How to educate children to become better and better?

Family is a child\’s first school, and parents are their child\’s first teachers. CCTV Documentary Channel Post-Zero Documentary Online Watch Full 5 Episodes 1080P Ultra HD Version 13.7GB Children\’s growth is inseparable from their parents\’ education, and their education methods may even affect their children\’s lives. In fact, if you want your children to truly grow up, parents should learn to be \”tolerant\”. As long as parents \”bear\” these four things, their children will be excellent in the future. Only by resisting the temptation to take care of your children can you become independent. There was once such a piece of news that refreshed the outlook on life. An adult man in his forties, he was a bully in elementary school, studied at Tongji University, and later received a master\’s degree in engineering from the prestigious University of Waterloo in Canada. It can be said that he has been the legendary \”other people\’s child\” since he was a child. But after returning to China, he refused to work and stayed at home every day, sleeping during the day and playing games at night. His mother, who is over eighty years old, has uremia and needs to take the bus three times a week for dialysis. With a monthly pension of 3,500 yuan and medical expenses of more than 2,000 yuan, it is very difficult to support myself and my son. But she tried hard to persuade her son to go out to work, but he just refused. The 80-year-old mother cried and said: \”It was me who caused him harm. I took care of everything. He has had whatever he wanted since he was a child. He is used to being dependent.\” There is a saying that goes well: Parents take care of everything, but their children only have to take care of everything. He will become a child who will not grow up. The path parents take for their children ends up being a trap. There are no parents in the world who don’t love their children, but we must distinguish what true love is. Parental love should point to separation. Responsible parents should learn to let go, be willing to use their children, teach their children the ability to live independently, and let their children grow strong wings instead of taking care of everything. American writer Duncan once said: \”The best legacy we can give our children is to let them go their own way and walk their own way completely on their own two legs.\” For the sake of their children, parents must refrain from taking over everything and let them go their own way. independent. Resist the need to compare children with self-confidence. Some time ago, a 13-year-old boy became a hot topic because he ran away from home. In Liuhe District, Nanjing, a 13-year-old boy ran away from home every day. Fortunately, the police found him after more than an hour of hard work. Tiantian told the police uncle his \”sadness\”: \”My father always thinks that I am not good at this or that, and he often compares me with other people\’s children. If he doesn\’t like me, I will leave.\” Before Tiantian ran away from home, He also left a note for his father, which read: \”Dear Dad, you don\’t have to look for me anymore. You don\’t know me from now on, and I don\’t know you either. You shouldn\’t have a son like me. Goodbye Dad.\” A few lines of words are enough to express Tiantian\’s determination. In family education, many parents habitually compare their children with other people’s children. However, blindly comparing children will not only damage their self-esteem and self-confidence, but also destroy their sense of security. Over time, parents will lose the trust of their children, and the parent-child relationship will become increasingly distant. \”Other people\’s children\” will only hurt your own children in the end, which is very detrimental to the growth of your children. As parents, you must be careful not to compare your children with other people’s children. If you really want to compare, please compare the changes in the child himself. Learn to pay attention to your child\’s changes and affirm your child\’s progress. Resist not urging your children to become self-disciplined. In life, many parents have said something like this: \”Why are you still watching TV? Why don\’t you hurry up and do your homework!\” \”It\’s time, it\’s time to go to school, hurry up!\” What time is it, and I still want to play, go to bed quickly!\”…Many parents seem to have endless worries when raising children. The number one reason for anxiety is that the child is too lazy. As soon as the child dawdles, the parents will continue to urge. However, an education expert said: In the face of children\’s dillydallying, urging is the poison that poisons children the most. You know, urging can only get the body in place, but it cannot get the mind in place. Furthermore, parents’ repeated urging destroys their children’s self-discipline. Children will become more and more anxious, prone to develop bad habits of being sloppy and not thinking, and may even develop learned helplessness. This is extremely detrimental to the growth of children, and parents must refrain from urging their children. When a child is dawdling, try to respect the child\’s growth pattern, try to give the child a certain amount of freedom, and try to let the child bear the consequences of indulging in himself… Only in this way can the child learn self-discipline, learn responsibility, and be responsible for himself. Resist not favoring children and be well-educated. There was a news story about an 8-year-old child touching his buttocks at Shanghai Disneyland, which sparked heated public discussion. After a girl came out from the performance, she felt her butt was touched by an 8-year-old boy, and she said something to the boy. Unexpectedly, the boy\’s mother and two other female companions, who were traveling with the boy, got mad and insulted and pushed the girl. \”Are you delusional? Your butt has never been touched by anyone?\” \”I touched you when I touched you. You look like this and I touched your butt!\” The parents could have made the matter a trivial matter and apologized to the girl. The child may have just accidentally encountered it without any malicious intent. However, this parent did not care whether the child was right or wrong, and only favored the child. He scolded and beat the girl, and finally became a laughing stock. In fact, it is not terrible for children to make mistakes. What is terrible is the parents who allow their children to make mistakes. When a child makes a mistake, if he fails to correct it in time and blames the victim, will the mistake one day become a crime? When a small mistake turns into a major crime, no matter how partial the parents are at that time, it is useless. There is a saying that goes well: Your partiality towards your children will sooner or later push your children into the abyss. Every parent loves their children, but please make this love reasonable. When a child makes a mistake, do not be partial, but let the child know right from wrong, learn from mistakes and correct them, so that the child can become an educated person. There is a saying that goes well: My child, you may not be excellent, but you must not be uneducated. In short, if parents tolerate the above four things, their children will not be much worse in the future.


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