What\’s wrong with the baby not sleeping well and always waking up? Four common reasons for mischief

Question 1: Why does the baby always have uneasy sleep? Dr. Luo Zhen answered: The common reasons for this situation in babies are as follows: ❶ Indigestion is not good, and the function of the spleen and stomach is weak, resulting in poor digestion and poor feeding; ❷ Dreaming and easy to wake up in light sleep ; ❸ The surrounding environment is relatively hot and the sleeping position is uncomfortable; ❹ Lack of vitamin D. The mother should look for the cause in a targeted manner, or several causes may exist at the same time, and just deal with the cause. Question 2: My baby is seven and a half months old. People say that a certain amount of milk powder is good and he should drink it for a while. The milk powder sellers also say the same thing. Is this true? Or should the baby drink milk powder at any age? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: There is no such statement. Children have different nutritional needs at different stages of growth and development. It is recommended that children drink appropriate milk powder according to age groups. Question 3: A three-month-old female baby has been sneezing, sneezing, and has runny nose for the past three or four days. What should I do? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: In this case, for children who are three to four months old, you can first wash the nasal cavity with warm water, apply a hot towel on the nose, and keep the front fontanel warm. Children with cold front fontanel will also sneeze and have a runny nose.

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