Soothe your baby after crying in 5 seconds! How do you master this 5-second magic trick of coaxing a baby?

The birth of a new life brings joy to the family, but babies in infancy often cry incessantly, leaving parents helpless. Singer Leehom Wang, who just gave birth to a daughter last month, said that the baby\’s cries are as beautiful as music, but crying non-stop is indeed \”pretty hard.\” Faced with such a problem, is there any good solution? Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician from the United States, has developed an miraculous ability. He can soothe a crying baby in 5 seconds. Recently, Dr. Hamilton came to the recording site of the second season of \”Challenge the Impossible\” to participate in the \”Five seconds of coaxing a baby\” challenge. Challenge rule: 5 seconds to coax the baby. Dr. Hamilton must calm the crying baby immediately within 5 seconds and keep it quiet for 10 seconds. The challenge is successful when four out of five crying babies are quieted. When the challenge began, Dong Qing first chose a baby that cried the loudest to test Dr. Hamilton. This baby really couldn\’t cry any harder, and his little face turned purple. Dr. Hamilton skillfully picked up the baby, and 5 seconds later… Word day! The crying stopped and the baby was smiling! ! ! Next came the second baby, the third, the fourth, and the fifth. Time seemed to stand still, and the world suddenly became quiet… \”This project is for the benefit of the people.\” Wang Leehom sighed: \”It\’s so valuable and practical!\” How did Dr. Hamilton do it? Click on the video to witness the shocking challenge together! △\”Challenge the Impossible\” video: 5 seconds to coax the baby to pick up the crying baby, wrap the baby\’s hands around the chest with one hand, drag the baby\’s butt with the other hand, and shake it gently… Dr. Hamilton said, This method is especially suitable for babies from birth to three months old. In this regard, Ren Yingchun, an expert with 35 years of experience in clinical maternal and infant care, explained that such parenting skills mainly imitate the appearance of the baby in the mother\’s womb, allowing the baby to recall the feeling of being in the mother\’s belly, thereby gaining a A sense of security. During his more than 30 years of career, Robert Hamilton has selflessly shared this magical skill, healing and comforting the hearts of countless children and parents. He deserves our respect!


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