4 key points of breast care for new mothers during lactation

When a mother feeds her baby with her own milk, it itself has a health-care effect on the mother\’s breasts. Some women suffer from mammary gland nodules and nipple dysplasia (such as short nipples, poor nipple elasticity, etc.) before pregnancy. Breastfeeding for a longer period of time is not only good for the baby, but also for the mother herself. There are also many young mothers who worry that breastfeeding will make their breasts look ugly, so they want to feed their children well while protecting their breasts. What should I do if my milk volume is low after childbirth? Breast care methods during lactation in this premium course from a lactation specialist training institution 1. Before breastfeeding: Knead your breasts or apply a hot towel to your breasts, which will help stimulate milk excretion and prevent the baby from sucking for a long time; do not use soap or soap before breastfeeding. Use alcohol and other irritating substances to rub your nipples to prevent them from being damaged. 2. When breastfeeding: Be sure to put most of the nipple and areola into the baby\’s mouth. This way, sucking will have less impact on the mother\’s breasts and the baby will be able to eat quickly. 3. Before the end of breastfeeding: Use your index finger to gently press the child\’s chin and let the child spit out the nipple naturally. Do not pull the nipple hard. Repeated hard pulling can cause damage to the nipple or breast. 4. After breastfeeding: You can smear a little of your own milk on your nipples. Since human milk is rich in protein, it can protect your nipples. Breast care precautions 1. Excessive sucking of the diseased breast: If there are breast nodules on one breast, the child should be allowed to suck on the diseased breast more often. This can promote the improvement of the breast disease. 2. Express milk correctly: Learn the correct way to express milk to avoid causing damage to the breasts. 3. Regarding bras: During breastfeeding, mothers should wear suitable cotton bras to hold up the breasts to improve blood circulation in the breasts and reduce breast sagging. 4. Breast exercise: During breastfeeding, it is best for mothers to bathe their breasts with warm water 1-2 times a day; insist on doing chest muscle exercises every day, such as push-ups, chest expansion, etc., which can strengthen the strength of the chest muscles and thereby enhance breast function. of support. Tips on cleaning your breasts: Use less soap to scrub your breasts, and warm water is appropriate! Cleansing substances such as soaps will wash away the keratinized cells on the skin surface through mechanical and chemical effects, promoting cell division and proliferation. If these keratinized layers are not removed regularly, the protective layer on the skin surface will be damaged and the epidermal cells will swell. This swelling is caused by excessive dryness of the breast and cell shedding. Excessive use of soap and other cleaning substances can alkalinize the local breast skin, and it will take a certain amount of time for the local breast skin to be re-covered with a protective layer and restore its acidic environment. While soap continuously alkalizes the skin surface, it also promotes the growth of alkaline flora on the skin, making it difficult to acidify local breasts. In addition, washing with soap also removes the substance that protects the local skin lubrication of the breast – oil. Therefore, lactating women often use soap to scrub their breasts, which is not beneficial to breast health. On the contrary, it will also cause bacterial infection due to the reduced local defense ability of the breasts, making the nipples prone to dryness and cracking. Therefore, in order to fully maintain the hygiene of the breasts during lactation and ensure that your baby has enough breast milk, it is best to wash them with warm water and try not to use soap, let alone chemical irritants such as alcohol. if forcedIf soap and alcohol are needed for cleaning and disinfection, attention must be paid to rinsing with clean water as soon as possible.

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