7 tips to get your baby to sleep quickly

As a new parent, coaxing your baby to sleep is a required course, and it is also a difficult course. Sometimes, even if the baby is very sleepy, he still doesn\’t want to fall asleep. At this time, we need some tricks to help the baby fall asleep quickly. Let’s introduce some tricks to quickly put your baby to sleep. Massage Massage is a very effective relaxation technique that can help your baby\’s body relax and promote sleep. The massage method is very simple. You can gently rub the baby\’s hands, feet, shoulders, chest and other parts with your hands. You can also use baby-specific massage oil to gently massage the baby\’s back and legs. Generally, after 15-20 minutes of massage, the baby will feel very relaxed and fall asleep easily. Moderate noise Moderate noise can help babies relax and promote sleep. These noises can be sounds from the natural environment, such as waves, birdsong, etc., or they can be white noise, soft music, etc. These sounds can help your baby relax and fall asleep. Using a Pacifier Pacifiers are a very common tool for putting babies to sleep, as they can help babies relax and fall asleep. However, you should also pay attention to moderation when using pacifiers, and do not let the baby develop dependence, otherwise it will affect the baby\’s oral development. Whispering softly is a very effective way to lull your baby to sleep, helping your baby relax and fall asleep. Parents can say nice words to the baby in a soft voice, such as \”Baby sleep well, mommy loves you\”, etc., which can make the baby feel warm and safe. Download the complete collection of BBC\’s original English video children\’s bedtime stories, the most complete and warm atmosphere in history. A warm atmosphere is also a very important way to coax a baby to sleep. In the room where your baby sleeps, you can use soft lighting, warm scents, etc. to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere to make your baby feel relaxed and comfortable. Proper position Proper position can also help your baby fall asleep quickly. Some babies prefer to sleep on their sides, and some babies prefer to sleep on their backs. Parents can choose the appropriate position according to the baby\’s habits to help the baby fall asleep. Regular sleep time Regular sleep time is also one of the important factors in helping babies fall asleep quickly. The baby\’s body needs a regular routine, which can help the baby establish good sleep habits and make it easier for the baby to fall asleep. In short, putting your baby to sleep is a job that requires skill and patience. Using the above tricks can help your baby fall asleep quickly, but you must pay attention to moderation, do not make your baby dependent, and pay attention to your baby\’s safety at the same time. Parents should patiently accompany their babies to grow and help them establish good sleeping habits step by step.

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