s all-round development and healthy growth through services, scientific and technological exploration, natural exploration, and social, historical and cultural inspection activities. Comprehensively strengthen the collaborative education of schools, families and society. Collaborate on educational concepts and reach a consensus on who to train, how to train people, for whom to train people, and what is a good education and what are good students; Collaboration on educational methods should allow parents to master and educate Practice scientific, rational, democratic, and positive family education; work together to protect children\’s mental health and beautiful souls. Children\’s psychology and soul are beautiful, but they are also very fragile and need to be nourished by schools, families, and society. and protection; work together to promote children\’s comprehensive and individual development, and jointly provide children with a good environment and high-quality courses, practical activities, etc. Strengthen the construction of the school-family-society collaborative education mechanism and establish a school-family-society collaborative education mechanism that is coordinated by the government, performed by departments, and implemented by the main body. Governments at all levels must provide overall guidance and comprehensively strengthen the development of school and family social education. Education departments and departments must perform their respective responsibilities for the management of school education, family education and social education. Schools at all levels, party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, billions of Ten thousand families must fulfill their own educational responsibilities. Strengthen and implement the social education responsibilities of party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions in accordance with the law. In accordance with the requirements of the \”Law of the People\’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors\”, party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions at all levels must clarify and fulfill their social education responsibilities of protecting, supporting, and educating young people. Party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions themselves are important social education resources. These resources must be opened to school education in an orderly manner and become the position, place and resource of school social education. Accelerate the improvement of the public service system for family education guidance. Today\’s families and young parents pay more attention to family education, and family education plays an increasingly important role in the entire education system. It is becoming more and more urgent for family education and school education to move in the same direction, work together, and educate people together. In accordance with the requirements of the \”Family Education Promotion Law of the People\’s Republic of China\”, municipal and county governments must speed up the construction of family education guidance centers and coordinate and guide regional family education; municipal and county civil affairs, women\’s federations, and education departments must work together to promote and build community family education guidance centers to allow The people should receive good family education guidance in the community; the education department should guide primary and secondary schools to improve parent schools, actively carry out home-school communication, and comprehensively strengthen family education guidance. Give full play to the role of the school community education council and parent committee. The school, family and society work together to educate people, with the school being the main body and the “backbone”. It is necessary to organize and coordinate educational resources in the community through the school community education council to provide support and guarantee for students\’ out-of-school education, especially social practice education; it is necessary to organize and mobilize parents through the school parent committee to learn family education knowledge and share Family education experience, participation in school education and school governance, and actively building a better family life and educational life.

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