A child\’s scream and a man\’s roar suddenly came from downstairs. What\’s going on?

Neighbors’ Complaints Yesterday evening, I was standing in front of the window packing my things, and suddenly I heard the “screams” of my neighbor Dabao downstairs, accompanied by the roar of the neighbor man. \”What a tragedy, Dabao got beaten!\” I told my husband. The next day was Sunday, and my neighbor sent me a WeChat message: At two o\’clock in the afternoon, I was going to send Dabao to learn to paint. My husband was at work, and he wanted me to help take care of the second baby, who was only a few months old. This is no problem of course. When I was raising my children alone, my neighbors helped me a lot, but I was worried that I would not be able to repay them in return. After delivering Dabao, she hurried back, took her second treasure from me, and complained to me about Dabao\’s \”evil behavior\” in the past two days. \”Did she get beaten last night?\” I said. \”Well, I can\’t do it without fighting. I\’m so angry. She lingered all day on her weekend homework, and today she has to learn to draw. She\’s not in a hurry at all. She\’s just pretending, and she promised well, but she just doesn\’t move and can sit at the desk all afternoon. , didn’t write a word. I can’t control her anymore. Yesterday when her father came back, he gave her a harsh lesson.” The neighbor sighed repeatedly as he complained. \”She is still young. Don\’t be impatient and educate her slowly.\” I said with a smile. \”I can\’t educate her anymore. She doesn\’t listen to the reason. I beat her and scold her. She\’s not afraid of me. Only her father can take care of her. As soon as I beat her, she lay on the ground like a scoundrel and looked at her with squinting eyes. Me.\” \”Now she is not only working hard, but also lying to others. The night before yesterday, she said she had a stomachache. I saw that she had a stomachache, so I didn\’t let her do her homework and let her lie in bed and watch TV. She didn\’t talk about her stomach while watching TV. It hurts, and I have eaten well. She bent over and pressed her stomach, moaning ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. In kindergarten, I have always had good habits. I write right away when I come back, and I don’t need to remind me at all. The older the child gets, the more I don’t know what’s wrong, and he becomes more and more disobedient. I don’t even know how to educate the child.” The neighbor said in one breath. After hearing so much, it was obvious that he was extremely angry. This family has known their neighbor for four or five years, when her eldest daughter was still in kindergarten. In my impression, her Dabao has always been a well-behaved and sensible child. Neighbors would also mention their previous lives from time to time during chats. My neighbor\’s family didn\’t have a well-off life before. Her husband was a carpenter and took jobs everywhere to decorate other people\’s houses. She said they had just gotten married and when they gave birth to their baby, they not only had no money but also owed foreign debts. While her husband works everywhere, she takes care of the children alone, and even goes to the construction site to help them cook. Dabao was only a few months old at the time, but he was extremely well-behaved. Seeing her mother busy, she doesn\’t make any noise and just plays by herself. There are too many dangerous items on the construction site, and she will never move if she is not allowed to move. Later, when she went to kindergarten, she didn\’t have to worry about it. Unlike some children who cry and refuse to go to kindergarten, she is happy every day and writes new words when she comes back. In the eyes of everyone, she is a good girl. However, after entering elementary school, everything slowly changed. My performance in first and second grade was always good, but as I grew older, I became less and less sensible. In the past two years, the neighbor\’s life has been getting better and better, and they have given birth to a second child. It should be a happy family of four. Suddenly, when I heard her complaining, I feltThere are still some shortcomings in coming to the United States. Think deeply about why children who have good habits in the past have bad habits when they grow up. I thought carefully about the education given to Dabao by my neighbor and his wife. When the children were young, the couple was busy making a living and probably neglected to spend time with their children. Leave the child alone and let her grow up and be sensible on her own. This natural well-behaved and sensible nature makes them feel at ease and even a little proud. Therefore, the hidden dangers caused by children being too sensible were once again ignored. When the children are a little older and disobedient, the educational policy they adopt is to blame, scold, or even take action directly. Children who lack companionship and parental guidance since childhood, coupled with stick education, can easily go astray. Because they seem to have psychological trauma. At an age when parents need to be with them, their parents are busy with life. While they are considerate of their parents\’ injustice, they also cast a psychological shadow. Occasionally, I make small mistakes, thinking that I can get my parents\’ attention and companionship, but I don\’t expect that I will incur criticism and lessons from my parents, and even a meal of flesh and blood. The neighbor couple are not highly educated, and they are both ordinary honest people. It is not easy to make a living in this big city from the countryside. Regarding education, they may not have any more ideas, and they may just inherit the educational policies of the older generation! They just think about how to live a better life, but neglect to learn and improve education. Occasionally, I see good parenting policies, but I just act as a spectator and do not put them into practice, or out of habit, I feel that the stick policy seems more effective. They are not the only ones whose son has suddenly become rebellious. Speaking of ourselves, our most ambitious ambition in this life is to raise our son to be a young man with upright views and achievements, even though he is only two and a half years old now. I realized the importance of education. While I was trying to read various educational masterpieces and slowly apply them in practice, my son\’s sudden attack made me feel more frustrated and I couldn\’t help but play a piece of Hedong Lion\’s Roar. However, after yelling, looking at the little guy\’s injured face, I calmed down. Why did I make the little guy feel unhappy again? I felt like I had added another layer of guilt. For example, tonight, I have a headache and want to lean on the quilt and close my eyes for a while to relax. However, my son seemed bored and jumped around me. At the beginning, I patiently discussed with him: \”Baby, mom is a little uncomfortable. You can watch TV for a while and let mom take a rest.\” My son hummed twice unhappily, and then while I closed my eyes, Took away my glasses. I asked him to give it back to me, but he ran away laughing. Then, he accidentally got his glasses stuck in the gap of the heating pipe. I am highly myopic, and the world without glasses makes me panic. Driven by this panic, I couldn\’t help but yell at my son several times. My son was already embarrassed about the mistake he had made. My roaring followed him with tears, which made my irritability even more aggravated. After groping for a long time under the heating pipe, I finally found my glasses and returned to the bright world. Looking at my son\’s tearful face, although he has been crying, he has been paying attention to the progress of my search for glasses. When he saw me putting on my glasses, he wiped his tears with his little hands, and slowly moved over and nestled in my arms. The warmth in my chest made me feel proud of what I had just doneFeeling remorseful for behavior. The little guy just wanted to draw my attention to him by taking away his glasses, and I… I have seen this passage about the purpose of education: The purpose of education is not success, but happiness; the standard of education quality is not just Score, but a harmonious and complete life of body, mind and brain. In the process of education, we have all lost our way and forgotten the original intention of having children and raising children, which is happiness and the integrity of life. Letting children feel happiness as they grow and grow with happiness should be the best way to educate children well! As children grow, parents are constantly improving themselves and educating their children, which is also the continuous sublimation of parents\’ self-souls. The deepest love and hatred in the parents\’ hearts will affect their children\’s growth. Good parents, while teaching their children happiness, also make themselves more harmonious.


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