Preparing for pregnancy requires blocking malaria, one of the top ten infectious diseases

Malaria is a parasitic disease caused by Plasmodium and transmitted by mosquitoes. Generally speaking, the Yellow River and Huaihe River Plains in my country are endemic areas for malaria, and most cases occur in summer when there are more mosquitoes.

Plasmodium can enter human blood through mosquito transmission, and then parasitize and reproduce in liver cells. After the Plasmodium eggs mature, they enter the red blood cells in the blood and multiply, causing the red blood cells to rupture. As a result, a large number of malaria parasites are released from red blood cells, allowing metabolites to enter the blood circulation, causing symptoms characterized by chills, high fever, and profuse sweating. Plasmodium develops in red blood cells in a certain cycle. When mature, it can be released from the red blood cells again, causing another attack, and so on. Although malaria can confer some immunity after repeated attacks or repeated infections, it can cause the infected person to become a carrier of the malaria parasite. Once an acute attack occurs during pregnancy, it will not only cause anemia in the pregnant woman, but the fetus may also suffer from congenital malaria.

The fetus may not necessarily show symptoms at birth, but a series of symptoms such as hepatosplenomegaly, anemia, abnormal kidney function, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur a few days after birth.

Blocking method:

(1) Before pregnancy, you must Pay attention to environmental sanitation, reduce mosquito breeding and eliminate mosquitoes, especially in summer, and actively prevent malaria.

(2) Do not go to grass or humid places in summer. Try to expose your body as little as possible when going out, and apply mosquito repellent on exposed skin. It is best to hang a mosquito net over the bed when sleeping. You can also use electric mosquito coils in your room to avoid mosquito bites.

(3) In areas with a high incidence of malaria, preventive drugs, such as pyrimethamine, primaquine, chloroquine, etc., can be taken under the guidance of a doctor before pregnancy.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”Three Months Before Pregnancy – Pregnancy Preparation Period\” Author: Wang Liru

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