\”Frequent erections, death from exhaustion\” under the influence of rabies virus

The understanding of many diseases in ancient novels is unclear and often far-fetched. The continuous erection and \”death from exhaustion\” are associated with sex, so that everyone is familiar with it. The two main schools of medicine on the Internet, traditional and modern, have their own opinions on whether masturbation is harmful. Are there really clinical diseases or cases of constant erection and death from exhaustion? The answer is yes. But the morbid condition here of \”constant erection and death after exhaustion of semen\” has nothing to do with \”sexuality\”. It is just a manifestation of the disease in the reproductive system.

There is such a case: a 49-year-old farmer went to the doctor because of \”priapism and frequent ejaculation\”. The patient was awake when he was treated, and there were no other abnormalities during the examination. However, he would have an erection and ejaculate every 20-30 minutes. He was transferred to a provincial hospital 48 hours later and died. This process is completely consistent with the phenomenon of \”death from exhaustion\” in ancient novels. After the case was uploaded to the Internet, it attracted complaints from doctors. The final consensus was that he died of rabies attack.

Rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by rabies virus, which is mainly spread by wild animals. Foxes, raccoons, minks, cattle, cats, dogs and other animals can carry the virus, and most of these animals will get sick and die after infection; however, bats and rats become asymptomatic virus carriers. In our country, rabies is mainly transmitted by dogs, and the virus carrying rate in dogs is 8%-25%, which is quite high. Not only can sick “mad dogs” bite people, but some seemingly healthy dogs can also spread rabies after biting people. In addition to bites, the secretions of sick animals can also infect people\’s conjunctiva or skin; sick dogs can also infect people\’s skin by touching and licking them.

After rabies virus infects humans, the incubation period is generally within 3 months, with occasional reports of more than 6 years. The length of the incubation period is related to the depth of the bite, the virulence of the virus, etc., so some people have a long incubation period and some people have a short incubation period.

After being infected with rabies virus, there are no specific symptoms in the early stage. The main symptoms are low fever, poor appetite, nausea, headache, fatigue and other symptoms, which are often regarded as \”cold\”. This period is called the prodromal stage or invasion stage in medicine. It is actually the period when the virus enters various organs in the body from a latent state. During this period, patients will also be very sensitive to sound, light, wind, pain, etc., and experience symptoms such as fear and restlessness, which usually last for 2-4 days. Then it enters the excitement period, where the patient is highly excited and manifests as extreme fear, fear of water, and fear of wind.. After hearing the sound of running water, patients will experience severe throat muscle spasm, causing difficulty in breathing. Therefore, another name for this disease is \”hydrophobia\”.

In addition to the above typical symptoms, there are also symptoms of hypersympathetic nervous function such as excessive salivation, profuse sweating, increased heart rate, and difficulty in defecation and urination, which are mainly due to Caused by sphincter dysfunction.

As for a small number of patients with priapism and continuous ejaculation, the mechanism is still unclear. It may be caused by abnormal excitement of the nerves in the genitals after the virus infects the patient. There was also a postmenopausal old lady who was admitted to the hospital due to frequent orgasms after the onset of the disease. The condition progressed rapidly and she died due to respiratory muscle spasm 4 days after the onset of the disease. Most clinical rabies patients die 48-72 hours after onset, and they all die of respiratory or circulatory failure. The death of the male victim mentioned at the beginning of the article on the third day of his illness was actually caused by respiratory and circulatory failure, and had nothing to do with whether semen was ejaculated. Although this type of patients who seek treatment due to sexual excitement is not a mainstream symptom of rabies attacks, there have been many reports in domestic and foreign literature.

Even if the patient does not die on the third day, he will die in the following time, because the excitement period of rabies patients is followed by the paralysis period. At this time, the spasm stops, the muscles become paralyzed, and respiratory and circulatory failure quickly occurs. The entire course of the disease generally does not exceed 6 days, which is really scary.

The mortality rate of rabies is close to 100%. Modern medicine actually has no treatment for rabies. The most it can do is make death less painful. Real treatment is prevention. Individually speaking, once there is a history of contact with a sick dog or a history of bites by the above-mentioned wild animals, the wound should be cleaned with soap and water in time, and the dog\’s secretions should be completely removed by continuous flushing or wiping; then human rabies immune globulin should be injected and rabies vaccine, but they should be injected separately and not at the same site to prevent the vaccine from being neutralized by immune globulin. From a group perspective, the fundamental way to prevent rabies is to vaccinate not only domestic dogs but also stray dogs.

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