What kind of children are not prone to school bullying?

When children study on campus, what worries parents most is not unsatisfactory test scores or being scolded by teachers for being naughty, but being isolated or even bullied by classmates. In recent years, school bullying incidents have occurred frequently. Bullied children not only suffer physical injuries, but also suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses caused by being ridiculed and isolated. Children who are bullied are left with wounds both physically and mentally. However, there are always some children in the class who will not encounter \”peer bullying\” at all. What characteristics do they all have in common? All assertive children have faces that are not to be trifled with. When I was in junior high school, there was a female classmate in my class who was chubby and had a dark complexion. A group of male classmates in the class had nothing to do and gave her nicknames such as \”Black Egg\”, \”Nigger\” and \”Black Bun\”. At first, the female classmates just ignored them. A real download of the complete collection of Yu Shiwei\’s lectures: Selected case studies of preschool children\’s family education stories, all 156 issues Later, a male classmate deliberately deflated the tire of a female classmate\’s bicycle. The other girls gave the female classmate advice and asked her to endure it, and the male classmate\’s prank soon passed. However, the female classmate did not follow the advice of others and continue to tolerate it, but officially declared war on the male classmate. \”Everyone can\’t choose what they look like. It\’s not my fault. You deliberately bullied me and teased me. You are making a big mistake. My dad already knows about this. If you continue, he will stay with you until the end!\” She Her words were well-founded and powerful, and the male classmates were swayed by her momentum. From then on, male classmates no longer dared to bully her. When perpetrators of school bullying choose bullies, they will choose children who are \”easy to bully\” to commit violence. This allows the perpetrators to have the experience of \”seeming themselves more powerful and getting pleasure from being \’powerful\’.\” If the selected target continues to give in and is manipulated by others, the abuser will be unable to stop. Those who are assertive and dare to fight generally will not become targets of bullying, because they have backing and are more confident, and do not allow their dignity to be trampled on. Children who know how to protect their body boundaries will not have their bottom lines easily touched. Catherine DiPino, an Ed.D., recorded such an example in the book \”Blue Cheese Mouth, Smelly Sweaty Feet\”: Steve was once suppressed and bullied by his classmate Gus. , his parents taught him to use strong language to express his emotions and to guard his body\’s boundaries from being violated. So when he was deliberately hit on the back again and again by Gus, he shouted \”Stop\”. As soon as this statement came out, it attracted the teacher\’s attention, and Gus was successfully dismissed. Once again, Gus wanted to plagiarize Steve\’s answer, but Steve refused, so Gus made harsh words to make Steve look good. Steve didn\’t have the slightest fear, but said confidently: \”Go away! Gus! I don\’t want to fight!\” This sudden voice instantly attracted countless looks, and Gus did not dare to act recklessly. Knowing that Steve was not someone to be trifled with, Gus no longer dared to make any plans for Steve. There is a view in psychology: knowing how to reject others\’ unreasonable demands is to protect one\’s own personal boundaries. This boundary includes both physical boundaries and emotional and spiritual boundaries. The boundaries of the body also include feelings about the bodyKnowledge, control of the body, understanding and acceptance of the body, and protection of the body. Children who know how to guard their physical boundaries cherish their own bodies and lives, know their own bottom line, and will not let others invade easily. The basic principle of guarding boundaries is to clearly express \”I do\” and \”I don\’t want to\”. Children with excellent academic performance bring their own \”talismans\”. I saw a netizen sharing his experience online. When she first entered the first grade of elementary school, she was spotted by a tall boy because of her young age and thin stature. The boy would often stop her on the way home from school, rummage through her schoolbag, and keep all her new stationery for himself. This incident began to leave a shadow on her mind and gave her a deep fear of school. Later, she changed her focus and devoted herself to studying. In one exam, she scored almost full marks and won the attention and praise of teachers in various subjects. From then on, the boy no longer dared to have any evil thoughts on her, and no one dared to bully her. The teacher\’s recognition is an invisible \”talisman.\” If a child has excellent academic performance and is willing to sincerely help other students, he will be very prestigious among his classmates. Therefore, there is no shortage of friends around him, which is also a kind of \”talisman\”. On the contrary, those children who have poor academic performance and are marginalized will lack a sense of existence and value. If they are withdrawn and like to be alone, they can easily become the target of bullying by their peers. Survey results show that on campus, children who are withdrawn, cowardly, have low self-esteem, are not good at communicating with others, have certain physical defects, and are slovenly dressed are more likely to be bullied by their peers. No parent wants to have their child who has worked so hard to raise be bullied, so what kind of education should parents give their children? I strongly agree with what Cai Kangyong said: \”We believe that fighting back is necessary. Compared with the power to fight back, we must cultivate the wisdom of children to fight back.\” Teach children to recognize what campus bullying is. Campus bullying refers to what happens on campus. Bullying and oppression caused by unequal power among children, including physical or verbal attacks, resistance and exclusion in interpersonal interactions, talk similar to sexual harassment, or ridicule, comments and ridicule of body parts, making the bullied The patient is harmed physically, mentally, and socially. Physical trauma is easy to see and take seriously, but mental torture is often overlooked. If a child is insulted and ridiculed for a long time without any reason, is isolated and ostracized by many classmates, and always plays a thankless role when playing games, parents should be vigilant at this time. Let the children know that these are not things that are played around among classmates, but real bullying. If you are not capable enough, you must let your teachers or parents know what happened to you, instead of just bearing it in, wronging yourself, and adding to the arrogance of the other person. Let children strengthen their bodies and develop a \”not easy to mess with\” aura. Professor Li Meijin said: \”As long as a child exercises, he will have explosive power. If he has explosive power, he will not be easily bullied.\” When she was young, her father asked her to practice Taekwondo. , which can not only exercise but also prevent being bullied. StampHe is a double world champion in kickboxing and Muay Thai, showing fitness and bravery with every move he makes. However, her childhood was shadowed by bullying. As a child, she was smaller and became the target of bullies. In order to fight back and gain more strength, her parents asked her to start boxing when she was 5 years old. In the training and tempering, she felt more and more powerful, and she was no longer afraid of those who gave her nightmares. After several powerful strikes back, those people felt so painful that they no longer dared to make any plans for her. Stamp also fell in love with this sport more and more. Kickboxing and Muay Thai not only allowed her to change her weak and timid temperament and protect her from bullying, but also allowed her to have the highlight moments of her life. We cannot control the words and deeds of others, but we are in charge of our own bodies. If your body is so strong that others dare not covet it, bullying will not happen. Discover strengths and build children\’s self-confidence. In the picture book \”Don\’t Try to Bully Me\”, Jim was intercepted and bullied by two classmates on the road. She was very scared and did not dare to resist, but the two classmates did not let her go because of her weakness. She pushed her directly to the ground. Jim was afraid to tell the teacher and began to feel uneasy. That day, the teacher brought the students a game of \”Finding Advantages\”, that is, everyone found their own advantages and put them in a treasure box. The teacher also taught the students to sing the \”Strengths Song\”: \”I have a big advantage, which makes me stronger. I am not afraid of being bullied, and it is not difficult not to be bullied. Have the courage to learn to say no, and let all worries go away.\” \”During the game, the two classmates caused trouble for Jim again and trampled her box to pieces. By singing merit songs, Jim has discovered many of her own strengths, and she has gained a lot of confidence. This time she was not going to compromise. She straightened her back and said loudly to the two bullies: \”Don\’t you know how to do anything but make trouble for others?\” Jim\’s sudden momentum calmed the two bullies. The two of them hid in the corner in disgrace. Confident people have their own intimidation power. Therefore, parents should discover more of their children\’s strengths and encourage them to increase their children\’s self-confidence. Confident children will cherish themselves, and children who love themselves will not let others invade them at will. When children are weak, parents must be strong. In the variety show \”Talk to Strangers\”, Wang Jingjing told her own tragic experience. When she was a student, she was often bullied by her classmates. She told her father about her experiences, hoping to get his support, but her cowardly father just said, \”People are powerful, but I am just a farmer. There is no way to deal with the pain and fear in her heart. She suffered from depression and was forced to transfer to another school after several suicide attempts. Even after becoming an adult, no one can bully her anymore, but the feeling of being bullied has never gone away. She does not dare to have contact with others and cannot have normal interpersonal interactions. Basic trust between people does not exist for her. Just imagine, if when Wang Jingjing asks her father for help, his father can step forward and prevent the bullies from approaching his daughter, will Wang Jingjing\’s fate be completely rewritten? Parents are the closest people to their children. If the parents do not help their children when they ask for help, how can the child\’s weak body withstand the malice of others? Therefore, when a child is weak,Parents must be strong enough to heal and run for their injured children. Let children always feel that their parents are their eternal support, no matter when and where. Li Ka-shing said: \”I often educate others to have the power of a lion and the heart of a Bodhisattva. Use the power of a lion to fight, and use the heart of a Bodhisattva to be kind to others.\” As parents, we must educate our children to be kind and not deceive others. Let your children have the aura to not be bullied.


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