10 sentences about parenting experience from a parent with 6 children, 5 of whom have PhDs.

A few days ago, I heard a friend tell an interesting story about raising a baby. She has two children, the eldest is 5 years old and the second is 3 years old. Both children didn\’t want to wash up at the same time, and neither one wanted to take a shower first. She announced to her two children: I will only tell you about a bedtime picture book today. Whoever goes to take a bath first will be qualified to choose the book. Both children were raised to be book fans by her, so after Dabao listened, he immediately jumped up from the bed and began to take off his clothes on the spot. Seeing that Erbao was about to lose, he immediately ran to the bathroom, taking off his pants as he ran. Her husband was shocked when he witnessed the whole process, while she joked on the sidelines: As long as indicators and qualifications are involved, humans are keen on competition. Although my friend\’s words were ridiculing, upon closer inspection, they are indeed \”golden words\” for improving children\’s internal drive. Many families around me will often urge them repeatedly when their children do not cooperate. If the urging fails, they may start yelling at their children. But yelling, scolding, and high pressure often have temporary effects, and children tend to become more rebellious later on. Only if children are willing to take the initiative to do it, will they have lasting motivation. In fact, we have talked about internal drive before, but many mothers still feel that they are not very good at operating it. Today we will combine some more examples to tell you in detail how to make children more motivated. If you want to cultivate children\’s inner drive, you must make them confident. I especially agree with the psychologist Freud\’s point of view: People who are infinitely loved by their mothers will maintain the feeling of a conqueror throughout their lives, that is, they will maintain their desire for success. Confidence often leads to success in reality. If we want our children to remain curious about the world and have a heartfelt desire to learn new knowledge, we must let them believe in themselves. This is the prerequisite for them to be able to drive themselves. I once introduced a father, Cai Xiaowan, who has six children, five of whom are PhDs and one has a master\’s degree. Each of his children has achieved good results in their respective fields. He said that when he summarized his educational experience, he mentioned 10 ways to cultivate children\’s self-confidence: 1. Respect children. In his family, the children\’s opinions will be listened to on anything related to the children. Even if he and his wife think it is incorrect, they will give sincere suggestions and never deny them harshly. 2. Let your children lead the way. Every time you go out, whether it is to visit relatives and friends or travel, always let your children go in front and lead the way for their parents. 3. Unless you are assigned a seat, always sit in the front seat. 4. Always argue with your children consciously. Stand on the wrong side, let your child win the argument, and then praise and encourage him in a timely manner. You must not let your children lose all the time, and you must not embarrass your children by using the big one to suppress the small ones in daily life arguments. 5. Practice speaking in public and develop children’s ability to debate in public. 6. Always practice looking at others, looking at them with strong eyes, and smiling. 7. Maintain a good walking posture, hold your head high, look into the distance, and often speed up your walking speed consciously. 8. Often use hints to make children believe that they are a special person and will be successful in the future. This can enable children to always maintain a good sense of themselves and have stricter requirements for themselves, which is very important for training.Confidence in raising children does play a very important role. 9. Even if you encounter a major failure, such as failing the college entrance examination, you cannot treat your child with harsh lessons or punishment. On the contrary, special care and comfort should be given, and hints should be used to make the children believe that there is always a way out, and stories of a blessing in disguise should be used to enlighten the children, so that the children believe that sometimes bad things can turn into good things… 10. Try to find out where the child is advantages and give positive encouragement. These 10 items are not only practical methods to cultivate children\’s self-confidence, but also a good reference for cultivating children\’s internal drive. Parents\’ suppression and scolding will only make children feel bad about themselves, and it is easy to develop the mentality that I am a fool and I am hopeless. Only when we give our children respect, confidence, and encouragement will they have endless strength in their hearts. When he faces setbacks and difficulties, he can also find ways to overcome them. What should I do if my children don’t take the initiative to learn? How to make children fall in love with learning. Efficient accompanying reading class completed mp3. Only a confident child will become a child with internal drive. If you want to cultivate your children\’s inner drive, you also need to make things attractive. Recently, crosstalk actor Yu Qian talked about his son\’s education on a show. He said that when his son was young, if he did something well, he would praise the child: Ouch, you did a great job at this. I will definitely send you to kindergarten in the future… As a result, when he actually sent your child to kindergarten, the child was very happy, and it took more than half a year to understand. The guest next to me, Xie Nan, was amused and laughed: The child must be very proud and thinks that I am great, so I can go to kindergarten. He also lamented: The deepest path children go through is the routine of their parents. When I watched this episode, I especially hoped that more parents could watch it. Because Yu Qian\’s approach actually makes the children full of expectations for kindergarten, and the children regard being able to go to kindergarten as a reward. Therefore, he will be very active in going to school, and the probability of developing anxiety about entering kindergarten will be much smaller. In life, I often hear many parents and elderly people say to their children: You are only happy in the past few years, but when you go to school, you will not be so free. (Let the children feel that going to elementary school is a particularly hard job.) Where are you now? When you enter elementary school, you will be tired. (Let the child feel that learning will become more and more painful.) If you can\’t do such a simple question, if you make a mistake in the exam, I\’ll take care of you. (Making children afraid of exams and doing questions) Children’s views on many things come from their parents. Parents first give their children such a bad feeling, and the child\’s inner driving force is greatly weakened. If we want children to stick to something, the best thing to do is to make it interesting and attractive, and turn it into something worth looking forward to. For example, if we find that our child has a talent for dancing and want to cultivate it, we can first take the child to watch some musicals or watch children\’s dance videos at home. When your child becomes interested and expresses his/her desire to learn, you can then mention your concerns to your child: \”Learning dance requires practicing every day. I don\’t know if you can persist…\” and other concerns. Until the child clearly expresses that he likes dancing and can persist, then give the child the opportunity to learn dance. In this way, the child will cherish it more and have inner drive.The force will also be stronger. Complete collection of Wang Jinzhan’s video lectures: How to make children fall in love with learning? If you want to cultivate children\’s internal drive, you need to give them timely feedback. We often see parents forcing their children to study, but it is rare for parents to force their children to play games. Because almost every child is full of internal drive to play games, and they become addicted without any urging at all. I once read a series of articles by Liu Mengfei, a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University and a game research scholar. She said that we humans like clear and immediate feedback, which is written in our genes. The reason why games attract children is that, in addition to satisfying their fun of exploration and their social and leisure needs, another very important reason is that its feedback is particularly timely. \”In the game, every time you kill a monster, you will get 100 experience points very clearly, and you will never fail. Every achievement you make will be recorded in the badge system, ranking system and score system. You can know it at any time We will do our best to optimize these feedbacks as we progress through our current games.\” This is the reason why children like games, and conversely, it is also something that we need to invest a lot of energy in cultivating children\’s inner drive. In fact, no matter whether the child is doing well or badly, you can communicate with the child in a timely manner. If the child does well, you can praise it positively; if the child does poorly, you can give non-aggressive and pertinent suggestions (for example, the solution to this problem is good, it would be better if the steps are written more clearly). If a child\’s efforts can be seen and his progress affirmed, he will be more motivated to do things well. This is a virtuous cycle. However, many families tend to pay more attention to their children\’s mistakes: if a child writes a wrong question, they will point out the mistake immediately; if a word is crooked, the child will immediately ask the child to erase and rewrite it. However, children\’s progress lags behind, and many parents even deliberately do not give feedback to their children to prevent them from being proud or complacent. In fact, this is very detrimental to cultivating children\’s internal drive. If everyone can give more responses to the children and let them feel the attention, I believe the children will do better. Image source: The movie \”School of Rock\” I often feel that children who lack internal drive are like cars without gas. Every step needs to be pushed forward by their parents. In the end, both parties must be very tired. But we parents must not just shout \”come on\” to our children, but we must help our children fill up the tank. How to cheer up your children? In fact, it’s very simple. It’s what we said: What should I do if my child doesn’t like to study? What to do if your child is tired of studying PDF download [35M HD version] Protect your child’s inner curiosity; let your child have confidence in themselves; and give your child more timely and effective feedback. These methods don\’t cost a penny, but they can give children a steady stream of motivation to make progress every day.

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