Never be a parent who behaves in these 5 ways

Don\’t be a \”busy\” parent. \”You didn\’t care about me before, why should you care about me now?\” \”I wasn\’t busy with work before! How can you go abroad if you don\’t work hard to make money?\” In order to create better living conditions for your children, In order to make more money for his family and to reach the peak of his career, Lao Zhang can no longer remember how many days he has not spent time with his children at home. I always thought that my child was still young and that he would be fine. When I made enough money, I would be able to stay with him. But in the blink of an eye, the child no longer seems to be the innocent and ignorant little kid. He has a lot of bad temper and bad habits, which makes him have headaches and is helpless. No success in career can make up for failure in family. Lao Zhang, who had just been promoted to department manager, had no time to celebrate before he had to face the fact that his children were becoming less and less accepting of discipline. Now he had too many emotions about this sentence…busy = heart + death. If parents use busy work as an excuse to neglect the management of their children when they should educate and take care of their children, they will only regret paying for their busyness in the future. People are good at climbing up and doing bad at the same time. For young children, learning to be bad is the easiest thing. Teaching is better than the beginning. Once the critical period of education is missed, it will be extremely difficult to train again in the future. The price of \”dead heart\” is extremely heavy. Don\’t be a \”blind\” parent. \”You didn\’t say anything when I did this before! Why are you blaming me now!\” \”I don\’t even know when you started…\” Xiao Ding\’s daughter stole a classmate\’s stationery When she was discovered, the teacher called her specifically and said this was not the first time. Xiao Ding found it difficult to accept it at first. She couldn\’t believe that her daughter, who she thought was very good, could not do such a thing! Looking back carefully, Xiao Ding did find various small things in her daughter\’s schoolbag, but she didn\’t take it seriously, thinking that children are more casual and it\’s not a big deal. One time when she came back from the supermarket, she found that there were two extra bottles of yogurt at home, but she didn\’t think much about it. She has always been \”rich\” to her daughter, praising and appreciating her, and not taking it to heart even if she has any shortcomings. \”You are not trying to enrich yourself. You are obviously doting. You don\’t know the difference between right and wrong and cannot see the fault. How can you guide your children?\” A friend\’s words made Xiao Ding fall into deep thought… Blindness = eyesight + death. Some parents think that they raised their children and know best what they are like. In fact, they do not even know that their children have done many bad things. I want to cultivate children\’s self-confidence, but because of my own blindness, I turn encouragement and tolerance into doting and indulgence. I turn a blind eye to the children\’s shortcomings and problems, and the children themselves have no feelings and do not take it seriously. Don\’t be \”confused\” parents. \”That\’s what you like, not what I like. I won\’t learn anything in the future!\” \”You\’re learning this, you\’re learning other things, isn\’t it the same…\” My daughter goes to school Since then, adhering to the concept of \”not losing at the starting line\”, Ayun and her husband have designed a series of talent training plans for their daughter. Faced with a wide variety of talents, Ayun chose ballet and piano for her daughter. In fact, my daughter is lively and active, completely like a boy, but AyunHave your own selfish motives. She has longed for princess-like and dreamy talents since she was a child. She chose these two for her daughter because she wanted her child to realize the dream that she had not pursued back then. But after one semester, except for the first few days when my daughter was a little curious and interested, every subsequent class seemed to kill her, and she had to be coaxed and coaxed before she was willing to go. She wanted to learn Taekwondo, but Ayun felt that it was not suitable for girls and refused to allow her to change. After making compromises again and again, the daughter couldn\’t help but explode on this day, breaking the jar and throwing it… Mang = grass + water + death, grass and water both \”die\”, and there will be no growth. Depriving the child of grass and water, feeding the child what you think is good according to your own wishes, imposing your own dreams on the child and asking him to realize them will only make the child bear a burden that does not belong to him. Confused parents cannot find their own direction in life, so they pin their hopes on their children. Doing so will only turn their children into water plants that are unable to control their own lives and float around like themselves. Don\’t be a \”reckless\” parent. \”What else will you do besides scolding me? You know how to scold me every time. No other parent will be like you!\” \”This is how your grandfather taught me before. I haven\’t been raised in the same way. You little brat, do you know better than me?\” Da Qin\’s face turned red with anger, and he still couldn\’t get over his anger even after scolding him several times. He couldn\’t understand how it could be so difficult to teach children and how there were so many methods to learn. He had not grown up as rough as his father, so he didn\’t see any problems. If the child is disobedient, scold him to be obedient. If the child doesn\’t study, read him aloud to see if he goes. If the child gets into trouble at school, rush to school and give him a scolding to see if he dares to do it again… But, Da Qin I found that this trick worked when my son was young, but now it is becoming less and less effective, and he even makes his son run away when he sees him… The original word for \”mang\” is 茻, which means \”lots of grass\”. The original meaning is that a dog runs into the grass and chases a rabbit. It is a metaphor that the dog has no brains and cannot see the rabbit, so it still chases the rabbit blindly. Some people educate their children a bit like a dog chasing a rabbit. They are very reckless, do not understand methods, and do not like to learn. They think that they are experienced people, or think that this is how their parents educated them, so they follow the education of their fathers. He treats his children simply and roughly. One can imagine the result of this: good intentions lead to bad things, and they end up unhappy. Don\’t be a \”rogue\” parent. \”You can hit me and my mother, but why can\’t I hit others?\” \”I am your father. Of course I can hit you. You have strong wings!\” Lao Huang said in front of his teacher and classmates. In front of him, he beat his son. My son hit someone at school, and the teacher called him over. \”It\’s normal for children to fight and fight. How can such a small injury be called a beating?\” The teacher was speechless to him, and the other parent was even more reluctant to see his attitude. \”You brat, you\’re really going to cause trouble for your father!\” Lao Huang vented his anger at his son, but he didn\’t expect his son to retaliate like this. After beating my son, I returned home. As soon as I turned around, I couldn\’t see him. Not long after, I heard from outside again, \”Old Huang, come out quickly! Your son ran out to fight again!\” \”It\’s really strange. I can\’t even cure you!\” \”After saying that, he lookedDepressed, he waved his fists and ran out… Gang = death + people. Even the most basic person cannot be a human being. If his humanity is gone, he will become a gangster. If parents do not pay attention to their own attitude and style in dealing with others, act arbitrarily, and speak with fists at every turn, they will only make their children unknowingly infected with this kind of violence and arrogance. Like parents, they are used to using violence and arrogance whenever they encounter conflicts. The wealth of physical strength makes up for the lack of education. Children who do not pay attention to culture and upbringing, but only value their own rights and interests, will only continue to get into trouble until they cause a catastrophe. In the above five cases, the children all had behavioral deviations to varying degrees. Some parents will regard this kind of deviation as a necessary rebellion during the growth period, but can rebellion really be used as an excuse? Rebellion is the absence of parents, the absence of care, the absence of patience, the absence of teaching, and the absence of methods when children grow up. Rebellion is when parents fall into the misunderstanding of \”busy, blind, confused, reckless, and gangster\” and drag their children down because of their own mistakes. \”When you are old, all honors and money are fleeting, and an ineffective child is enough to make your later life bleak.\” While you are still young, while your children are still young, quickly get rid of the misunderstandings and correct yourself in time. If your position is correct, your child will not go astray.

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