Feelings during the third trimester of pregnancy and three days before delivery

They say it’s hard to be a woman, so isn’t it even harder for a pregnant woman? Expectant mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy are finding it even more difficult! ! Don’t doubt it, you have a deep understanding that your stomach is on the verge of bursting. Not to mention walking and sitting, even if you are lying down, it is difficult to find a comfortable position. Simple actions such as going to the toilet, sneezing, and scratching will It has become a difficult test. Believe me, every mother has gone through this. If you don’t believe it, let Doudehui show you the messages in the background first! @不reach的End: From the time I was pregnant until now, it seems that everything hurts except no one… Every day my stomach feels like it\’s about to explode, and then my pubic bone hurts, my butt hurts, my waist hurts, my legs hurt… I feel like I\’m almost scrapped! @lemon: I suddenly had leg cramps just now. My skillful patience skills made me feel a little bit sad~@ bracesHRY: I am 34 weeks pregnant. I don’t feel much except that I go to the toilet very frequently, especially at night. , it was really inconvenient to get up at night, and it was extremely difficult to get up and fall asleep again… I basically never got a complete sleep! @贝贝: There is a kind of pain called: contraction pain! @plateempty: 37+, I don’t have insomnia, I can’t sleep at night, I’m not swollen, I’m not tired, but I have a lot of stretch marks. My heart is so painful that I don’t know if it will recover even if I touch it every day. @Oh: A few days ago, I was complaining to my friends about the hardships of the third trimester. I really wish I could unload my pregnancy earlier. Every day I am approaching the edge of endurance and about to explode! @LANyanyang: I summarized it, butt pain, pubic pain, waist pain, coccyx pain, and hip pain are all basically there. @Embrace the Sunshine: I occasionally have difficulty breathing when I sleep at night. I feel very suffocated. I can only feel more comfortable when I sleep on my right side. Now I have begun to doubt my life because I wake up and find that I leaked urine last night. @qibao: Insomnia, thirst, frequent urination, body pain, feeling like being abandoned by an angel, it hurts too much, and embarrassing problems often occur. @Ohye: I’ve been thinking about eating popsicles for a long time. It’s my biggest torment. Moreover, my mother-in-law won’t let the air conditioner or fan blow on. I feel like I’m about to get used to it~ Okay, I don’t know if you read the above message. Do you feel the same way? Doudehui feels that being pregnant for ten months is really the greatest thing in the world. She hopes that her family can pay more attention to these great mothers-to-be. Finally, please use one sentence to describe your feelings during the third trimester of pregnancy! ! Welcome to leave a message~


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