The impact of emotional stimulation during pregnancy on the fetus

Pregnancy is a beautiful but full of twists and turns process. Many expectant mothers will feel nervous, excited, and anxious during the process of preparing for pregnancy. Therefore, this is a period when women are very easy to become emotional. If we cannot face our emotions correctly during this period and provide correct guidance, it is likely to have a great impact on ourselves and our children. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF+TXT version] So, why do expectant mothers become emotional during pregnancy? There are mainly the following reasons. There are more things to pay attention to. Every expectant mother is still a big child before pregnancy. They may be their parents\’ babies at home and don\’t have to worry about anything every day. But after having children, they can clearly feel the changes in their bodies, and people around them keep telling them to pay attention to this and that. Many expectant mothers cannot adapt to the change of roles at this stage. Especially during pregnancy, their food, clothing, housing and transportation are restricted, just like a bird that was free before but was locked in a cage. They feel very constrained all the time, which makes them easily irritable. The body changes. Many people\’s skin or figure will be out of shape due to changes in hormone levels in the second trimester. Most expectant mothers are young girls in their twenties to thirties, and they have always been concerned about their figure and skin. It is particularly important. During this period, you cannot dress yourself up or wear makeup. Pregnant mothers have to watch themselves gain weight. This is very cruel to every woman who loves beauty. From this perspective, their emotions are understandable. Worry about the fetus in the belly Every first-time mother has an experience value of 0 when it comes to pregnancy, so when they give birth to a new life, they will be very worried about the condition of the baby in their belly and whether there will be any abnormal symptoms. , will it cause some serious consequences because of what they did inappropriately? Almost every pregnant mother spends her pregnancy in such an anxious process. What impact does a pregnant mother have on being emotional during pregnancy? Generally there are the following three effects. The impact on our own health and emotions not only has a great impact on pregnant mothers in special periods, but also has a particularly great impact on our healthy normal people. If we are in an anxious mood all day long, then the body will respond accordingly. Reactions, such as worsening of skin condition, decreased immunity, etc. This situation is even more serious for pregnant mothers. If our immunity is reduced due to emotional reasons, we will inevitably get sick, but we all know that we must not take medicine during pregnancy. If the illness is really caused by emotional reasons, it will be very troublesome. Influence on the baby\’s personality. Many pregnant mothers believe that only the physical condition of the child will be affected by the mother\’s body during the pregnancy. In fact, this view is imperfect. Their personality has already been formed in the mother\’s belly. If If the mother is often emotional during pregnancy, the child\’s character will become irritable and irritable. Therefore, bad emotions not only have an impact on the mother herself, but also on the child\’s future personality development.It also has a very big impact. Impact on People Around Me During the pregnancy, the relatives around the pregnant mother pay special attention to her, especially her husband. They may take care of their wives while working. If the pregnant mother is emotionally unstable, then it must be It will have a great impact on the emotions of loved ones around you, and even affect their working status. This will also have a negative effect on the harmony of the entire family. How to properly deal with emotions during pregnancy? Pregnant mothers learn the following three methods to help you feel good every day. 1. Learn to talk. Many pregnant mothers will have a feeling during pregnancy. There is nowhere to resolve their emotions, and many people will choose to keep it in their hearts because they feel that no one will understand even if they speak out. In fact, this idea is very wrong. If we have any emotions or unhappiness, we must express it, especially to our family members. They are very concerned about us and hope that we can express our feelings. If you talk about your unhappiness, only by talking about it can your depression be relieved. 2. Go out and get in touch with the outside world. During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers don’t like to go out due to physical reasons, such as gaining weight or being prone to morning sickness. This has a negative effect on the mood itself. If we find that we have For emotional reasons, you must go out as much as possible, set two fixed times for yourself every day to go out for a walk, get in touch with nature more, and communicate more with other pregnant mothers. This will also help relieve your emotions. Positive effect. 3. Reading and exercising Any anxious mood can be relieved by reading. Books can calm our minds, so during pregnancy we might as well read some books that we usually don’t have time to read or some parenting books. This can help us better deal with bad emotions. Another is moderate exercise. Exercise itself is a good mood regulator. As long as we exercise moderately during pregnancy, it will not only be good for our mood, but also very helpful for our postpartum recovery. Message: Pregnancy is a difficult and happy process. As long as pregnant mothers can spend the pregnancy with an optimistic and positive attitude, they will definitely be able to welcome a healthy baby and a better themselves!


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