The better the parent-child relationship, the more effective education will be

If you have adolescent children at home, you will definitely feel that your children have suddenly become unfamiliar and not so close to us. They hardly communicate with us when you come home and enter the room, and sometimes your attitude when talking to them is not very good. Why do people who have always been so close become so distant? The answer is actually very simple, but it is ignored by parents: relationship problems. Once there is a problem in the relationship between parents and children, and the child\’s behavior is not effectively responded to and his heart is not seen, it is easy for him to resist and reject his parents. Usually we often hear parents say that when their children grow up, they won’t listen to anything I say. They will do whatever they want them to do against you, they will go to the left and they will go to the right. They talk and do things like a hedgehog with thorns. No matter how much we love our children and how many parenting skills we learn, if the parent-child relationship is not strong enough, parenting problems can easily go wrong. A good family does not need to educate deliberately. Children will know what to do in a good relationship. Top 10 Bestseller List Li Zhongying Comprehensive Parent-Child Relationship Skills E-book 01 Actions speak louder than words, be good at listening. Only when the mouth is closed, the door of the heart can be opened. Most parents like to say that parents can say dozens of words to their children, nagging them endlessly, and before their children even speak, they have made evaluations and moral judgments first. Rarely listen to your child, listen to your child\’s inner voice, and slowly your child will close their heart and not want to tell you what\’s on their mind. We must be good at being a good listener, good at listening to children, and understand what children are thinking while communicating with them. Children\’s school life is full of new things, and something unexpected happens every day. Maybe we have conflicts with classmates, or maybe we are misunderstood by the teacher. If the parent-child relationship is good, the child will be willing to trust you and share his joys, sorrows, and joys with you. 02 Provide children with a loose and free space for growth. As children grow up, they must learn to let go slowly and not be too \”fine\”. The more interference they have with their children, the more they interfere with the rules and lack their own opinions and adventurous spirit. , and the loose and free space for growth can fully unleash the children\’s potential. If you impose too many rules and regulations on your children, your children will become timid, hesitant, and lack confidence in doing things. If you control them too much, your children will feel disgusted with you, which will affect the parent-child relationship. Take care of the big direction and try to let go of the small aspects. There are still some detours that children need to take. These detours are also the only way for children to grow. Adolescent children need more space, respect, appreciation, companionship and support. Therefore, parents need to give their children enough space, respect their children, learn to appreciate their children, awaken their children\’s dreams, and guide them to become the people they expect and who are valuable to society. 03 Giving children warmth, love and warmth is actually very simple. Ask your children every day if they are happy, teach them how to solve problems when they encounter difficulties, and give them a big hug when they are wronged. When children are wronged outside, they most want to be at home, next to their beloved parents. When children do something wrong and do not do well in exams, parents do not just blame them, but let their children realize that no matter what they encounter, as parents, they can accompany them to face it. The child has thisIf you have a sense of security, you will not only report good news but not bad news, or even lie. If you encounter any problems, you will be able to tell you frankly. 04 Give your children unconditional love. Unconditional love means accepting your children. No matter you are smart or stupid, your grades are good or bad, no matter you are good or not, and no matter what mistakes you have made, I will still love you. I don’t love you only if you are excellent. If you are not excellent, I won’t love you. Because love is not for exchange. What we love is you as a person, not your grades or other extras. Even if you don\’t perform well, we still love you unconditionally. Parents\’ unconditional love and acceptance are the source of a child\’s inner strength. This is the ever-changing core of any education for children. The secret of education is not what you do, but the role you play in your child\’s mind. If you want this role to be recognized by your children, you must first establish a good parent-child relationship with your children. When your children need you and want to be close to you, show up in time, give them love and respect, and act as a leader, role model and coach. For children, parents are their support and armor. With the support of parents, children have the confidence to withstand the wind and rain of the outside world; with the support of parents, children have the energy to overcome setbacks; with the company of parents, children can be more creative to explore. This wonderful world.


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