Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 27th week of pregnancy

Experts who teach unborn babies to recognize patterns point out that unborn babies have keen sensibilities and learning abilities. Not only the people, things, and things in the outside world may leave potential impressions on the baby\’s mind, but the pregnant mother\’s behavior and psychology have a far-reaching impact on the baby. Therefore, teaching the unborn baby to recognize graphics is not a meaningless task at this time. Related reading: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 27th week of pregnancy. First of all, pregnant mothers can teach their fetuses to recognize squares by finding square objects around them to explain. \”Where is the thing that is the same as the picture on the card?\” Ask the question first, and then search for it with the baby, \”Yes, there is a cushion and a table.\” At this time, you can pick up a square object and say \”This is a square.\” , while tracing the outline of the graphics with your hands, and carry out prenatal education through this \”three-dimensional learning method\”. After learning the square, rectangle, equilateral triangle, circle, semicircle, sector, trapezoid, rhombus and other plane diagrams, tell the baby what a cube, rectangular parallelepiped, sphere, etc. are. When learning this type of graphics, the most systematic teaching aid can be said to be building blocks. Pregnant mothers can connect the building blocks with daily necessities and explain them to their babies. Give the fetus good tactile stimulation. The fetus has a relatively sensitive response to tactile stimulation. At 6 months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can clearly touch the baby\’s head, back and limbs on the abdomen. This is the time for stroking prenatal education. good time. Prenatal care should be carried out after getting up or before going to bed. The specific method is: the pregnant mother urinates, lies on the bed, breathes calmly and evenly, stares upward and forward, relaxes the muscles of the whole body, and uses both hands to caress the baby from different directions. Gently alternate your left and right hands, gently release the pressure, place the palms of both hands against the abdominal wall, and gently rotate, either to the left or right. At this time, the baby will respond accordingly, such as stretching its arms, kicking its legs, etc. If you keep doing this kind of prenatal education exercise for a period of time, the baby will get used to it and form a conditioned reflex. As long as the mother puts her hand on the abdominal wall, the baby will perform intrauterine movements. At this time, accompanied by soft music, the effect will be more ideal. Expectant parents should not forget to talk to the baby gently and lovingly when doing prenatal care for the baby, so that the baby can feel the love of the parents more strongly. Expectant parents can also talk and exchange feelings while touching the baby, and look forward to the wonderful life after the baby is born, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere, which is conducive to deepening the relationship between the family of three. When performing prenatal care, the caressing and pressing movements must be gentle to avoid accidents caused by excessive force. Some pregnant mothers often have bouts of abdominal wall hardening in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. This may be due to irregular uterine contractions. Prenatal care cannot be performed at this time to avoid premature birth. If a pregnant mother has a history of adverse childbirth, such as miscarriage, premature birth, prepartum hemorrhage, etc., it is not advisable to use touch prenatal care. Pregnant mothers can prepare some natural oil in advance and apply it evenly on the abdomen during massage. Although this kind of prenatal care is completely effective without oil, the main function of oil is to make the abdomen more lubricated and make the caress more rhythmic. We recommend that pregnant mothers use fruit or vegetable oils that do not contain additives or chemical ingredients, such as almond oil and coconut oil.Oil etc. In order to enhance the effect of prenatal education, pregnant mothers can also play some soft music, coupled with gentle movements of the palms, so that the fetus can feel your love more truly.

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