Releasing the child\’s nature may be a lie

Yesterday, the little guy said to me today, \”Dad, my feet hurt when I play football; my hands hurt when I play the piano; and my head hurts when I play chess.\” He said it smoothly and looked at me with a smile. I know that after his freshness period has passed, he starts to feel a little bitter. When children learn something, they all rush towards it with sweet hope at first. But after walking down, I found that I was really tired! So I wanted to retreat. I also smiled and said to him: \”Let\’s think about it this way, if you play football, your feet will be more flexible; if you play the piano, your fingers will be more flexible; and if you play chess, your head will be more flexible, right!\” He looked at it! I should understand. I encouraged him, \”If you persist for 10 years, you will find that you will become very powerful! Come on, come on!\” Later I shared this with my friends. A friend said, if it were me, the answer might be: Ask yourself where it doesn’t hurt. But I know that as soon as this sentence passes, the little guy\’s eyes will turn red again. Some mothers replied like this, \”Let me tell you, it costs money for you to learn these things. Do you think it is easy for your parents to make money? It hurts you, and we also hurt, so that the children can be sensible.\” If you say this, I miss the children I was confused inside. It would be cruel to not only shoulder the financial burden but also feel that you have done something wrong. Some friends said that children, learning so much, are tired just thinking about it! Doesn’t this suppress the child’s nature? It’s better to play more. I have to think about this answer carefully. Because it really seems to make sense. We have too many parents today who are reluctant to let their children suffer. It is said that we should give children happiness and freedom and release their nature. So unknowingly it became free-range. In fact, the word nature itself has good nature and bad nature. But many of our parents talk about releasing their natural instincts when it comes to their children’s education. I instantly felt superior. Because many experts have said that we should release our nature. Because I do a lot of reading promotion. Let’s start with children’s instinct to read. I say that every child has the innate ability to read. Do you agree? Once a person needs information, he needs to get it through his senses. The baby plays with toys, hears the jingling of bells, and sees the little duck squeezing in his hand. They find it fun and laugh, it is their nature to play. Reading is another important way to obtain information. For example, a board book placed in the hands of a young child. He will pull and even bite. Because he thinks it\’s a toy. When mom gently took it away and told him it was just a book. Next time you tell your baby to take a book, he will take this. Children understand it, but many adults don’t. Then be patient enough as a parent. Then the children can continue to be exposed to other books. He will get to know the patterns inside and listen to his mother telling stories. Or listen to the audio and let your ears pick up the information. Although they don’t understand, parents have created this reading environment for their children. After being edified in it for a while. You will find that even children who don’t like reading will also love reading and listening to stories. However, countless parents mistakenly believe that there is no love for reading in their children\’s nature. In other words, leave this to the school and hope that the teacher will do it. Or wait for the child to do it themselves. I lost my parents, the best first teachers. Almost means half the chance is lost. The remaining half chance, becauseVarious reasons. Such as TV, mobile phones, games, or other reasons. Building the habit of reading becomes minimal. This child eventually became the part of the person who doesn\’t like to read. And you observe carefully. In cities, almost all children in good kindergartens love to read and have bookshelves and their own picture books at home. But in many rural areas, children hardly know what picture books are except textbooks. And there is no trace of books at home. Is this a matter of child nature? Is it true that children in rural areas do not naturally like picture books and stories, while children in cities all naturally love reading? I think it\’s a matter of environment and family guidance. There are many bad habits that are also called nature. So in the movie theater, some children jumped up and down, yelling. It\’s not enough for someone to say a word. Let me tell you directly: \”He is still a child and is not sensible yet.\” When the child has just finished half of his homework, and then says, \”So tired, so tired.\” Then let him watch TV and play. I\’m afraid of tiring the child. We must see the bad habits behind the word nature. Such as selfishness, willfulness, laziness and ignorance. But if you don\’t take a closer look, you will almost be confused by its appearance. So a mother always saves money and buys a few dollars of meat to take home. Then fry it for my son to eat. My son has been eating it for many years and has always felt that he deserves it. Only I never asked my mother: \”Mom, why don\’t you eat?\” My mother was confused by her love. Sometimes willfulness is seen as personality. I feel that I cannot suppress my child for fear of being psychologically harmed. There was a girl in my hometown village. Her parents have been spoiling her since she was a child, allowing her to do whatever she wants. He yelled at the elderly at home and showed no respect for his father. When he was furious, even his eighteen generations of ancestors dared to scold him. Her mother also said that with such a good personality, no one would dare to bully her. When it comes to laziness, no one wants to admit it. And laziness has already given itself a coat – freedom. I still remember that a long time ago, a relative asked me to find a job for his daughter. I asked him: \”Has the child learned any skills?\” \”No, just find a very ordinary one, including washing dishes.\” So she went to a friend\’s restaurant to work for a while. He left in less than three months. Ask her why? She said there was no freedom. Later she said she would work part-time in a supermarket, saying it would be more free. As a result, I did it for a few more months. Ask her why she didn\’t do it again? Still no freedom, sitting there every day. If you don’t do it, there will be no money. So what kind of freedom do you want? \”Be free, like you, work at home and make your own arrangements.\” \”Okay, let me tell you about me. I have to type on the keyboard for about 4 hours a day in front of the computer and write an article every two days. Every month I have to read a few books, pick up the children, cook and eat by myself, and…\” \”Brother, stop talking!\” I saw that she couldn\’t stand listening anymore. Many people only see the appearance of freedom and fail to see the sacrifice behind it. It\’s like walking in a scorching desert, with freedom like a mirage waving at you from a distance. But you can never reach it. And with every step you take, the equipment on your body can help you escape from this desert. Before you talk about freedom, first take off this coat and see if laziness is hiding inside and grinning. Of course we don\’tIt can be said that children have a foolish nature. Because ignorance is often caused by acquired self-righteousness and belongs to adults. The world of children can be said to be in an initial state of chaos. When a child comes into this world, the greatest happiness is to have parents who love him. The biggest misfortune is not meeting good parents, but having no choice. A child will grow up to be what he is without any education? This is a mantra that many parents with a free-range attitude hang on their lips. The psychologist Winnicott also asked this question. His analysis is: \”Unless each of us has a mother who can introduce the world to us bit by bit at the beginning of life, otherwise we will not be able to develop into such a person.\” Indeed, every child has his or her own Personality characteristics have their own potential. They will run towards the future. What we have to do is to accompany them and introduce the world to them. Give them a pep talk when they feel tired. When they feel like giving up, tell a story about perseverance. What\’s more important is whether the parents themselves set a good example. If you are a lazy person. Then don\’t expect your children to work hard. Don’t let your natural instinct to free yourself fool you, because the truth is: it takes hard work. It takes tenacity to persist and not give up. It takes good habits. The famous educator Ushinsky said: If you develop good habits, you will never be able to enjoy the interest it brings to you throughout your life; if you develop bad habits, you will repay endless debts throughout your life. I hope every parent can give their children this gift.


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