What causes birthmarks on babies

I had dinner with a friend, who brought his four-year-old daughter with him. The little girl is very cute, with big eyes and fair and rosy skin. The only drawback is that the little girl has a big red birthmark around her left eye. . Today is an era where faces are valued. If a birthmark grows in a secret place, it is considered lucky. If it grows on the face, it will really affect the baby\’s \”appearance.\” For this reason, my friend regretted it very much and said that if she had paid more attention when she was pregnant, maybe the baby would not have such an ugly birthmark. So, what causes birthmarks? How can expectant mothers predict birthmarks? Now, Doudehui will take you through some basic knowledge about birthmarks. How are birthmarks formed? Birthmarks are abnormal growths of skin tissue during development, with abnormalities in shape and color appearing on the skin surface. Birthmarks can only be discovered after the baby is born, and some birthmarks may not appear until several months after the baby is born. Birthmarks can usually be divided into pigmented and vascular types. Most birthmarks only affect the appearance, but there are also a few birthmarks that are abnormalities of body organs and require treatment. What causes birthmarks? Generally, the formation of birthmarks is caused by the following reasons: The formation of birthmarks is not yet very accurate, but it can be roughly divided into two categories. The first is the influence of genetic genes; the other is the influence of the external environment, such as Malnutrition, bad living habits, lifestyle, harmful chemicals, etc. cause changes in the body, leading to the appearance of birthmarks. The causes of birthmarks are generally caused by the following four practices. Environmental pollution: After the fetus is stimulated by the polluted environment from the outside, it will behave in different ways. Genetic factors: Birthmarks are formed on human skin through genetics. For example, if both parents have birthmarks, their children are more likely to have birthmarks as well. A friend has a red birthmark on the right side of her face, and her daughter also has a red birthmark on the right side of her face. Malnutrition: Due to the serious lack of zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements as well as phenylalanine and tyrosine in human serum, the biochemical process of pigment synthesis is affected, resulting in an abnormal increase in pigment cells, which causes epidermal damage through nerve transmission. And gradually spread, it is easy to form birthmarks. During pregnancy, expectant mothers should remember to supplement their bodies with necessary nutrients. Does the baby’s birthmark have anything to do with the mother? How to prevent children from getting birthmarks? 1. Do not go to polluted places or wear heavy makeup to minimize the impact on the fetus. For example: radiation pollution, light pollution, water pollution and other types of pollution will produce some unpredictable mutations, which may cause the fetus to form birthmarks. 2. Pregnant mothers should develop good work and rest habits, avoid overeating, and control their emotions during pregnancy to avoid hormone secretion imbalance. For example: staying up late and eating irregularly. Inadequate sleep and poor eating habits of expectant mothers will affect the hormone changes of expectant mothers. Some studies have shown that increased hormones can cause hemangiomas in the fetus. Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to rest, eat on time, and avoid overeating. 3. Don’t be picky about food, ensure nutrition, and pay attention to supplementing trace elements such as zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium. Expectant mothers must pay attention to nutritional balance in their daily diet to avoid nutritional deficiencies, and also forThe growth and development of the fetus, so during pregnancy, even if she does not like to eat some nutritious foods, the mother-to-be must tolerate them for the health of the fetus. Warm reminder: No matter what kind of birthmark, I believe that mothers do not want it to appear on their babies. Therefore, expectant mothers must avoid some bad behaviors during pregnancy, so as to reduce the chance of their babies getting birthmarks.


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