5 specific manifestations of a baby’s high IQ. Which of them does your family get?

As a mother, Dingdang’s mother feels happy every time she goes out with her baby and hears someone praising her child for being beautiful, smart, and cute. Every mother hopes that her child will be excellent. How to know if her baby has a high IQ? Babies with these behaviors have higher IQs 1. Love to ask why. When your baby always pesters you to ask \”why\” or some strange questions, then congratulations, mom, your baby has keen observation and strong imagination. Curiosity shows that your baby has strong thinking ability. So mom, don’t be impatient, just find some answers and send your child away, or directly scold your child for this behavior. If you do this, you are killing a genius! 2. Babies with strong reading ability who love reading are generally smarter and have stronger reading ability. These babies become literate earlier and are more sensitive to words and graphics. Every time he sees a book, the baby will pick it up and read it. This type of baby needs to be focused on cultivating. The hobby of reading books is great and should be maintained. Parents should support and encourage this behavior of the baby and do not let the baby fall in love with mobile phones, TV, etc. in the later stage. 3. Excellent memory. If your child can quickly remember the names of animated characters, poems, children\’s songs, etc., and is very sensitive to numbers, and is good at remembering phone numbers, house numbers, license plates, etc., then this child is very smart, and this It is the most powerful smart advantage. Parents can take advantage of the situation to cultivate their children\’s specialties. Go, calligraphy and painting, etc. are all good choices, but only when they are of the right age! 4. Love to give orders. When children are at home, they like to act like a little adult, giving orders. Among a group of children, he is the kind of \”kid king\” who makes suggestions and leads other children to play. He is active in doing things and competing for performance. Such children have strong organizational and leadership skills. Parents should cooperate and guide them appropriately, rather than dampening their children\’s enthusiasm. 5. Love to throw things. For babies, love to throw things is also a behavior that symbolizes high IQ! When the baby is more than eight months old, the behavior of throwing things will become obvious, which really gives the family a headache. But in fact, when the baby throws things, it is to satisfy his curiosity about the world, and he is exploring the world. Mothers can prepare some small toys that are not broken and throw them to the baby to cultivate the baby\’s cognitive ability of the world. Notes on the development of babies with high IQ, including Dingdang’s mother, all want their babies to become smarter. Is there any way to make the baby\’s IQ higher and higher? 1. Insist on breastfeeding. Breast milk is the most suitable food for babies. It contains a special element called taurine, which can promote the development of the baby\’s brain and is more than 10 times higher than milk. The osmotic pressure of milk powder is high, and babies fed with milk powder for a long time will have an increased load on their kidneys and will be more likely to develop diabetes when they grow up. 2. Sleep is very important. Baby\’s sleep should have a fixed sleep time and pre-bedtime activities, which should be regular and should not be constantly changing. If the place and time of sleeping are changed, the baby will become irritable and anxious and will not be easy to calm down. If possible, it\’s best to have your baby sleep in the same place. 3. Exercise helps increase intelligenceIt can promote baby\’s development, help baby understand the external environment and establish self-body image. The baby can crawl at home and move its limbs appropriately. Older babies can be taken to do some stretching exercises at home or outdoors. When exercising, safety comes first and do not go to dangerous places. If you exercise at home, be careful to put away sharp objects and other things that may cause harm. When wearing it, it is better to be comfortable and breathable. 4. Eat brain-boosting foods. Diet is also a major source of energy for your baby. If you eat well, your baby will naturally be much smarter. Protein helps to increase the vitality of brain cells. Deep-sea fish, soy products, and eggs and milk contain high protein, which helps promote the development of the baby\’s brain and improve the baby\’s intelligence. In addition, zinc also contributes to the development of the baby\’s intelligence and is rich in animal liver, lean meat, nuts and other foods. 5. Eat a good breakfast. Breakfast is very important for the growth and development of your child. It can provide energy to your child and help improve your child\’s learning and cognitive abilities, so you must eat it. On the basis of eating, what you eat for breakfast is also very important. If you do it hastily, it will lead to memory loss. The best ingredients are cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and milk, and they should be mixed frequently to ensure balanced nutrition. 6. Let fathers have more contact with their children. Fathers are more creative than mothers. Spending more time with dad can help cultivate children\’s independence, spirit of exploration, creativity, etc. Therefore, fathers should play games with their children more often, or do housework together, instead of mothers taking care of their children all day long. Children can learn many good qualities from getting along with their fathers. Of course, the premise is that this father should set a good example ~ Text | Dingdang Mom

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