12-year-old girl runs away from home: Things more important than promises

I saw a piece of news on Weibo: A father in Wenling promised his 12-year-old daughter Xiaoyan that as long as she scored 90 points or above in the final exam, he would take her to see the sea. The daughter worked hard and met all the standards, but was dismissed by her parents with one sentence: \”It\’s such a cold day, why look at the sea!\” The more the child thought about it, the more aggrieved she became, and finally she chose to run away from home. After the police found her, Xiaoyan cried loudly, \”My father is too hypocritical. He can\’t do what he promised me…\” Finally, with the mediation of the police, Xiaoyan\’s father promised her that he would take her to see the sea when the weather gets warmer. ! I especially understand the children who run away from home in the news. When a person is full of expectations and strives to achieve his goals, he feels that all his hopes are in vain. It may seem like a small thing, but it actually has a great impact on the child\’s psychology. On the surface, it seems to be a true story about children taking the promises casually given by their parents seriously. In fact, the parents are not aware of their influence on their children, and they also ignore the extent to which their children trust their parents\’ words and deeds. What the parents didn\’t understand was that there were many more important things in this matter than promises. Believe in your promises and be an optimistic person. There is a saying in \”Wai Chu Shuo Shang Zuo\” by Han Feizi, \”If a mother deceives her son, and the son does not believe in his mother, that is not why he has become a religion.\” It means that if parents deceive their children, slowly the children will begin to If you don’t trust your parents, it will be difficult for your children to trust others over time. At the same time, tell your parents and teachers that you must be cautious in your words and deeds. Even if you are penniless, you must still make a promise, and teach your children not to break their trust with others. Because people have faith, they have a foundation. Classmate He Jian\’s parents own a canteen and are usually too busy to take care of him, but he is very talented and his grades have always been above average. When he was in the fourth grade, his father bought a house in the town. He was very happy that day and said to He Jian, if you get double 100 in the exam at the end of the semester, I will buy you a Walkman as a reward. In those days, Walkmans were still a rare commodity, and a machine cost three to four hundred dollars. He Jian had been looking forward to it for a long time. He secretly made up his mind to get up early and stay up late at night to read and do questions. Thinking of that Walkman made him wake up from his dreams. At the end of the semester, he actually scored 100 points on two exams. On the day when the results came out, he was moving to a new house and relatives and friends came to have a wedding banquet. He Jian took the report card to his father and asked for his Walkman. His father was busy entertaining guests and said he had no time. He Jian chased after his father and said, \”Give me the money and I will ask my uncle in the city to buy it for me.\” His father asked how much it cost and was informed that it was more than 300 yuan. He said on the spot that it was not that much money. He Jian was anxious and insisted on giving it to him. As a result, his father got angry on the spot and slapped him. He Jian was stunned by the beating. He was so angry that he was unable to retort. He put away the transcript and walked away silently. From then on, He Jian\’s grades plummeted. The teacher asked him to talk to him, and he asked the teacher, \”Can what he said be counted?\” The teacher said, of course not. He Jian said, I thought it could be ignored, whether it was my dad or me who said we should study hard. It turned out that the slap had been like a thorn in his chest. A broken promise may not seem like a big deal, but little do we know that a casual word from us can weigh heavily on a child’s heart. Every false and unfulfilled promise will make the child more disappointed with the world, and the child will gradually no longer trust anything or anyone. I don’t have any expectations for good things, which is a terrible thing. Teach children to believe that there is still beauty to be expected in this world, that every promise is solemn and sacred, and that every wish is for the future.look forward to. In the end, we will see what we believe. Know how to work hard and be a positive person. Although you study hard and don’t see the ocean, you gain things beyond the ocean, such as 90 points, top rankings, teacher’s affirmation, and maybe more, just you. Not found. Please believe that if a person wants to change his life and destiny, there is only one magic weapon, and that is hard work, regardless of birth or talent. There was a young man who graduated from junior high school at the age of 14 and met the requirement that only one member of a poor and lower-middle peasant family could attend high school. At that time, his sister was already in high school, so he had no choice but to go home and work as a farmer. At that time, he planned to be an out-and-out farmer for the rest of his life. After the policy changed, the junior high school teacher remembered that this child had always loved to study and had excellent grades, scoring more than 90 points every time, so he applied for an exception to send him back to high school. In rural middle schools, almost no one thinks about going to college. The teacher said to them: I know that none of you guys here can be admitted to college, and you will definitely be farmers in the future, but I want to ask each of you to work hard to take the exam. why? Because when you work in the rural fields in the future or look up at the blue sky with a hoe and lament your fate, you will remember that you once worked hard for your own destiny. Because of this sentence, the young man felt that he wanted to enter college. Of course I had good wishes. I only scored 33 points on the first English test. At that time, the English requirement for junior college admission was 40 points. He thought that if he worked hard for another year, he would be able to get 7 points more. The next year, he worked during the day and read under a kerosene lamp at night. He scored 55 points in the English test, but the score for the normal college test was improved to 60 points. He did not give up and felt that he would definitely be able to do it. He agreed with his mother to take the exam for one more year, and this year he would not do farm work and concentrate on studying. This year, he was admitted to Peking University. Before that, he had never thought about the words \”Peking University\”. This person is Yu Minhong, who comes from a very ordinary family and is a successful entrepreneur with no background. Everyone has a dream, whether it is big or small, far or near, if you don’t work hard, it will be nothing. Effort is a race against yourself, a boring and determined process. As a parent, you should encourage your children rather than discourage them. Whether it is our promise or the child\’s little prayer, it is the motivation and goal for her efforts, and it is also all the hope that she can see in front of her eyes. Tell your children that every dream you have is worth fighting for, whether you want to see the ocean or the Northern Lights. Life is short, and you may fail, but what is failure compared to the regret of not working hard? Eventually, you will definitely see the results you want. Explore the world and be a broad-minded person. Some netizens said, if I were the parent of this girl who ran away from home, I would be grateful to my child and thank her for giving me the opportunity to put down the work and worries around me and go to the beach for occasional relaxation, not to mention the incident. The land is very close to the sea. I very much agree with what this netizen said, because this is a process of accompanying children to explore and understand new things. When the child reaches the requirements through hard work, thank the child and thank her for giving us the opportunity to complete the \”commitment\”, \”trust\” and \”effort\” with the child. When I took my daughter on a trip when she was one year old, my friends always told me that the child could not remember it at such a young age.live. Seeing the world is not about writing an essay or remembering the scenery and telling it to others. No matter how old they are, their curiosity will not change. They want to know all the flowers in the world and make friends with all the little animals. They will not be satisfied with learning about the world from books or your stories, they want to see it with their own eyes. This wonderful and beautiful world. Michio Hoshino said in \”The Long Journey\” that the scenery we saw as a child will always remain in our mind. When we face the fork in life as adults, what gives us encouragement and courage may not be what someone said. , but the scenery I have seen before. People often say that I have no money or I have no time. Not all attractions require tickets, and it’s not that we don’t have time, we just don’t want to give it to our children. Most of it is used in places that parents think are more meaningful. There is a classic line in the movie \”Cinema Paradiso\”, \”If you don\’t go out for a walk, you will think this is the whole world.\” We always tend to ignore or fail to see clearly the meaning of exploring new worlds, and the knowledge that children gain during the journey And the meaning is truly irreplaceable. The establishment of more diverse values. Different countries, different ethnic groups, and different customs can help children eliminate their own cognitive shortcomings and narrowness. The establishment of a broader worldview. Different regions, different beliefs, different distances, only by seeing with your own eyes and hearing with your own ears can you understand that the things we are accustomed to are not as they should be. Therefore, only when we take our children on the road and sit in the car, will we truly understand that education and knowledge are never-ending. I am a gardening enthusiast and often feel that raising children is like raising a green plant. Growth is a process of constant self-shaping and pruning with the help of external forces. When they are young, the big tree of their parents can protect their children from wind and rain, so that the little tree is less exposed to wind, frost, rain and snow; as they grow older, their parents give them careful care while also knowing how to withdraw slowly, so that the little tree can be exposed to direct sunlight and grow. Strong and strong. In the process of growth and shaping, parents should take the initiative like gardeners to pull, prune and build structures for the new branches. If you pull the branches upward, it will grow taller; if you pull the branches to both sides, it will grow wider; if you use a frame to prune and shape it, it will become unique and unique. As parents, if you give your children enough soil and space and then guide them scientifically, even if they don\’t grow into a pillar of strength, they will definitely grow strong and tall. Tell your children, work hard, do what you want to do, become the person you want to be, and ultimately create a beautiful landscape with infinite possibilities.

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