You owe your child love, but you ask him to spend half his life repaying the debt.

\”I\’m in pain! I\’ve been a mistress for eight years and I want to end this life,\” A Qian said. Aqian joined a good company after graduating from university. Although she changed jobs in the past ten years after graduation, her career has been smooth and her development has been good. It is said that \”what goes well in the workplace is not good in love.\” Aqian confirms this saying with her own experience. A Qian is good-looking, fair-skinned, beautiful and slim, and quite popular with the opposite sex. But she fell in love with her boss from the day she entered the company. At that time, Aqian had just graduated from college. He was in his mid-thirties, mature, steady, and caring. He was almost the most attractive age for a man. A Qian soon learned that her boss had a wife and children, but her heart still fell with him. More than half a year later, Aqian became her boss\’s lover. \”I knew from the beginning that he would not divorce, and I never thought about destroying his family or marrying him. I just couldn\’t control my heart and was attracted to him.\” The two of them are very low-key. , no one knew about it for 5 years together. In the past five years, Ah Qian has not made any financial demands. She said that she really loves him and is not after his money. What she wants is a relationship. When she was 28 years old, A Qian\’s college classmate had a baby. She went to visit with her classmates, and for some reason, she suddenly had the idea of ​​becoming a mother. She gradually began to want a normal life, with a husband and children. She was not satisfied with this underground love affair that was destined to be fruitless and unable to see the light of day. In the past, Ah Qian had no plans to start a family. She never thought about everlasting life. She only wanted love, not marriage. The boss can afford love but cannot afford marriage. A Qian knew that he was not her lover and she wanted to break up. Aqian quit her job and changed her job. She wanted to use the distance to make herself forget him. However, when he called her to make an appointment, she struggled a few times and still went. In the next two or three years, Aqian has been in the endless cycle of \”breaking up – staying – breaking up…\” and was tortured to the point of going crazy. How sweet it was before, how bitter it will be later; how happy it was before, how painful it will be afterwards. She couldn\’t resist his sweet words, and she couldn\’t bear to refuse him a few nice words. \”He always said he would divorce and asked me to wait for him. The more times he did it, I knew he was lying to me. Besides, I didn\’t want to destroy his family, but I could never forget how good he was to me…\” Now A-Qian In her early thirties, she said she was stuck in this emotional \”quagmire\” and could not get out. She asked me what she wanted to do, and I suggested that she cut the knot quickly and be cruel to him and even more cruel to herself. However, A Qian felt that she might not be able to do it. Rather than giving A-Qian advice, I am more curious about her upbringing. How did she develop such an indecisive and procrastinating character? There were so many young talents walking around her, so why did she turn a blind eye, but she only had a soft spot for a middle-aged uncle? You know, when I was in my early 20s, I felt that people in their 30s were elders and were basically equivalent to old people. So I talked to A-Qian about her family of origin. Aqian\’s father is an engineer. He works in a construction company and spends most of his time traveling to construction sites. When a project is finished, he has to go to the next level.a place. Most of these projects are in other places. Therefore, her father is stationed abroad all year round. He stays in one city for one year and that city for two years and is rarely at home. Aqian has always lived with her mother, and her father can only go home for reunions during holidays or vacations. Dad loves A-Qian very much. Every time he comes home, he buys her a lot of things, including food, clothing, and playthings. Unfortunately, they spend too little time together. Dad’s role in A-Qian’s entire growth process is too small, and he has little influence in her memory. Chuuya was just a vague shadow. Ah Qian longs for her father to be like other people\’s fathers and come home from get off work every day. I think I can understand why A Qian likes gentle, mature and stable uncles. She is making up for the father\’s love she lost in childhood! No wonder a few sweet words made her want to stop and couldn\’t give up. For children, father\’s love and mother\’s love are both indispensable and difficult to replace. Sufficient fatherly love can give a daughter an independent personality, give her a sense of security, make her confident and independent, without having to rely on or cling to. The shortcomings of childhood make people subconsciously \”make up for it\” throughout their lives, and they will be attracted to whatever they lack. A Qian lacks fatherly love, so she will be attracted to mature and steady men, and will be retained by a few sweet words. Princess Diana, who is widely loved by the world, married Prince Charles at the age of 20. Under the gaze of billions of eyes around the world, one of the most glorious and grand weddings in human history was held. Soon after, she gave birth to the crown prince and lived a life of luxury. She often attended various occasions and was the envy of countless women. Diana died in a car accident at the age of 36. Her short life was full of ups and downs. Diana was born into the Spencer family, one of the oldest aristocrats in Britain. However, her birth was not popular because she already had two sisters. The entire family did not have a male heir who could inherit the title and title. Her parents were very She hoped to have a son, so Diana disappointed her parents from the moment she was born. When her brother Charles was born, Diana\’s status in the family became even more insignificant. Diana\’s mother had long been worried about giving birth to an heir, running between religious activities and medical clinics, and her marriage was in crisis. As a young girl, Diana witnessed her parents quarreling. When she was 6 years old, her parents divorced, and Diana and her younger brother Charlie lived with their father, who turned them over to a nanny and ignored them. Later, her father remarried and sent Diana, who was only 9 years old, to boarding school. There, Diana often felt lonely. She said no one ever said they loved her, and her parents never even gave her any close physical contact or hugs. Diana, who was extremely insecure and longing for love, met Prince Charles, who was 13 years older than her, when she was 16 years old. The prince\’s passionate pursuit soon captured Diana\’s heart. However, Prince Charles did not love Diana. He loved Camilla, who was of low birth and older. His acquaintance, love and marriage with Diana were all planned and premeditated performances. After the marriage, Charles was very indifferent to Diana, and he continued to maintain a relationship with Camilla. In an effort to win back Charles, Diana struggled to lose weight to the point where she developed an eating disorder. Diana rolled down the stairs so that Charles could spend more time with her. However CharSi was indifferent to all this. Diana, who was born in a good family, had the beauty given by God, a noble status, lovely children, and the love of the people. However, she did not have the lover she longed for most, and the happiness she wanted most. Diana, who looks noble on the outside, is insecure on the inside. She has low self-esteem and is melancholy. She has suffered from depression. If you desire love too much, it will be harder to get love. When she was a child, her parents owed Diana love, and Diana spent her whole life repaying the debt. Ruan Lingyu, one of the four most well-known beauties during the Republic of China, also had a short life and an extremely bumpy love life. Ruan Lingyu was born in Shanghai. Her father died of illness when she was 6 years old, and her mother went to work as a servant in the wealthy Zhang family. When she was 15 years old, the fourth young master of the Zhang family launched a passionate pursuit of her. Ruan Lingyu, who seriously lacked father\’s love, was quickly captured. Such a relationship was strongly opposed by the Zhang family. After Ruan Lingyu and her mother were expelled from the Zhang family, Fourth Young Master Zhang did not give up on Ruan Lingyu, and the two eventually got married. However, after marriage, Mr. Zhang did not seek to make progress. He still squandered money without income and lived in poverty. Ruan Lingyu was forced to drop out of school to film and support her family. Fourth Young Master Zhang gambled, smoked opium, stayed out at night, and even ran away with his property to let Ruan Lingyu pay off her debts, etc. At the age of 23, Ruan Lingyu finally divorced Fourth Master Zhang. This was the first scumbag she met. Subsequently, the \”tea king\” Tang Jishan began to pursue Ruan Lingyu. Tang Jishan was a famous playboy with a rich love history. He had previously used all possible means to woo Zhang Zhiyun, the first \”movie queen\” in the Republic of China, and then quickly captured her. Kick your feet away. Zhang Zhiyun wrote to Ruan Lingyu, urging her to leave Tang Jishan, but Ruan Lingyu persisted. As expected, Tang Jishan soon revealed her true colors and was hanging out with other actresses. Two scumbags, Mr. Zhang and Tang Jishan, sued each other and went to court. Under their pressure, Ruan Lingyu committed suicide. Why does Ruan Lingyu always meet scumbags? She said: \”I\’m too weak. I can\’t stand other people being nice to me. If someone is nice to me, I will really love him like crazy!\” It is precisely because I have been lacking love since I was a child that I often suffer from love. She can\’t afford others to be kind to her and just say a few sweet words, but she can\’t wait to repay them with her own body. Who a person will meet is determined by God; who a person will fall in love with and whom he chooses is determined by himself, which is determined by his childhood living environment, his parents\’ upbringing and his own personality. Please click here to enter the picture description. We always say that children cannot be raised poor. They must eat everything, use everything, see everything, and play with everything, so that when they grow up, they will not be obsessed with a mobile phone. Take away the kidneys and you will not be tempted by petty profits. So, what will happen to a child who lacks nothing but love when he grows up? He may be able to resist material temptations, but he cannot resist a few sweet words. We owe our children love, but we ask our children to use half of their lives to repay our debt!


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