\”After giving birth, I haven\’t bought a new bag for three years!\” What, is it great?

[However, the result of sacrifice has always moved only myself. ] He Jie was forced to divorce by her idle husband who didn’t know how to take care of her children! The reason is not cheating, but it can arouse public anger more than cheating, because most mothers have a man who is obsessed with his own world and doesn\’t care about his wife or children. All of a sudden, everyone rose up and attacked her: She gave up her career for you and gave birth to two children in three years. Now she is raising children and making money. She has sacrificed so much. Are you men so cruel? You are still human! But we need to think about it, are some so-called sacrifices necessary? Someone said this about He Jie: Before getting married, the media interviewed He Jie and asked her what her favorite thing to do in Hong Kong. Her answer was shopping. After giving birth to her child, He Jie said in a live broadcast that she hadn\’t bought a new bag in three years, and every time she appeared on stage, she always had the same pair of shoes. \”She sacrificed so much for her family, but she got this ending.\” In this condemnation, how many onlookers were crying out for injustice against He Jie, and how many were actually fighting for themselves. I won’t discuss who is right or wrong here, but I am deeply touched by He Jie’s grievance-filled words: “I haven’t bought a new bag in three years.” She gave up her husband\’s suggestion of a decoration budget of 200,000 yuan and decided to spend 700,000 yuan to decorate the new house. This shows that it is not a problem of not having money to buy bags or shoes, but that she does not want to buy them and thinks that other things should take priority over buying bags, but she feels aggrieved in her heart. no. She takes care of the two children personally, but he is like a giant baby and doesn\’t care about anything. So let\’s leave it to the biological father of the children. Isn\’t it true that he has no job and is at home? Women, can\’t they learn to be selfish? I haven\’t bought new clothes in almost a year. To be honest, I was even touched by myself. I just lived a life in the magic city that was even poorer than in the countryside. I didn’t go out or go shopping. I was a little timid when my friends occasionally dragged me into the mall. Sometimes I think I’m going to buy something for myself, but when I come back, I’m full of children’s clothes. I also bought a bunch of underwear and socks for my husband. Originally, I had no objection to this kind of ascetic life, but when I saw my husband lavishing money on himself, I became a little angry. I wouldn’t buy jeans unless it was Lee (I think this brand is too expensive). I had to go to get a haircut. I went to a designated hairstylist in the city to get a haircut. It was so expensive to buy a watch that I dared not tell me the true price. So I am mentally unbalanced. I am frugal for the sake of this family. Why can you spend so much with peace of mind? He said that the money he gave you was just for you to spend. It’s not that he couldn’t support you, so why should you be so mean to yourself? But if you want to say that I\’m stingy, I won\’t admit it. The drawing boards and brushes I bought for myself were made of the best materials. I also bought books one after another, and I also searched for genuine CDs to listen to. I like to decorate my home, so I don’t miss a complete set of cheap photo walls. I have to buy high-quality photo frames one by one, and then buy various accessories to put them together. Therefore, not buying new clothes or new bags is actually not for others, but because you have a strong balance in your heart, and you have to weigh what is light and what is important. Isn\’t it too strong to use the word \”sacrifice\”? My best friend is a mother of two children. Her parents-in-law died young. After giving birth to her first child, she quit her job and stayed at home to take care of her children. When she was in kindergarten, her second child came. She can\’t stand stay-at-home momsOn that day, I tried to apply for a job in the community committee. After various written tests and interviews, I was finally hired. The salary was less than 2,000 per month, and the job was easy and right at my doorstep. After working for two days, she felt that this kind of job for elderly people who read newspapers and chatted all day long was not suitable and the salary was low, so she asked her husband if he wanted to go. Her husband said of course he should go. Finally, a job is available for you. Who do you have to be picky? Do you still want to stay at home like a fool? His best friend asked him who would take care of his dick? Her husband said easily, just send it back to your hometown and let your parents take care of it. Before having children, my best friend was a purchasing manager. She thought that by giving up her job and cooking for him and raising his baby at home for a few years, she would at least be rewarded with a thank you for her hard work. But I didn\’t expect that she would be such an existence in the eyes of her husband, and he didn\’t care at all that she was with her child day and night. After all, the child is his own, and even if no one admits his efforts over the years, he is still willing to do so. The word \”sacrifice\” seems great, but in fact it is heavy. It is heavy on one\’s own heart and heavy on the shoulders of others. In comparison, \”selfishness\” seems cute. I am a housewife because I enjoy it, rather than sacrificing myself for my children; I don’t buy bags because I am not that interested in these things. I prefer to decorate the home and see my children beautiful and you beautiful. As for the consequences, let us act like mature adults and bear them ourselves. You can learn from my sister on this. She just likes teaching and doesn\’t like doing housework, so she just insists on taking classes to make money and does nothing else. Her brother-in-law\’s salary is low and his job is free. My brother-in-law said that he liked his sister\’s fierceness, and my sister said that she loved her brother-in-law\’s innocence and peaceful attitude that had not changed over the years. Men and women match each other, love each other, and work is not tiring. Equality and a balanced mentality are indispensable. \”Tu Mi\” said, \”Others may not appreciate your sacrifice. The most disgusting thing is that the recipients will not appreciate you and will still despise you.\” \”Either two people sacrifice together. This is not called a sacrifice, but it can be called a sacrifice.\” Let’s work together for the future.” Sometimes, we should not frame ourselves with blinding words such as motherhood, sacrifice, and greatness. Women should be more selfish and do good to everyone. ps: It seems that the two of them are not divorced, they are just at odds with each other. Personally, they feel that they are inseparable. What do you think?


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