How to truly achieve home-school co-education

There is a topic on Zhihu: Which is more important, family education or school education? ?Among them, a highly praised reply said: Family education and school education are equally important, and both are indispensable. But no matter how important school education is, it is only an important supplement to family education. Family education provides children with a more personalized, warm and considerate educational environment, and can better understand and meet children\’s needs. Through family education, children learn the ability to listen, communicate, cooperate and solve problems, which cannot be fully acquired in school education. As the first guide and educator of their children, parents must take responsibility for their children\’s growth! 01 School education is very important, but family education is the most important. Soong Ching Ling said: \”Children\’s character and talents are, in the final analysis, most influenced by their family, parents, especially their mothers. After children grow up, society becomes a training Their environment. Schools also play an important role in the development of young people. However, it is the family that leaves an indelible mark on a person.\” There is a formula that has been circulating in the education circle: an excellent child = 60% Family education + 30% school education + 10% social education. It is not difficult to see that family education is the earliest and most important source of influence on children\’s growth. Parents Parents, as their children\’s first teachers, play an irreplaceable role in their development. Good family education shapes children\’s character, values ​​and social skills, laying a solid foundation for their future success. Parents should realize this and shape and guide their children\’s growth in a positive way. On the road of education, a teacher\’s influence on a child only lasts a few years at most, but the influence of parents on their children is a lifetime, and it is the most profound and lasting. Dear parents, please cherish this opportunity for growth and provide your children with the best quality family education. 02 A good teacher affects children for a few years, but the influence of parents lasts a lifetime. Why are parents the best teachers for their children? Previously, I saw a video on Douyin: a father would throw the diaper into the trash can every time the mother finished changing the baby\’s diaper. As time goes by, the baby begins to notice this behavior of his father. Until one day, before his father got up to clean up, the baby, who was less than one year old, picked up the diaper he had just changed and walked to the trash can. At an age when walking is still unsteady, he has already learned to help his parents and share the housework. Then the parents gave the baby the most beautiful applause. The baby happily fell into his father\’s arms. A short 36-second video received 3.7 million+ likes from the entire network. It is said that words are not as good as teaching by example. Parents are their children’s best teachers. Parents\’ active guidance and positive guidance to their children will be the brightest light on their children\’s growth path. 03 Children’s problems are actually family problems! Mo Yan once said this: Children’s problems are a reflection of their parents’ problems. As the earliest and most important educational place for children, family plays a decisive role in children\’s growth. Previously, Dong Jiyang, the top scorer in the Anhui College Entrance Examination in 2014, said this when talking about the influence of his parents on him: “ Occasionally, I get tired of studying and don\’t want to read. My parents notice it and don\’t say anything. They just turn off the TV and sit down to read. When I see them reading, I feel embarrassed to stop reading. \”It is said: If you want your children to be what kind of person, you must start with yourself. Children\’s scientific enlightenment education cartoon Adu Baize full two seasons ultra-clear 1080P. We practice the values ​​​​we teach, and we become them An ideal role model in my mind. This kind of action is worth a thousand words of preaching and can guide children to establish a correct moral outlook and outlook on life. The power of role models is infinite, an action is worth a thousand words. Let us lead by example and become children The best example for them to learn and grow. 04 Written at the end: Education is not about filling a bucket, but about lighting a flame. The goal of family education should be to inspire children’s inner enthusiasm and make them willing to learn and grow. For children, effective Education must be the result of the interaction between family education, school education and social education. Dear parents, educating children is never the responsibility of one person. It is based on the parents\’ precepts and deeds, supplemented by school education, and society provides auxiliary and rich resources. .Everyone has the responsibility to participate in the education of children and jointly create a good environment for their growth. Only when the three parties of family, school and society support and cooperate with each other can the comprehensive education of children be achieved. Let us hold hands on the road of education. , work together for the future of our children!

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