What should mothers eat and how can they regain milk quickly after weaning? The best way is this

Question 1: Hello doctor, I am weaning my child. Is there any medicine that can restore breastfeeding? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: You can take vitamin B6 orally, 20 tablets 3 times a day on the first day, 10 tablets 3 times a day on the 2nd day, 5 tablets 2 times a day on the third day, and drink more malt water at the same time. . This method can restore milk production, but the effect varies from person to person, and taking large doses may cause side effects such as headache, nausea, and irritability. What is more recommended now is natural weaning, that is, gradual weaning. For example, changing from feeding breast milk 6 times a day to 5 times a day. When the baby and mother have adapted, then change it to 4 times a day. Gradually reduce until weaning off breast milk completely. . This method causes the least harm to both the baby and the mother, and is not very painful. The baby doesn\’t have to cry to death, and the mother doesn\’t have to hold it in either. Question 2: My 33-day-old baby has abdominal bloating. He twisted his body and cried for the past two nights. Even though he was fed probiotics, his belly is still bulging and he spits out milk and coughs. What should I do? Dr. Wang Yanli’s answer: Try to burp after each feeding, and massage the abdomen clockwise every day. However, do not massage the abdomen when you are just full, as this may cause vomiting. Sleeping on your stomach can reduce intestinal gas accumulation, but adult supervision is required to prevent the mouth and nose from being blocked and affecting breathing. Taking probiotics can regulate the function of the digestive tract. Apply the compound clove appetizing patch on the navel area to promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce abdominal distension and relieve abdominal pain. Question 3: My child is 3 years old and 4 months old. His cough is always bad and he has thick phlegm. I have been coughing for half a month, sometimes it is milder, and I have also coughed in the past two nights. She is always like this. She coughs for a long time. I don’t know if it can be nebulized. She coughed last time and then nebulized it. Then she coughed again not long after. This child has been hospitalized three times due to bronchopneumonia since he was born. Is there any way to regulate his body or any tests? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: If you have thick phlegm, you can take cefixime and albuterol sulfate tablets to treat lung cough. It can be nebulized, and budesonide can be used for nebulization. When you have time, take your children to have their blood tests checked to see if they are anemic, and to check their vitamin A levels to see if they are normal.


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