How to tell if your baby is hot or cold

Mom, the parenting book says that newborn babies cannot be wrapped in \”candle wraps\”, as this is not good for the baby\’s development. \”New mother. \”Daughter-in-law, you don\’t understand. Newborn babies are afraid of cold but not hot. My previous children\’s hands and feet were tied straight and tight when they were born. This is good for keeping the baby warm and caring, and also prevents the baby from getting cold. She has bow legs. \”Mother-in-law. The neighbor\’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law started arguing over the matter of \”candle wrapping\” for the baby. Is it good for the newborn to be \”candle wrapped\”? In many places, some elderly people will use quilts after the baby is born. When wrapping a newborn, sometimes to prevent the baby from getting cold by taking off the quilt, straighten the baby\’s arms and legs, then wrap them tightly in a small quilt, and tie 2 to 3 ropes around the baby\’s arms and legs. Belt. They think this can not only keep warm, but also enable the baby to sleep peacefully. Newborn Baby Care Encyclopedia Download Ultra Clear epub In fact, they did not expect that the baby would be wrapped too tightly, which would hinder the movement of the limbs, and after being tied, the fingers Do not touch surrounding objects, which will hinder the development of the newborn\’s sense of touch and also limit the movement of the baby\’s chest, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the newborn. In addition, due to the tight binding, it is not easy to breathe, sweating a lot, and it is easy to cause The skin in the baby\’s folds is eroded, causing undue pain to the newborn. Therefore, this wrapping method needs to be improved. It is best not to use candle wraps when the baby is sleeping, so that the legs and arms are in natural flexion. As long as If the baby\’s quilt has the right thickness and good sleeping habits, the baby can sleep peacefully. Nowadays, many people advocate using sleeping bags instead of wrapping. It has the advantages of warmth, looseness, comfort, and free movement of limbs. Some baby sleeping bags are available on the market. Arrived. Are newborns afraid of cold or heat? Babies are afraid of cold: The fetus lives in the mother\’s body for 280 days and is always in a constant temperature environment. After birth, it is suddenly exposed to an environment that is lower than the temperature of the womb, and the baby\’s own body temperature regulation The central nervous system is not fully developed and its ability to regulate temperature is very limited, so newborn babies are afraid of the cold. Have you noticed that when a baby is just born, the nurse sister will wrap the baby in a blanket to avoid being exposed to the cold? Hypothermia in children can cause colds. Babies are afraid of heat: In winter, many people are particularly prone to making the mistake of thinking that the baby is afraid of the cold, so they will cover the baby tightly. As a result, they do bad things with good intentions, and the baby suffers \”heatstroke\” instead. , medically known as \”heat-covering syndrome\”. Even some elderly people are afraid that their babies will freeze. Even if the weather is warm and the room temperature is suitable, they still have to wear cotton-padded clothes and wrap their babies in blankets. Wrap them in three layers inside and three outside. Yes It is necessary for newborns to take necessary measures to keep them warm, but keeping them warm must be scientific. Sometimes over-warming the baby is not good for the growth and development of the newborn. Because the newborn\’s thermoregulatory center is immature, it is more sensitive to changes in external temperature. If the baby is wrapped too much, Tight and poor heat dissipation, the baby is prone to high fever and sweating a lot. Long-lasting high fever is not conducive to the baby\’s growth and development. In short, some elderly people say that newborns are afraid of cold but not hot. In fact, this has no scientific basis. Because newborns The body temperature regulation center is not yet perfect, the sweat glands are underdeveloped, and the muscles are underdeveloped.Da, does not adapt well to temperature changes. Therefore, newborns are not only afraid of cold, but also afraid of heat. However, for many inexperienced new mothers, how to tell whether the newborn is cold or hot? It is more difficult to master. So how do you tell if your newborn is cold or hot? 1) Look at the baby’s reaction. The baby is just born and has not learned to speak yet, but he has innate survival skills and will express his needs through crying. The baby is cold, peed, hungry, hot, etc. Newborns cry. So what does the baby cry like when it\’s cold or hot? The baby is cold: When the baby is cold, the crying will weaken, the face will be pale, the hands and feet will be cold, and the body will tighten. How about the book \”Golden Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement\” pdf download super clear [Precautions during confinement + confinement recipes + newborn care] At this time, the mother should hold the baby in a warm embrace or cover it with clothes Quilt, if the baby feels warm, he will stop crying. Baby fever: If the baby is kept warm and overheated, the baby will be upset, crying and other abnormal phenomena at first, and then gradually stop crying, fussing and moving. At this time, the mother needs to help the baby open the package to dissipate heat, and promptly check the surrounding environment. The temperature drops. In addition, if the baby\’s face is red from crying, his head is full of sweat, and his body is wet, it is because it is too hot, so you need to reduce the quilt or clothes for the baby, so that the baby will stop crying. 2) By touching the back of the baby\’s neck, we cannot judge whether the newborn is cold or hot based on the coldness of the baby\’s hands and feet. This is because most of the blood of newborns is concentrated in the trunk, and there is less blood in the limbs, so the limbs of newborns are prone to coldness. If there is no bruise or purple, it is just cool, which is a normal phenomenon. So the correct way to judge is: the mother puts her hand on the back of the baby\’s neck, touches it and feels the temperature there. If it is warm and does not sweat or sweats slightly, it is normal.


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