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100% accurate test of ten Jianghu experiences for boys and girls

Is there anyone out there who is like me? Although it is their first child, they are still very curious about the gender of the baby, but insist not to do a test, just to give themselves a surprise when the baby is born. But I still can’t help but guess the gender of the baby. Today, Doudehui has compiled ten methods used in the world to guess the gender of the baby. Mothers agree that the last one is the most effective. During my pregnancy, I used and now compiled these methods to determine the gender of my baby. This process immediately made me feel that human wisdom is really infinite. I will share these ten methods below. The first one is to look at the gestational sac. It must be after the B-ultrasound is taken that the gestational sac can be seen. Before, the gestational sac was not visible at all. A flat gestational sac usually means a boy baby, and a round gestational sac means a girl baby. This is quite accurate for me. The second is to look at the condition of the expectant mother. If the mother becomes more beautiful, then the daughter she is carrying will become uglier than before. If it is a boy, the pregnant mother will become uglier. This is also accurate for me. The third thing is the taste, sour and spicy, no need to explain this. The fourth one is Qing Gong Biao. Many old people should know this! One of my former leaders was convinced of this, so his family always planned on getting pregnant at any time, just to give birth to a son, and the result was really a son. For me, it’s not quite accurate! The fifth step is to look at the pregnant belly. The pointy belly is a son, and the round belly is a daughter. 40-week pregnancy manual download [PDF+TXT version] The sixth step is to look at the fetal movement. The one with fetal movement on the left is a son, the one with fetal movement in the middle of the navel is a daughter, the one with frequent and large fetal movement is a son, and the one who does not like to move is a son. daughter. The seventh is to look at the fetal heart rate. If it is greater than 140, it is a daughter, and if it is less than 140, it is a son. If you look carefully, the sixth and seventh ones are actually contradictory. Just like when people exercise, the more they move, the faster their heart rate will be, and the less they move, the slower their heart rate will be. In addition, the fetal heart rate is also related to the mother\’s heart rate. The eighth is to look at the position of the fetus. Generally speaking, if the fetus is facing away from the mother, it means it is face to face with the mother. If it is a son, it is facing away from the mother and facing inward. The ninth is to use alcohol to test urine in the morning when you have not eaten. If you drop the pregnant woman\’s urine into the medical alcohol, if the color does not change, you are pregnant with a daughter. If there is a change, you are pregnant with a son. The tenth one is the most accurate for me, which is the fetal dream. During my pregnancy, I forgot the exact month, but one day I had a dream about a chubby little girl calling me mommy. It was very real, but I couldn’t see her face clearly. I really gave birth to a fat girl. But some people say that if you dream about ferocious animals such as eggplants, cucumbers, snakes, and plants that are not too gentle, you will have a son. If you dream about flowers, kittens, and rabbits, such little ones, The animals and plants that girls prefer are those that give birth to daughters. The above ten points are all \”jianghu experiences.\” Since they are called \”jianghu experiences,\” they are just a matter of adjusting your life and should not be taken seriously. Regardless of whether you have a child or a daughter, as long as you are healthy and safe, it is the best.

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