A 7-year-old student mistakenly stepped on his teacher’s head, and what happened next awakened all parents

Children are still young and playful by nature, so it is understandable to indulge appropriately. But if you let your children ignore it for a long time, once the habit is formed, the consequences can be imagined. May I ask how you usually deal with your children disobeying you and sneaking out to play? Hit or scold? Or didactic? What is the effect? If there was a kind of parenting thinking that did not require preaching, beating or scolding, had immediate results and could cure the root cause, would you like to experience it? Now please read the following short story with Doudehui. Maybe you will become enlightened. In fact, education can also be as simple as possible. In a village school in the former Soviet Union, more than a hundred students studied with Teacher Abruna. One of the students was particularly naughty and playful by nature. After dinner every day, he always sneaked to the back of the school dormitory. Because he was short, he used a high stool as a stepping stone to climb over the wall and go outside to play. After this continued for a while, one night, Teacher Abruna happened to come out to inspect the room at night. But I was surprised to see a tall stool in the corner of the dormitory. He knew that some students must have sneaked over the wall to play outside, but he did not alert anyone, but moved the high stool away, and then stood quietly under the corner and waited. Not long after, the student came back from playing. Because it was quite dark at night, and he came down with his feet first when climbing over the wall, he didn\’t know that the high stool had been removed, so he stepped on it until the teacher jumped off. When he felt something was wrong, At that moment, when he looked back, he realized that what he had just stepped on was his teacher\’s head. He was so frightened that he didn\’t know what to do. But to his surprise, the teacher did not blame him, but comforted him very kindly and gently: \”The night is as cold as water, be careful if you get cold. Go back and put on some clothes to sleep!\” The student was restless after returning to the dormitory. , tossing and turning just couldn\’t fall asleep, always worried that the teacher would criticize and scold him in front of all the students the next day. But the incident passed day by day, and the teacher seemed to have completely forgotten the incident. He never mentioned the old incident again, and no other person knew about it. Soon after, he gradually regained his inner peace and felt deeply remorseful for this. From then on, he never sneaked out to play again, but stayed in school wholeheartedly and studied seriously, and eventually became Suhomlinsky, a great educator and a model of education respected by the world. This short story reflects the teacher\’s understanding and respect for the students. It also reminds you to replace blame with encouragement and replace punishment with care. But it also depends on the foundation of the person being taught, that is, after observing and understanding the child\’s fundamental nature, it is best to teach based on the principles of compassion and expediency [i.e. love, care, guidance, help], in order to achieve the best educational effect. Now, have you realized something?

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