3 things can give your children immediate happiness. How many can you do?

Compared with adults, the world of children is simple and pure, and they have a stronger perception of happiness. Often small things can make them feel satisfied and happy. For example, a few lollipops and a box of fireworks bought by parents can make them dance with joy and keep them in a state of joy all day long. In life, parents spending more time with their children to do these three things can improve their children\’s happiness. When you have free time, take action with your children. Play and interact with your children \”Dad, play games with me\” \”I\’m not free, you can play by yourself\” \”Okay, but you haven\’t played with me for a long time\” We may ask ourselves how long it has been since we last played with our children Already? In fact, for children, the happiness of having their parents play with them far exceeds the fun brought by the game itself. It seems like they are playing a game, but what they convey is care and love. CCTV recommended over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. The children watched the pattern and became addicted to self-discipline. The company of their parents is a kind of care, a kind of attention, and a kind of attention for the children. This will radiate a sense of happiness and pride in your child from the inside out. Because children who are accompanied by their parents are more confident! So, no matter how busy you are, please take time to play with your children. Parents playing with them is the source of happiness for children. A radio program surveyed some adults and asked them what their happiest memory was as children. Surprisingly, what most people remember most are the trivial things in their daily lives. \”Family eating together\” ranks first! Over the past few decades, study after study has shown that something as simple as a parent sitting down to eat with their children can improve the physical and mental health of all family members. Children who eat with their parents eat more regularly and are healthier. Children who eat with their families eat more fruits and vegetables, less fast food and sugary drinks, and have much lower rates of obesity and eating disorders. Children who have their parents accompany them to meals are more confident and mentally healthier. In the atmosphere of eating together, it is easier for parents to understand their children\’s recent study and life and guide their children to think about problems; children will also be more willing to talk to their parents about the troubles and confusions of adolescence, and receive encouragement and security from their parents. The family often eats together, which is an ordinary and simple thing. But the more common things are, the more pure happiness they can bring to children. Because the steaming meals and talking and laughing words all convey a message: we are a close family, and we enjoy the sweetness and happiness of life together! Even if a family has a lot of money, a daily eclipse can only provide them with three meals. Busy parents, please put down your endless work, stop in your hurry, and have a good meal with your children. It may seem like a few simple home-cooked dishes, but it can make children feel the warmth and warmth of a home! Reading and studying with my children I once read a passage in a book: \”You may have endless pocket money, endless toys to play with, and endless skirts to wear, but you will never be as rich as me, because, I Having a mother who reads to me.\” For children, the greatest learningThere is nothing more powerful than parents accompanying their children to read and learn! Parents accompany their children to read and learn, teaching by words and deeds. We often say that the best education is from parents leading by example. Many Aishan store managers do this very well. They will read and study while their children are doing homework. Parents reading and learning with their children can enhance the parent-child relationship. In the process of reading together, parents and children will interact more frequently, for example, exchanging their thoughts and opinions on certain cases in the book. Parents accompany their children to read and learn, which can help them fall in love with reading. A mother who has been reading with her children for 8 years said: \”If parents love reading, love buying books, and love reading with their children, the children will embark on the road of reading and develop the habit of reading, so that they will be rich and energetic.\” For children, the highest quality companionship is when parents calm down and read and study with them. When you play with your children, you play games and convey the parents\’ care; when you eat with your children, you eat three meals, which is full of family warmth; when you read with your children, you read books, which heal the children\’s souls! The seemingly ordinary things in life may be happiness to children. Therefore, please leave some time for your child. Your child only has one childhood. Companion is to give your child the greatest happiness, that\’s all.

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