Dietary nutrition for pregnant mothers in the 19th week of pregnancy

Overnutrition is not advisable in the second trimester. Pregnant mothers should improve their diet appropriately and increase nutrition, which can enhance their physical fitness and promote fetal development. However, excessive nutrition can cause serious harm. Simply pursuing nutrition and over-nutrition will cause pregnant mothers to have high blood pressure and the fetus to be too large (over 4000 grams, which means it will become macrosomia). China\’s maternal mortality rate is 0.488%. One of the main reasons is caused by pregnancy-induced hypertension. Another reason is difficult labor caused by \”macrosomia\”, which prolongs the delivery period and causes postpartum hemorrhage. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not be over-nourished. Malnutrition in pregnant mothers affects the fetal brain. Whether the fetal brain is normal has a lot to do with whether the pregnant mother is well-nourished during pregnancy. Malnutrition in pregnant mothers will directly affect the development of the fetal brain. In mild cases, brain dysfunction will occur. In severe cases, it will cause structural changes in the fetal brain tissue, and even cause severe mental retardation of the fetus after birth. Protein is crucial for fetal brain development. If you increase protein intake during pregnancy, it can increase the value of fetal brain cells. Especially during the 12th to 18th weeks of pregnancy and the last three months of pregnancy, protein intake has a more significant impact on the development of fetal brain tissue. In short, lack of nutrition during the fetal period can damage the morphology and tissue structure of the brain, thereby affecting the development of brain tissue structure and leading to mental retardation. Pregnant mothers should not eat royal jelly. Royal jelly is a white or light yellow, slightly sweet and sour viscous liquid secreted by worker bees. It is a food specially enjoyed by the queen bee. According to testing, every 100 grams of royal jelly contains 66 grams of water, 12 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, and more than 20 other amino acids, multivitamins, acetylcholine, oils, and minerals, a total of more than 70 ingredients. The liquid made from royal jelly and honey is called bee milk. If supplements such as ginseng are added to the bee milk, it can be made into oral liquids such as ginseng royal jelly. This type of oral liquid is usually considered to be a good tonic. However, the hormones in it can stimulate the uterus of pregnant mothers, cause uterine contractions, and interfere with the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not take royal jelly. Pregnant mothers should not eat hot pot. Greedy hot pot can easily allow Toxoplasma gondii to enter the body of pregnant mothers. When people eat hot pot, they are accustomed to putting the tender meat slices in boiling water and scalding them briefly before eating them. Short-term heating cannot kill the Toxoplasma gondii larvae (parasite eggs) that live in the cells of the meat slices and may make people infected. , and also cause harm to the mother\’s body. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat hot pot. When eating it occasionally, the meat slices must be cooked thoroughly. And try not to eat hot pot seasonings, because the seasonings are too salty and are not good for the fetus. Ingredients for the nourishing recipe recommended by nutritionists: radish mixed with sesame paste: 500 grams of radish and 100 grams of carrots. Seasoning: appropriate amounts of sesame paste, salt, vinegar, and sesame oil. Method: 1. Wash radish and carrot separately, cut into thin strips, and put them on a plate. 2. Add salt to the sesame paste, mix well with cold boiled water, pour it on the two kinds of shredded radish, drizzle with sesame oil and vinegar, mix well and serve.


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