What should I do if my half-month-old baby has a whistling throat?

Is a newborn baby\’s throat ringing because there is phlegm? The inference of \”phlegm\” has no basis at all. Phlegm is inflammatory secretion. Does the baby have any inflammatory triggers or symptoms? Do you have a cough or fever? There shouldn\’t be any. If there were, I would have gone to the hospital for a checkup. If the baby does not have symptoms such as colds or coughs, he will hear a phlegm-like sound when breathing or feeding. This will manifest as a \”whooshing\” sound like phlegm when sleeping or feeding, and sometimes there will be slight snoring. . Other than that, the baby has no other abnormalities. How to raise children scientifically and healthily pdf [Scientific Pregnancy and Escort Newborn Families] This phenomenon occurs because the baby\’s laryngeal cartilage is relatively soft, and when breathing and swallowing, the larynx swings and makes a sound similar to phlegm. Generally, as the baby grows up, it will be significantly relieved after 6 months, until it gradually disappears.

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