The empress has two children and is pregnant with three children! ? Because she does it every night

The empress’s Weibo Every time during the solar term, the empress will post a Weibo to remind everyone to soak their feet in warm water. Even her husband Deng Chao would ask the empress: In addition to foot baths, is there anything fresh? Why is the empress so keen on foot baths? There is a saying: \”Rich people take tonics, while poor people soak their feet.\” It can be seen that foot soaking has many benefits to the human body. Especially for women, regular foot soaking is more beneficial to pregnancy preparation, especially those who have uterine cold and are preparing for pregnancy. Benefits of Foot Soaking Hot water foot soaking is one of the contents of traditional Chinese medicine foot therapy and is also a commonly used external treatment method. Soak your feet in hot water to relieve fatigue and help you sleep. At the same time, it can improve local blood circulation, drive away cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care. 1. Women who are far away from uterine cold can insist on soaking their feet in hot water every night, which can not only activate blood vessels, maintain health and eliminate diseases, but also drive away the cold air in the uterus. When soaking, you can use the Laogong point of both hands to press the Yongquan point on the soles of the feet, and use the heart-kidney intersection method to drive away cold and stay away from palace cold. 2. It is beneficial to pregnancy. If female friends want to increase their chances of pregnancy, they can start by removing coldness from the body and recuperating their physique. According to the theory of \”correspondence between nature and man\” in traditional Chinese medicine, summer is the time when the human body\’s yang energy is strongest. Soaking your feet in warm water at this time can stimulate the meridians, invigorate the body\’s internal organs, remove heat and dampness, eliminate coldness from the root of the body, and promote summer. Increase appetite and promote sleep. For women with cold uterus, no matter the season, soaking their feet in hot water for half an hour every night will have a long-term effect of dispelling cold. Are you suitable for foot baths? When preparing for pregnancy, not all women can choose to soak their feet to help conceive. There are also some women who are not suitable for foot baths. 1. Renal failure, heart failure, renal failure, heart failure and other critically ill patients, because their condition is very unstable, the stimulation of the foot reflex zone may cause a strong reaction and complicate the condition, so these people should not soak their feet. 2. Diabetic patients. Generally, diabetic patients have fragile skin, insensitive feet, and cannot respond well to water temperature. Therefore, it is easy to get burned when soaking feet in hot water. Once burned, it is not easy to heal and can easily lead to foot infection. . 3. Patients with bleeding disorders. People suffering from various severe bleeding disorders, such as hemoptysis, vomiting, blood in the stool, cerebral hemorrhage, stomach bleeding, uterine bleeding and other visceral bleeding, etc., should not soak their feet. Such people may suffer from foot massage during foot massage. Can cause bleeding within local tissues. 4. Patients with tinea pedis and athlete\’s foot are a fungal infection, and heat cannot relieve itching; in addition, hot water dilates the capillaries in the feet, making it easier to cause infection. Precautions for foot soaking Foot soaking can relieve fatigue. Foot soaking before going to bed has a soothing effect. It is a good way to maintain health. However, more attention should be paid to the method and method, and cannot be generalized. 1. It is not advisable to soak feet with traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy. Women who are preparing for pregnancy, regardless of whether they have uterine cold, can add some mugwort when soaking their feet, which can help the body activate blood circulation, warm the uterus, and enhance resistance. But if you are pregnant, be sure not to use mugwort or other traditional Chinese medicine additives to soak your feet to avoid threatened miscarriage! 2. Foot soaking time and water temperature should not be too high. The optimal water temperature is 40℃~50℃, which should be hot but not scalding. Soak your feet at 9pm to replenish your kidneysThe best time to inhale Qi should be between 20-30 minutes. Generally, it is appropriate to soak until the body is hot and the head is slightly sweating. 3. The amount of water required for foot soaking is essential. It is best to soak the water all the way to the calf, because the Zusanli acupoint is on the calf. Some people only soak the ankles. For example, Sanyinjiao also soaks above the ankles. I feel that many important acupuncture points will be missed. 4. Do not soak your feet immediately after a meal. After a meal, most of the blood in the body flows to the digestive tract. If you soak your feet in hot water immediately after a meal, the blood that should have flowed to the digestive system will flow to the lower limbs instead, which will affect digestion and absorption over time. Lead to nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it is best to soak your feet half an hour after a meal. There are many ways to prepare for healthy pregnancy. This is the simplest one. If you do a good job in this aspect, you can get pregnant quickly and get twice the result with half the effort.


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