A 4-year-old girl was beaten to death by her stepfather for peeing her pants: What kind of family is destined for children not to grow up well?

It is said that children are the treasures in the hands of parents. They are afraid that they will melt away if they are held in their hands, and they will be broken if they are held in their hands. Some people even say that their daughter is their father’s “lover from a previous life.” But not every child can grow up as planned under the protection of his parents. Recently, a heart-wrenching incident occurred in Fengyang County, Anhui Province. When the local police visited Wuxiang Village, many villagers reported to them that Wu from the village had beaten his four-year-old daughter to death. Because the little girl had not been seen in the village for a long time, the village cadres went to Wu\’s home and asked to meet the little girl. However, Wu kept hemming and hawing and finally gave up. After the police intervened in the investigation, Wu was taken into custody. After several inquiries, Wu finally confessed the facts. He said that he accidentally beat his daughter to death on impulse. impulse? Missed? What kind of impulse would you do to your own child? That is a living life! Rather than a piece of wood that doesn\’t know how to cry. Rather, the whole incident was caused by the child peeing and soiling his pants. Because of this common thing, Wu started to beat the child with a bamboo pole and hit her body. Unexpectedly, after dinner, the little girl peed her pants again. Wu was so angry that he went to find another branch. What happened next made countless parents angry. Wu actually hung his four-year-old daughter on the door and beat her with a wooden stick. This was just the beginning. Later, he tied her hands and hung her on a fan to beat her! When Wu woke up in the early morning of the next day, he found that the girl was dead. At this time, he was still unfazed, so he took the child\’s body to the back of the mountain and buried it alone. This little life never saw the vastness of the world, nor did it realize the love of its parents, so it passed away in fear and pain. Some people say that the reason why little girls wet their pants frequently is not because they are ignorant, but because they are too nervous and afraid. It shows what kind of harsh family environment she lives in, and what a vicious beast her father is! After digging deeper, I learned that this man was actually the little girl’s stepfather. Even if the stepfather cannot regard other people\’s children as his biological children, he cannot do such a morally degrading thing! And I really want to ask where is the girl\’s biological mother at this time? The child you gave birth to in ten months of pregnancy was beaten to death by such a scumbag, and you turned a blind eye? In addition to being sad and resentful, I can only feel pity and pity for this little girl. You should not be born in such a family and meet such parents. This kind of thing is no longer accidental. Many parents cannot be what parents should be. A similar case has occurred in South Korea. At three o\’clock in the morning, the four-year-old girl Tongtong, who was sleeping alone, discovered that she had wet the bed, and she told her mother in fear. Unexpectedly, her mother not only failed to care about her, but locked her in the toilet in the cold winter night. The mother returned to the warm bed and continued to sleep soundly, while the weak and helpless Tongtong stood alone until she fainted. Later, Tongtong still couldn\’t hold on and left this cold and heartless world. However, during the police investigation, they found that Tongtong died of blood congestion on the head, but the mother only said, \”I just hit her a few times with a pan.\” The real mother turned out to be the mother who killed the child with her own hands. Can\’t controlParents who have their own emotions vent their irritability on their children. You are no longer vicious, but a devil. Wrong punishment methods will only cause great harm to the child\’s body and mind. Whether it\’s Wu or Tongtong\’s mother, they are mothers and fathers, but they don\’t do human things. Beatings and disguised corporal punishment education are no longer education, but have become domestic violence. Children who are violently punished are destined to be unable to grow up healthily. Their hearts are filled with fear and helplessness. This feeling will follow them for a lifetime, and they may not be able to get over it until they have their own children. Instead, you may repeat the same mistakes with your own children. After becoming a mother, I realized that children are sometimes really ignorant. They are prone to making mistakes and do not correct themselves despite repeated admonitions. But in their hearts they were just careless and did not realize that they were making mistakes. Rough behavior at this time will only make them feel fearful and nervous. Although it may improve their behavior, it will also leave a shadow on their young minds. The education method of tiger parents and wolf mothers does have immediate results, but it also invisibly damages the fragile psychology of children. Shen Yifei, associate professor at Fudan University, said: Children\’s growth is spiral, and you have to keep trying and making mistakes before you know how to move forward. The growth of a child is a subject, and so is being a parent. Growing up is a process of constant trial and error. Just imagine which parent didn’t make mistakes when he was a child? These are inevitable, and how parents guide and correct them is also inevitable in the future development of their children. When a child makes a mistake, we actively find ways to deal with it, instead of turning a blind eye or hitting him regardless of the situation. Love your children in the right way. Give your children the opportunity to try and make mistakes, and also give yourself the opportunity to educate yourself carefully. Only children who have been forgiven, understood and educated at the same time can have their own views and ideas, and they can grow up without going astray.

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