A 9-year-old girl shows off her wealth like crazy and becomes an internet celebrity: Parents who have the right outlook on life can give their children a lifetime of wealth

Recently, Liltay, a 9-year-old girl from the United States, became popular. The multiple videos she posted online showing off her wealth attracted the attention of netizens. Liltay has been learning to rap since she was a child. She claims that \”I am only 9 years old, and I am probably the youngest person showing off wealth in this century.\” Her social account has 1.4 million followers, and each video has been viewed up to one million times. She is full of swear words and speaks freely. As her life gets worse, she keeps showing off her mansion and luxury cars. Even if she has money to show off her wealth, she also uses it to \”attack\” the onlookers as \”poor people\”, claiming that \”this toilet is more expensive than your rent\” and \”the wine I drink is enough to pay for your college tuition.\” … In the videos she posts daily, Lamborghini, Gucci, LV and other famous brands can be seen everywhere. When I bought a Lamborghini, I yelled, \”You people can\’t afford it,\” \”You are poor and jealous of me,\” and \”You will never make so much money in your life.\” When a reporter wanted to interview her, she would say, \”What are you wearing?\” and \”My coat is worth the whole house.\” Many netizens commented, \”This little girl doesn\’t need an education. Where is her mother?\” and \”Why don\’t you discipline her more?\” However, some people also revealed that the driving force behind Liltay\’s popularity is her parents, otherwise a It is impossible for a girl to make so much money from a young age. In the face of doubts, Liltay still went her own way. She said that she did not do anything to harm others. She just wanted to fulfill her dream and make her family proud. Seeing this, Qinglan Jun really couldn\’t bear to condemn this 9-year-old girl anymore, because her parents\’ distorted values ​​​​are the culprit of all this. In this farce, the most terrifying thing is not the money-worshiping children, but the parents who are behind the children, allowing them to indulge, and even adding fuel to the fire. Crazy to show off their wealth, talk foul words, call others \”poor\”, and earn money in this way… If such children can make their parents \”proud\”, what kind of materialistic, ignorant and crazy parents they will be! Liltay\’s future is also worrying. When she grows up, will any university be willing to accept her? Would any company dare to hire her? If she doesn\’t need all this, then what will she rely on to gain a foothold in society when people are tired of gimmicks to show off their wealth? Parents with incorrect views can easily destroy their children. Columnist Li Yueliang told a story: She has a classmate D whose parents are both civil servants. She has a mysterious belief in being an official, so she wants her children to take this path. When D was a child, his parents often took him to official dinner parties to learn official etiquette. They also often told D about successful official cases. The topic his parents talked about was always, \”So and so has been promoted again. It\’s amazing.\” Under the influence of this concept, D has only one concept: only by being an official can he be successful. He worked hard in this direction and studied very well from childhood to adulthood. After graduating with a master\’s degree, although he had the opportunity to take the Ph.D. exam, he was determined to take the civil service exam. It took him four years to take the exam before he finally got into the system. However, D\’s personality is not suitable for being an official: he cannot understand the intricate interpersonal relationships at all; he cannot handle the intricate entanglements of interests at all. So he has been working for 8 years and is still at the bottom. His parents are very dissatisfied and ask for help every time he comes home.Asking, “Why hasn’t it been promoted yet?” From work, D could not get any sense of achievement or self-recognition; from his parents, D could not get comfort and guidance. The long-term loss and pressure made him overwhelmed. Coincidentally, a colleague was promoted later. This person passed the exam in the same year as him and was two years younger than him. D was greatly stimulated, suffered a mental breakdown, and suffered from severe depression, which required constant medication. D could have gone a completely different route. His personality traits are not suitable for officialdom, but they are very useful in academia. It is a pity that his parents established values ​​in him that made him suffer throughout his life – he clearly did not have the ability to be an official, but he believed that only by becoming an official can he realize the value of life. It echoes the words of French scholar Bordas: \”Human concepts and standards are deeply influenced by parents and rooted in the mind.\” Parents\’ values ​​shape their children\’s values ​​and affect their future development direction. Deep-rooted biased ideas will create life dilemmas that children cannot escape. Ten years ago, about 60% of primary school students wanted to be scientists; now, Internet celebrities have become children’s ideals. From 2015 to 2016, a sample survey in many primary schools in Beijing showed that 80% of primary school students hope to become Internet celebrities, and some parents even set the goal for their children to become Internet celebrities. Signed up for the “Internet Celebrity Training Course”. Of course, most parents are not very supportive of their children wanting to become “Internet celebrities”. Have you ever thought that it is the parents who watch the short entertainment videos on Douyin and Kuaishou live streaming platforms every day, and discuss and envy who has made quick money all day long… that makes their children think that being an Internet celebrity is a great thing? If there is nothing wrong with being an Internet celebrity, but when pornography, vulgarity, love, pregnancy, childbirth…these real taboos for minors have become subjects that Internet celebrities can show off, can parents still remain calm? Behind these children are parents who have failed in their duties. The reason why girls are allowed to \”show off\” through the Internet is because parents themselves have not formed a correct and stable outlook on life, and can only allow these children to go further and further down the detour. There are some parents whose views are still stuck in the old times. They often clamor that \”Marrying well is the real skill\”, \”Boys are in the Construction Bank, girls are in the China Merchants Bank\”, \”There is no pressure to give birth to a daughter, and there is no need to buy a house\”… There is no comparison. What is more terrible is that it is useless to study and to be respected by money. It is enough to destroy the lives of future generations. In CCTV\’s \”Dialogue\” column, a senior female student asked: \”Nowadays, people in society say, \’It is better to marry well than to study well.\’ Does that make sense?\” The host, teacher Wang Lifen, replied: \”Don\’t Let the sorrow of the times become the sorrow of your life.\” Some people say: \”The hand that pushes the cradle is also the hand that pushes the world.\” The importance of parents\’ three views cannot be underestimated. Children are still young and have not been able to form their own thinking ability and logical system. It is the parents\’ three views that determine the child\’s vision of the world, view of life, and measurement of value. The authority of parents will make children regard their ideas as the supreme meaning and guide to action. Parents with inappropriate outlook on life can easily let their children take an unsuitable path and put them in a painful situation. On the contrary, parents with correct concepts can also let nature take its course, awaken their children\’s potential, and help them achieve success.excellent result. Mencius\’s mother moved three times, Tao\’s mother retreated from the fish, Ou\’s mother painted rice, and mother-in-law tattooed, the stories of the four great virtuous mothers in ancient times. When reading now, the love of licking the calf and the upright maternal love are still touching. Tao Kan used to be a Yuliang official. When he was eating the pickled fish from the government, he thought of his poor mother at home, so he filled some in a clay pot and sent it to his mother. Unexpectedly, my mother returned the fish in full, with a letter blaming her: \”As an official, if you leave me the official property, not only will it not benefit me, but it will increase my worries!\” Because of Tao\’s mother\’s example, Although Tao Kan came from a poor family, he was upright and honest, and he served as an official for a long time. He served as the governor of eight states, the general who conquered the west, and was later named the Duke of Changsha. When Tao Yuanming was recommended to become an official, he often relied on Tao Kan\’s reputation. Even if a family is impoverished, as long as it has a pair of decent, noble, hard-working and kind-hearted parents, it is the greatest blessing for the family. Yu Minhong grew up in a rural area, and in his heart, his mother was particularly kind. He recalled that one day when he was a child, his house and the neighboring houses were all drying rice. Suddenly, heavy rain was coming, but there was no one in the neighboring houses. So his mother took him to collect the grains from his neighbors first, and then his own. This concept of serving others first and then oneself deeply influenced Yu Minhong. When he was in college, he always fetched water, food, and cleaning for his roommates without expecting anything in return. Therefore, when Yu Minhong started his own business, even in the very difficult early days, these roommates still decided to support and follow him, and eventually became firm partners. Wu Bofan, a famous business commentator, said: \”Many people start businesses just to make money from society, but few people think of creating value for society and making money in the process.\” The spirit of diligence and dedication finally achieves success. Yu Minhong’s success. As the educator Suhomlinsky said: \”Only when parents correct their own ideas and cultivate children, can they stand out among the crowd.\” Parents\’ three views affect their children\’s lives, but it does not mean that parents must correct their own ideas. Imposing it on the child and controlling every move of the child. I still remember the classmate Wang Meng who \”cut off ties with his parents and didn\’t go home for the New Year in 12 years\” at the beginning of this year. In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Meng meets all the characteristics of \”other people\’s children\”: he grew up in a happy family, had top-notch grades since childhood, had highly educated parents, was admitted to a prestigious school, and went abroad… The reason why the seemingly outstanding Wang Meng turned against his parents , entirely due to the boundless control of their parents: they were dressed as girls by their mothers since childhood, and almost all clothes were purchased according to their parents’ wishes; their social interactions were restricted because their parents believed that “the outside world is very complicated”; they were forced to participate in The \”graduation trip\” was treated as an educational achievement and \”showed off\” by his parents… No matter how glamorous it seemed to outsiders, only Wang Meng himself knew that he was manipulated as a puppet and shown off as a commodity, but his personal feelings and feelings were ignored. What a kind of despair it is to pursue. Children have their own views on the world, their own plans for life, and their own understanding of value. Therefore, what parents have to do is not to let their children complete their unfinished dreams, but to accompany them to find a suitable course based on their original appearance, own ideals, and innate enthusiasm. As the saying goes, \”If you are upright, you are not afraid of shadows.\”\”Zixie\”, as long as the parents have a correct outlook on things, everything else will just fall into place. Mark Zuckerberg developed a strong interest in computers when he was a child. Not only was this interest not stopped, but his father took it seriously. , and also invited computer engineers to impart professional knowledge to him. Zuckerberg learned quickly and was soon able to complete more complex programming independently. While in college, he founded Facebook, which became popular around the world. At the age of 26, With a net worth of US$4 billion, Zuckerberg became the youngest person on the Forbes wealth list. Just when everyone envied Zuckerberg for his youth and wealth, he announced that he would donate 99% of his shares to Charity. In fact, when we understand his parents, it will not be surprising at all – Zuckerberg was born in a Jewish family. Will the children be like their Jewish predecessors Marx, Einstein, and Kraft? Zuckerberg\’s parents have always been thinking about the great contributions that Ka and others have made to mankind. Like many Jews who have had a significant impact on world civilization, they have a love for all mankind, and this love is subtle. Influenced the four children of the Zuckerberg family. Talking about how to educate such successful children, his father Edward said: \”I have very successful children. People always want to follow your model, but in fact, we don\’t There is no way. Parents can indeed organize their children\’s lives, but it may not be what they want. Parents should encourage them to chase their dreams. \”The best education begins with three views and is formed in nature. The ancients said: It is better to teach a child than to leave a son with ten thousand gold. The inheritance of family blood is not the inheritance of wealth, nor the inheritance of official positions, but the inheritance of culture and concepts. No matter how much wealth you leave behind, it will be used up. Only a person\’s three views can nourish them for a long time, last for generations, and accompany their children through a fulfilling life. Parents who have three correct views give their children a lifetime of wealth.

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