2023 A complete collection of boy names with allusions to Chu Ci, collection

\”Chu Ci\” is a new poetic style that emerged in the Chu region of southern my country in ancient China. \”Chu Ci\” has strong local color and the characteristics of the changes of the times. The Songs of Chu have a profound impact on our country\’s cultural tradition, especially in literature. It created the poetry of our country\’s romantic literature. As the old saying goes, \”Chu Ci for men, Book of Songs for women, Analects of Confucius, and Book of Changes by Wu.\” Today we will use \”Chu Ci\” to name the boy. Naming a child is also a big deal. It sounds nice and has profound meaning, and represents the parents\’ expectations for their children. . 364 collections of Chinese children\’s idiom stories, collected for children Qingyun – from \”Nine Songs: Dongjun\” \”Qingyun is dressed in white neon clothes, holding up a long arrow to shoot at the wolf\”. The original meaning of Qingyun refers to blue clouds, which is a metaphor for high-ranking officials showing their nobility and rising to the top. In this poem, it means blue clouds. The boy\’s name \”Qingyun\” means rising through the ranks, having ambitions and lofty ideals. Jiayue – from. \”Jiuhuai·Wei Jun\”: \”Tao Jiayue is here to drive, and Yuying is here to study by himself.\” The original meaning of Jia Yue is a beautiful month, mostly referring to the spring moon. In this poem, it refers to a beautiful month. The name \”Jiayue\” means beauty, harmony, happiness, joy and health. The wind is coming – from \”Nine Songs·Shao Siming\” \”I was swimming in the Jiuhe River with my daughter, and the wind was coming and the water was making waves.\” Definition: I wanted to swim with you in the Milky Way, but a storm came and caused waves. The boy was named \”Fengzhi\”, which means that the wind is strong and soaring in the wind. Junyan – from \”Nine Thoughts·Suffering Time\” \”Looking at the past and Junyan\”. Junyan here means an outstanding person, a talented person. The name \”Junyan\” means outstanding, knowledgeable, and superior. The word \”Yan\” is used in a boy\’s name to indicate that the boy is talented and capable. Those words in Chinese classical literature often appear in Chinese names. Poetry is the crystallization of Chinese culture. If you refer to it more, you can give a boy a classy name.

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