What should I prepare for the delivery package in the delivery room?

As a mother of two children, I have a lot to say when this topic comes up. I have experienced preparing maternity packages twice, so I would like to share my experience. Suitable for mothers who have had a natural birth as well as those who have had a cesarean section! At that time, the baby was about to give birth, and she was really in a hurry. She found the delivery bag, but the items were not complete. She brought a lot of diapers, but they were not used up. There were not enough clothes for the baby, and not enough saliva wipes. Fortunately, they were made of soft cotton. The towel belt is enough, it can be used. During the two hours I observed in the delivery room, the baby\’s father rushed out of the hospital several times to buy things, such as brown sugar and straws, all of which were bought on the spot. While he was in the hospital, the baby\’s father came home several times, doing this and that. On the day I was discharged from the hospital, I packed a lot of stuff and carried a lot of extra things home. It can be seen from this that how embarrassing it would be if the maternity package was not prepared well? When it was time to give birth to my second child, I finally figured it out. The maternity package was basically comprehensive, and I didn’t bring anything extra. When I was discharged from the hospital and went home, I didn’t have much left. The whole process was quite comfortable. Later, when my sister gave birth to her third child, she prepared according to my instructions. She said it was enough and just right. Why prepare a maternity package? Bags just yet is a general term for various items prepared by mothers for delivery, hospitalization and confinement, including maternal supplies, baby supplies, and important items for hospitalization. The maternity bag is prepared for use during delivery, as well as three days (natural delivery) and seven days (cesarean section) after delivery. Don\’t underestimate these days, you use a lot of things. Especially some hospitals are far away from home, so it is not particularly convenient to buy things. It is recommended to prepare in advance and make enough supplies as much as possible. Because everyone’s objective feelings about supplies and actual economic conditions are different, some may have to compare, screen, exchange, etc. after purchasing. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare in advance and allow sufficient time. In addition to baby supplies and mother\’s supplies, there are also items needed for hospitalization, which should also be prepared. Therefore, the whole thing is quite complicated. Fortunately, most of the wards in tertiary hospitals are now at constant temperature. Even if you give birth in winter, you don\’t need to prepare too many extra thick clothes. This saves a lot of trouble. Sharing the small items in the maternity bag When I was about 8 months pregnant with Dabao, I bought a luxurious maternity bag at a maternity and baby store. I thought this would be enough, right? There are more than two hundred oceans, which should be very comprehensive. But when I actually used it, I realized that there was a lot of difference. Either this thing was missing, or that thing was missing. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare the maternity package yourself so that it will be easier for you to use when the time comes. The first is baby supplies. 1. It is recommended to prepare at least 80 diapers in size NB. You can use about 8-10 diapers a day. If there are special circumstances, such as excessive diarrhea or peeing, it is enough. The NB code comes in packs of 40 tablets and 30 tablets. You can buy it and stock up for one month. By the second month, you will basically not need it. 2. Clothes From my experience, monk clothes are more suitable, and jumpsuits are recommended for use after returning home. Monk uniforms are easy to wear. It is recommended to buy 2 pieces in size 59 and 2 pieces in size 66. This is basically enough for the first two months. You can bring 2-3 pieces with you when you go to hospital so that if they get soiled, you can replace them in time. When choosing clothes for your baby, you must pay attention to the size. They grow quickly, and some clothes may no longer be worn within a month. Tips:The general maternity package comes with a small baby, small gloves, and a small hat, but my baby seems to have never used one. You can choose according to your own situation. Personally, I think it is useless (there is no need for a hat after being discharged from the hospital). 1. Prepare 2-3 small quilts for wrapping the baby, and 8-10 diaper pads. If the diaper pads need to be replaced every time, it is recommended to prepare a few more, small-sized ones are fine. . The blanket is mainly used for breastfeeding and when leaving the hospital. You can have a slightly thicker one and use thinner ones for the rest, making it easier to hold the baby. Tips: It is also recommended to prepare baby toiletries, such as pure cotton bath towels, small towels, shower gel (two-in-one), body lotion, and cotton soft towels, which can be used when bathing the baby. Some hospitals are prepared, and you can use the hospital directly if you don’t mind. 2. Bottles and milk powder. Hospitals generally promote breastfeeding, but mothers who have had a cesarean section may not have much breast milk on the first day after delivery, and may choose mixed feeding due to incision pain. It is enough to buy milk powder in small cans of 200g. Remember to bring a bottle brush and two bottles for easier cleaning and replacement. Next are mom products. The items that mothers need to prepare, in addition to clothes and toiletries, as well as items for postpartum use, mainly include the following types. 1. It is recommended to wear two sets of intimate clothing, confinement clothes. Pure cotton double-layer gauze fabric is more suitable, and the waist is elasticated, so it can be worn after childbirth and during breastfeeding. It is recommended to use at least 2 nursing bras together with anti-overflow breast patches. 10 anti-overflow breast patches are enough. 2. Personal items include towels, drinking glasses, straws, brown sugar, small basins, knives, toothbrushes, ointments, mouthwash cups, combs and other toiletries. It is recommended to prepare 2-3 towels. In addition to the one for wiping your face, you should also prepare a towel for wiping your chest. Wipe it before each feeding. There are also disposable underwear, disposable toilet mats and sanitary napkins for maternity, which should also be prepared. If disposable underwear is inconvenient, you can prepare adult diapers, which are easier to put on and take off and less likely to get on your body. Tips: It is recommended to bring more nursing pads. The hospital where I was staying at the time provided them for a fee. It’s twice as expensive as buying it yourself. It is recommended to have 8-10 sheets, maybe change them once or twice a day. 60*90 is almost enough, it’s not necessary to be too big. 3. Breast pump: I was using an electric breast pump at the time. I considered using a manual breast pump, but I found it inconvenient. The mother in the next bed uses a manual one, which is very difficult every time. Even if someone helps, it still takes a long time to do it. The electric one is very convenient. You can rest while pumping milk, so it won\’t be too hard. If you are breastfeeding, you can also suck on the other side without affecting breastfeeding. Tips: Some hospitals provide breast pumps for a fee. My cousin was in labor at the time, and she said she didn’t have a breast pump, and it cost 50 yuan to use one time. The breast pump can be used at home in the future, and it can also come in handy when weaning, so it is recommended to prepare one. 4. Belly tightening belt There is almost no support for the abdomen after childbirth, which can easily lead to visceral sagging. It is recommended to use a belly tightening belt. Especially for cesarean section, abdominal belts will be bound in the delivery room. Some hospitals will provide them. I wore my own belly band when I gave birth to my second child, but the one in the hospital is lighter and more effective. The one I used was provided by the hospital. Finally, some admission requirementssupplies. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Although it may only take 3-7 days to be hospitalized for delivery, after all, you are staying in the hospital, which still requires a lot of procedures and documents. Therefore, please read the following content carefully, maybe you will be able to use it when you are in the hospital! Admission documents: ID cards of both parties, marriage certificate, medical insurance card, maternal health handbook, and previous prenatal check-up reports. Tips: Put the ID on the outside of the delivery bag for easy access. 2. Bank cards and cash make a big fortune. I didn’t prepare cash. At that time, the baby’s father rushed to an ATM next to the hospital and withdrew the money before going through the hospitalization procedures. Some hospitals require that the hospitalization deposit must be in cash. This can be learned a little bit during the prenatal check-up. 3. For electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, chargers, etc., you can prepare longer charging cables with multiple plugs. The hospital stay didn\’t seem long, but it was a bit boring. Using these electronic products can provide entertainment and record the production process as memories in the future. Finally, I would like to say, don’t think that preparing the maternity package is an easy task. It’s not too late to prepare when you are about to give birth. In fact, even if you are fully prepared, something may be missed. First make a rough preparation when you are 4 or 5 months pregnant, and then wait until you are 8 months pregnant to check and fill in the gaps to ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible. Prepare all the items and remember to put them in a conspicuous place at home so that you can grab them and go when there are signs of activation. I hope that every mother can meet her baby smoothly, start without suffering, and give birth more easily!

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