A 2-year-old child risked death if he applied Fengyoujing: You need to know some tips on how to use Fengyoujing to prevent mosquitoes in summer.

I was shocked when I saw the news! A 2-year-old child, Xiao Chen (pseudonym), fell into a coma because his mother applied Fengyoujing on him. He stopped breathing when he was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and his life was not in danger. In summer, the season when mosquitoes are rampant, once a child\’s tender skin is bitten by a mosquito, big pimples will often appear immediately. Mothers are particularly distressed at this time. What’s even more frightening is that mosquitoes may also spread bacteria, causing children to contract other diseases. Therefore, mothers often prepare mosquito repellent products for their children. Common ones include cooling oil, toilet water and essential oil. However, such items are extremely dangerous to children. Xiaochen\’s mother made such a mistake. Because the weather was getting hotter and hotter, Xiaochen\’s mother found that there were several mosquitoes in the house, often surrounding Xiaochen. She hurried to the supermarket and bought Fengyoujing. Every day before taking Xiao Chen out for a walk, or after Xiao Chen took a bath at night, she would apply Fengyou essence on Xiao Chen\’s face and body. Unexpectedly, three days after applying it, Xiao Chen\’s skin turned red and he fell into a coma. When he was rushed to the hospital, his breathing had stopped. Thanks to the doctor\’s timely rescue, Xiao Chen was out of danger. The doctor told Xiaochen\’s mother that children under 3 years old should not use items such as Fengyoujing. Because Fengyoujing and toilet water contain menthol and camphor, these two ingredients have an impact on the nervous system and may harm brain development in severe cases. They are not recommended for children under 3 years old. It is worth mentioning that improper use of toilet water may even lead to life-threatening danger. The 9-year-old brother accidentally ignited the toilet water on his sister\’s neck, causing the 7-year-old sister to be severely burned. Although the parents quickly put out the fire, the child was injured beyond recognition. Reports show that after more than 20 days of treatment, the doctor said that the child may never be able to lift his head and \”may become a bowed child.\” How heartbreaking! We know that toilet water should not be allowed into the mouth of children, but we have ignored the fact that toilet water contains a large amount of alcohol and can burn when exposed to an open flame. Experiments have shown that the fire source can ignite toilet water 3cm away from it, and it will appear in a spray state. Under normal circumstances, the alcohol in toilet water can evaporate quickly within a few minutes after application. However, when applying or spraying toilet water, you need to be very careful. It is best not to have open flames around you within a few minutes, and keep away from lighters and smokers. In addition to toilet water, in daily life, we also need to pay attention to these daily necessities that are prone to burning: liquor, lotion, nail polish, perfume, etc. Such items usually have warnings on the packaging to keep them away from fire sources and away from direct sunlight. Parents must read the warnings clearly when using them to avoid danger. Children have strong tempers and are often more afraid of heat than adults in summer. Therefore, mothers often prepare mats for their children to sleep on so that they can have a comfortable sleep. But, you know what? Improper use of mats can also seriously threaten children\’s health. I saw a news report that a 7-day-old child developed septicemia due to sleeping on a mat and had a high fever that did not go away and almost died. It turned out that the weather was hot, and parents were afraid that the children would freeze if they turned on the air conditioner. If the air conditioner was not turned on, the children would be afraid of the heat, so they took out mats for their children to use. use waterAfter washing it and drying it briefly, the child slept on the mat. Not long after, a pustule appeared on the child\’s back. The parents thought it was a mosquito bite and didn\’t pay attention at first. Unexpectedly, the child suddenly developed a high fever for no apparent reason. The frightened parents rushed their child to the hospital for examination. Unexpectedly, the child contracted sepsis. The culprit was the mat. According to statistics, there are at least 10 million mites on mats that have not been used for more than 3 months! Moreover, there is a danger of formaldehyde exceeding the standard! In order to prevent bamboo mats from becoming moldy, some unscrupulous merchants soak the materials used to make bamboo mats in chemical liquids, which causes the formaldehyde content of the mats to exceed the standard. Children\’s health is seriously threatened if they sleep on a mat with excessive formaldehyde for a long time. Summer is here, and as mothers, we are always anxious to cool down our children and repel mosquitoes for our children. So, what should we do to avoid the above misunderstandings? DEET and DEET Many people only know how to use toilet water and Fengyoujing to help their children repel mosquitoes and relieve itching, but they don’t know about DEET and DEET. DEET has a history of repelling mosquitoes for more than 60 years. It can be used by children over 2 months old. It is extremely safe. If you choose, the concentration should not exceed 30%. Similarly, DEET is also suitable for children over 2 months old. It is safer than DEET, but its mosquito repellent effect is relatively weak. It should be noted that when applying mosquito repellent products to their children, parents must first spray it on their own hands and then apply it on their children\’s skin. Calamine lotion If your child is bitten by a mosquito and his skin is itchy and he keeps scratching, it is recommended to use calamine lotion. Calamine lotion is suitable for all kinds of common itchy skin, such as prickly heat, insect bites, diaper rash, etc. It is very cheap and can be bought in pharmacies. More importantly, calamine lotion is suitable for children of any age. It is listed in the list of essential medicines for children by the World Health Organization, and its safety and effectiveness have been authoritatively recognized. At the same time, after a child is bitten by a mosquito, parents can also use the following two methods to help disinfect and relieve itching: 1. Wash the affected area with soapy water, 2. Wrap ice cubes in a towel and apply cold compresses, which can also quickly relieve itching. Rattan mats and linen mats are used by children at a young age, and their skin is delicate and prone to allergies. Bamboo mats in particular are too cool, which is not only bad for the child\’s health, but also carries the risk of mites and excessive formaldehyde. When choosing a mat for your child, safety must come first. Rattan mats and linen mats are recommended. Rattan mats have the advantages of absorbing sweat, being soft and wear-resistant, and not easy to break. The most important thing is that rattan mats are not prone to bugs. Linen mats are made of natural fiber, which has the advantages of breathability, sweat absorption, moisture removal, and antibacterial properties. At the same time, it is also known as a natural air conditioner. When you lie down on it, the temperature can drop by about 4 degrees. The most important thing is that it can inhibit the growth of fungi and microorganisms and is suitable for children. Therefore, parents must know that when we actively protect our children from heat and mosquitoes, we must pay attention to safety first and choose the correct items to reduce heat and mosquitoes, so that our children can spend this summer happily!

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