Why does a child feel itchy all over his body? He suddenly loses consciousness. Be careful! This is the most common disease in spring.

Recently, a little girl suffered from itching all over her body. Accompanied by her classmates, she took a taxi to the hospital for medical treatment. In the taxi, she vomited due to stomachache. Unexpectedly, when she got off the bus, she lost consciousness and fainted. After the security guard on duty at the hospital discovered her, he quickly sent her to the emergency room with an ambulance for emergency treatment. In fact, three days before she fainted, the girl had symptoms of itching all over her body. Because the symptoms were relatively mild and she was busy with homework, she just applied some medicine and didn\’t pay much attention to it. Over the course of three days, the symptoms became more and more serious. After the itching became so unbearable, she asked for leave to go to the hospital for medical treatment. Who knew it was already very serious? Fortunately, after the doctor\’s rescue, the girl was out of danger. But the doctor said that if he was not discovered in time at the entrance of the hospital but on the road or at home when he fainted, it would likely cause laryngeal edema and systemic hypoxia, which may even be life-threatening in severe cases. What disease does the little girl suffer from? How could it be so serious and possibly even life-threatening? In fact, what the little girl suffered from was not an incurable disease, but one of the most common allergic diseases in spring: acute urticaria. Urticaria, commonly known as \”wheels\”, \”wind bumps\”, \”wind bumps\”, etc., is basically characterized by red patches of different shapes and sizes appearing in unspecified parts of the body when exposed to allergens. Or pale patches, which start out as independent small packets. Their appearance and degree of itching often make people mistake them for mosquito packets. The biggest difference between urticaria and mosquito rash is that mosquito rash will not disappear in a short time, and these bumps will usually disappear quickly within a few hours, and then appear again in other nearby places. This keeps repeating, and the plaques become more and more There are many, one after another, becoming more and more serious. Eventually, the wheals will coalesce into large lesions, or map-like lesions may appear. Rubella patches may cause severe itching, stinging or burning sensations. Severe urticaria may cause swelling of the lips or throat, causing laryngeal edema. It may also be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, dizziness, etc. Dyspnea and chest tightness may also occur. , abdominal pain, bloating or accompanied by diarrhea. In severe cases, syncope and shock may even occur. Generally speaking, urticaria occurs several times in one day and is cured after several days or weeks. This is called acute urticaria. In some patients, the rash always appears, worsens, or resolves intermittently for months or years. Such urticaria is called chronic urticaria or special type urticaria. Urticaria is also a common skin disease among babies. Western medicine believes that the cause of urticaria is allergies, which is an inappropriate reaction of the body\’s immune system to a certain substance. Many babies with urticaria have a history of eczema, or their parents have a history of allergies. Doctors usually use anti-allergic drugs to treat urticaria, but the effect is relatively slow. If the allergen is not found, urticaria will often recur. However, it is difficult to find out what the allergen is that causes urticaria, even using blood tests or skin prick tests in infants and young children. Most doctors will ask parents to recall the food and contact history 2-3 hours before the rash occurred. The Chinese medicine view of urticaria is: wind is causing trouble in the body. If you think about it carefully, this statement is indeed very similar. When urticaria occurs, the rash looks likeLike the wind, it flies east and west, coming and going quickly, leaving no trace. Therefore urticaria is often called wheal mass or wheal mass. Regarding the treatment of urticaria, I have always supported the use of anti-allergic drugs together with pediatric massage. My family Zaizai suffered from urticaria several times before he was 2 years old. At that time, I had just learned massage and didn’t have much experience, so I didn’t have much confidence in pediatric massage. Therefore, the anti-allergic Zyrtec drops are used together with massage for urticaria. It usually takes about 3 days for the two to be completely cured. However, during New Year\’s Day this year, I helped my friend\’s daughter treat acute urticaria with pediatric massage. The rapid and effective curative effect amazed me. It also gave me a new understanding of the treatment of urticaria with pediatric massage. What happened was this. During New Year\’s Day, my friend and I took our children to a hot spring. After taking a bath, I discovered that a 9-year-old girl I was traveling with had a small red bump on the tip of her nose. I muttered in my mind at that time, but I didn\’t remember her appearance when she came in, so I didn\’t pay attention. At around 10 o\’clock in the evening, while we were chatting, the little girl came over and suddenly complained that her body was itchy and started scratching violently. A closer look showed that there were large red patches on her face and neck, and she had a lot of mosquito-like rashes. I looked carefully at the tip of her nose again, and the original little red envelope disappeared. I knew immediately that she had typical acute urticaria. But there was no pharmacy in the hot spring at that time. After searching, there was no pharmacy nearby, and there was no place to buy anti-allergy medicine. I looked at her urticaria carefully and found that her urticaria patches were very red, and they became red when I scratched them. I realized that this was a typical case of internal heat, so I immediately decided to perform heat-clearing and rash-clearing techniques on her, focusing on clearing heat. I performed each heat-clearing technique 800 times. To speed up the results, I worked on one hand and asked her mother to work on the other. After finishing one set, I performed techniques for dispelling wind, treating rash and relieving itching, each technique lasting 1-2 minutes. After one set, the little girl said it was not as itchy as before. We took a closer look and found that the color was starting to become lighter where it was originally very red. I drank some water, rested for 5 minutes, and decided to do another 800-1000 times of heat-clearing techniques with her mother, combined with 2 minutes of wind-clearing and rash-clearing techniques. After finishing it, the little girl said that her body was no longer itchy. I checked her skin again and the hives were beginning to subside. After thinking about it, I still felt uneasy, so I performed the heat-clearing technique on her again, this time only 300 times on each acupoint. After I finished, I motioned for her to sleep peacefully. She slept peacefully that night, and when she woke up the next morning, she was full of energy and active. There was not a single rash on her skin, as if she had never had urticaria. It didn’t happen again later. Her mother marveled that this was the fastest her daughter had ever recovered from hives. This effect also makes me feel surprised and sighing. This is a 9-year-old girl, and her acupuncture points are far less sensitive than those of children aged 0-6, but she still has such obvious effects just by relying on massage. Many times, when we think that a certain method is ineffective, it may not be that the method itself is bad, but that we are not using it correctly. Once used correctly, results can be seen quickly. Next, I will introduce to you in detail the heat-clearing and rash-clearing techniques. This is actually two sets of techniques. Let’s talk about heat-clearing techniques first. This set of techniques mainly uses Qingtianhe Water to clear the liver meridian and clear the heart meridian. If a child has a large area of ​​skin rash that is red and itchy, it basically means that the internal heat is heavy. Vigorous heat-clearing can quickly take away the heat at this time. , without heat conduction, the rash will disappear quickly. The first time I used this method to treat a skin problem was a pustule in Zaizai. When he was more than 4 years old, we took him on a business trip to Beijing. On the train, small red pimples began to appear on his face. At first, the small pimples were the size of a pinhead, and I didn\’t pay much attention. When I got off the train, the pimple had grown to the size of a mung bean, and I started to get a little nervous. By about 4 o\’clock in the afternoon, when we returned to the hotel after talking, the small pimples were getting redder and redder, and pinpoint-like pustules appeared at the top of the pimples. I mentally screamed bad. After returning to the hotel, I put aside everything and worked hard to clear away his heat. I performed each of the three heat-clearing techniques 1,000 times, stopped for half an hour, and then repeated it again. That night, I repeated the heat-clearing technique on him 4 times. The first 3 times were 1,000 times each, and the last time was reduced to 500 times. After the treatment, I was still very nervous. Who knew that when I woke up the next morning, I found that the acne had subsided, and some pinpoint-like pustules still remained. I continued to perform heat-clearing techniques on him, only 500 times, once every morning and evening. When we came back on the fourth day, the pustules on his face had completely subsided. For eczema, chickenpox, measles, etc., if the rash is particularly red, you can vigorously clear away the heat. If you are not sure, I suggest you not to do it too much together like me. Do it 600-800 times a day and do it 3-4 times a day. The results will be slower, but it will be the same if you insist on it for a few more days. efficient. In addition to treating skin problems, heat-clearing techniques are also very effective for other thermal problems. Next, let’s talk about the technique of clearing rash by pressing and kneading Heguquchi Sanyinjiao and Baichong. This acupoint is to pinch the thick flesh above the knee, which is particularly effective in relieving itching. For urticaria, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by wind, so you have to use wind-dispelling techniques such as Fengchi, Fengfu, pinching and kneading Ermen. Children have small bodies and superficial acupuncture points, and a rough stimulation can suffice. take effect. When massaging the child, the mother only needs to be brave and bold, and massage the acupuncture points with the strength of the baby\’s touch to produce obvious effects. Because the area of ​​​​adult fingers is large, the effect can generally be achieved by pressing roughly the location of the baby\’s acupuncture points. If you are still worried, press two fingers together. One finger must be in the right position. If you are still worried, you can also take anti-allergic drugs, such as Zyrtec, Claritan, and chlorpheniramine. Those with severe symptoms need to take medication under the guidance of a doctor. No matter which method you use, stick to it. During an urticaria attack, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and avoid all foods that may cause allergies, such as fish, shrimp, crab, sea rice, etc., which will aggravate the condition. You should also avoid high-protein foods and eat less or no spicy foods. and seafood foods. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent mites at home; avoid children coming into contact with pollensubstances, avoid activities under trees, grass, etc.; pay attention to weather changes and keep warm to avoid cold urticaria; children with urticaria should wear loose and breathable clothing to avoid irritation to the affected area; ensure adequate sleep , to enhance the body’s immunity. You should also strictly control your diet on daily basis. Try not to let your baby come into contact with fresh milk before the age of 2. When adding complementary foods, you should also increase them bit by bit. After confirming that the baby does not have any allergic symptoms, add new varieties. When taking your baby to play outdoors, try to prevent your baby from coming into contact with pollen, dust, or the fur of pet cats and dogs. When your baby is sick, especially do not take your baby to crowded places. Avoid supermarkets, shopping malls, children\’s playgrounds, etc. These places are crowded with people and have a lot of bacteria. During the period of illness, the baby\’s immunity is lower than usual. If you are not careful, It is easy to induce acute urticaria.

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