How can children avoid being bullied by others?

For parents, the biggest concern when their children go to school is whether they will be bullied. This is a problem that children often see when they grow up, and it is also a problem that parents are very worried about and have a headache. Recently, my friend was chatting with me about her son Guoguo. Her family has raised Guoguo to be like a little gentleman since he was a child. Anyone who meets him will praise him as a warm little man. But recently she found that Guoguo was always depressed and didn\’t even want to go downstairs to play. After a long interrogation, the child finally told the reason. It turns out that there is a child downstairs who always wants to borrow Guoguo\’s toys to play with, but after borrowing the toys, he never returns them. Guoguo cherishes her toys very much and doesn\’t want to lend them to him anymore, but she doesn\’t know what to say, so she doesn\’t want to go downstairs to play. She told her son that next time he asks you to borrow a toy, just refuse him. Guoguo said, but you said before that good children should be willing to share. If I rejected him, wouldn’t I be a bad boy? She replied, how could it be? Sharing should be voluntary. If you are not voluntary, then you can choose to refuse. I believe many families have encountered this kind of thing. When we teach our children to share, be kind, and be polite, we always forget to tell them boundaries and rejection. We all think that the world of children is innocent and kind, but the fact is that the campus is not peaceful. Fighting and even bullying often occur among children. As a parent, how can you protect your children\’s physical and mental health and avoid being bullied? Parents should always tell their children that as long as they do these five things, no one will dare to bully them. 1. Don’t giggle when there is nothing wrong. Smile only when others smile at you. According to research, not smiling at ordinary times can solve 50% of the problems. A silly smile is a sign of confidence, especially a silly smile that makes people see through it at a glance. 2. There is no need to please anyone, everyone has interests. Parents are overly worried about what to do with their anxious children. These 6 family education documentaries can alleviate the problem. The child in this case just doesn’t know how to protect his own interests. As long as the children around him see him holding toys or snacks, they will ask him for them and never return them. , he would obediently give it to others every time. In fact, the more a child behaves like this, the more others will think he is easy to bully. Parents should tell their children that they have control over their own things and can choose who they give it to or not to give it to. If someone borrows something from him, he should ask the other person to return it on time. Gradually, children learn to protect their own things and share their things with children. He can tell that things belong to him and can make his own decisions without being interfered by others. 3. Be brave to say \”no\”. Don\’t speak softly, be submissive, speak slowly, rhythmically, and don\’t blush. Saying \”no\” means refusing, and refusing is actually a habit. Sometimes, the child\’s inability to reject others has nothing to do with the child\’s courage. It is simply because the child lacks the experience of rejection and is not used to saying \”no\”, so he is often unable to say no to others. Parents can design some scenarios for their children to try to deal with, or they can set examples for their children to imitate and learn. In order to avoid conflicts between children and others, parents should also teach them some polite and tactful words to reject others, such as \”I\’m sorry, I want to think about it again\” and so on. 4. Walk with your head up and your chest high, with strong steps and don\’t hunch your back. Children who are bullied often have a lack of aura and self-confidence. Therefore, parents must tell their children to raise their heads and chest when walking to show confidence and confidence. 5. Protect the bottom line and have the right to reject anyone. The humbler you are, the more you will be bullied. One\’s own principles must be adhered to and cannot be violated. For example, when others take away your things without authorization, you can express your discomfort, anger, anger and other emotions, indirectly expressing your attitude, and you need to bravely stand up to safeguard your own interests. Of course, we must also let our children know that when we safeguard our own interests and bottom line, we must also respect the interests of the other party. Therefore, parents must tell their children to know this, so that they will not be bullied, will be healthy physically and mentally, and have a promising future.


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