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Introduction to a Daily Positive Quotation and Famous Quotation A large amount of information pours into our lives every day. We are often busy with work and study, and it is difficult to find a peaceful state. And reading a famous quote every day may help us find a little peace and space for thinking in our busy life. Famous sentences are excellent words that have been baptized by the long river of history. They condense the wisdom and experience of predecessors and can provide us with inspiration and guidance. Reading a famous sentence every day allows us to be exposed to some classic sentences every day, thereby cultivating our aesthetic and thinking abilities. Reading a famous sentence every day is not just about reading a famous sentence, but more importantly, understanding the meaning behind the famous sentence. We can combine the background of the famous sentences and the life of the author to understand the thoughts and emotions expressed by the famous sentences. Through an in-depth understanding of famous sentences, we can better understand the philosophy and wisdom contained in them, and improve our thinking and expression abilities. Reading a famous sentence every day can also help us establish a good reading habit. By reading a famous sentence every day, we can develop the habit of focusing on reading for a period of time every day. Moreover, famous sentences are often short and concise, and they do not take too much time to read, making them suitable for busy modern people. Reading along with famous quotes is also a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Classic quotes can often touch people\’s hearts and help people get some inspiration and comfort in their busy lives. Reading a famous sentence every day can give us some time to stop, think quietly and feel the power of words every day. In short, reading a famous quote every day is a simple and effective method that can help us find a little peace and space for thinking in our busy life. By reading famous sentences, we can improve our thinking and expression skills, develop good reading habits, and enjoy spiritual pleasure. Therefore, we might as well set aside some time in our daily life to accompany famous quotes to make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful. Daily reading list of positive quotes and quotes 10. Elegance and elegance (34 verses) 09. A gentleman has the right way (35 verses) 08. Talent and character (38 verses) 07. Stratagems and strategies (30 verses) 06. Idioms and allusions (31 Section) 05. Governance (section 50) 04. Education and cultivation (section 36) 03. Ambition of the swan (section 32) 02. Philosophy of life (section 41) 01. The way of nature is natural (section 34) 34 I just feel happy at the beginning Waiting for the sun, a thousand pieces of gold will always be wasted! ——Yuan Mei, Qing Dynasty, \”Sorrow\”.mp333 I urge God to cheer up and send talents of any kind. ——Gong Zizhen, Qing Dynasty, \”Miscellaneous Poems of Ji Hai\”.mp332 Falling red is not a heartless thing, it turns into spring mud to protect the flowers. ——Gong Zizhen, Qing Dynasty, \”Miscellaneous Poems of Ji Hai\”.mp331 If you are willing to look for poems, there will be poems. A clear understanding is my teacher. ——Yuan Mei, Qing Dynasty, \”Qing Xing\”.mp330 Gazing at two places, looking forward to seeing a wild goose crossing the autumn. ——Ma Zhiyuan of the Yuan Dynasty, \”Autumn in the Han Palace\”.mp329 When appreciating paintings, charm comes first, while when discussing poetry, emphasis is placed on temperament. ——Yuan Mei, Qing Dynasty, \”Appreciation of Paintings\”.mp328 Don\’t be afraid of the floating clouds covering your eyes, because you are at the highest level. ——Wang Anshi, Song Dynasty, \”Climbing Feilai Peak\”.mp327 There are bound to be incomprehensible feelings. Then there is poetry that must be immortal. ——Yuan, Qing Dynasty\”Suiyuan Shihua\”.mp326 It is not suitable to be crazy in everything, but if you want to do good, you must be crazy. ——Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty, \”Youmengying\”.mp325 The moonlight leaked under the forest, as sparse as residual snow. ——Zhang Dai of the Ming Dynasty, \”Memories of Dreams in Tao\’an\”.mp324 The heart of an old man is different from that of a traveler. He does not envy gods but young men. ——Yuan Mei, Qing Dynasty, \”Miscellaneous Poems on the Lake\”.mp323 It is not difficult to use it, but it is difficult to remember it. ——Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty, \”Youmengying\”.mp322 The wind is warm, the sound of birds is broken, and the sun is high, and the shadows of flowers are heavy. ——Du Xunhe of the Tang Dynasty, \”Resentment of the Spring Palace\”.mp321 It is not as delicious as the cloth. It is said that purity is not valuable but essence. ——Li Yu of the Qing Dynasty, \”Idle Love Occasions\”.mp320 All are based on the depth of experience and the depth of what they gain. ——Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty, \”Youmengying\”.mp319 Jiang Yan dreamed of writing flowers, and his literary thoughts advanced greatly; Yang Xiong dreamed of spitting out white phoenixes, and his poems and poems became more and more strange. ——\”Children\’s Learning in Qionglin\”.mp318 Silk is used for string music; bamboo is used for wind music; meat is used for vocal music. ——Li Yu of the Qing Dynasty, \”Occasional Notes of Leisure Love.mp317\” Right and wrong, success and failure are all gone, the green mountains are still there, and the sunset is red several times. ——\”Linjiang Immortal\” by Yang Shen of the Ming Dynasty.mp316 No one comes to Yanlong Ancient Temple; the moon comes when the tree leans against the deep hall. ——Weng Fanggang of the Qing Dynasty.mp315 There is no intention to stay or go, just follow the rolling clouds in the sky. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp314 A man doesn\’t shed tears lightly, just because he hasn\’t reached the point of sadness. ——Li Kaixian of the Ming Dynasty, \”The Story of the Sword\”.mp313 Good times and beautiful scenery are in the sky, and whose home is the pleasure. ——\”The Peony Pavilion\” by Tang Xianzu of the Ming Dynasty.mp312 Spring has come today, and the flowers will fade in the Ming Dynasty. The night lamp must be extinguished in a hurry. Ma Zhiyuan of the Yuan Dynasty – \”Double Tune\”.mp311 The flowers are falling and the water is red, there are thousands of idle sorrows, and I have no words to complain about the east wind. ——Wang Shifu of the Yuan Dynasty, \”The Romance of the West Chamber\”.mp310 Heaven, you have wrongly judged the virtuous and foolish, and you have been in vain! ——Guan Hanqing of the Yuan Dynasty, \”Dou E\’s Injustice\”.mp309 If you come back next year, why should you go back? ——Xue Angfu of Yuan Dynasty, \”Shuangdiao·Chu Tianyao leads across the Qingjiang River\”.mp308 When people return to the wild geese, their thoughts are in front of the flowers. ——Xue Daoheng, Sui Dynasty, \”I miss home every day\”.mp307 Appreciate the strange without losing the truth, play with the flashy without losing the truth. – Liang Liu Xie of the Southern Dynasties, \”The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons·Bian Sao\”.mp306 Suitable for one\’s nature, seldom able to achieve perfection. ——Liu Xie of the Southern Dynasties, \”Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons·Ming Poems\”.mp305 The place of understanding does not have to be far away, just like the forest and water, there will be thoughts in Hao and Pu, and birds, beasts, fish and relatives will come to you.mp304 Mountaineering Then the feelings are overflowing in the mountains, and when you look at the sea, the thoughts overflow in the sea. ——Liang Liang of the Southern Dynasty.mp303 The peach blossoms shine brightly. ——\”The Book of Songs·Zhou Nan·Tao Yao\”.mp302 A bright white horse, in that empty valley, grows a bunch of cud, and its person is like jade. ——\”The Book of Songs·Xiaoya·Baiju\”.mp301 One knows the nature of fish when near the water, and knows the sounds of birds when near the mountains. ——\”Zengguang Xianwen\”.mp335 If it is not enough to hold it but does it regularly, it is a waste of words. ——\”Mozi·Plowing Pillar\”.mp334 It is also about making mistakes, and never correct them even if they are minor. ——\”Huainanzi·Zhushu Xun\”.mp333 If you look at someone in the mirror, you will know good and bad luck. ——\”Mozi·Fei Gongzhong\”.mp332 A promise from a husband is worth a thousand pieces of gold. ——\”Zizhi Tongjian·Tang Ji 2: The First Year of Emperor Gaozu\’s Wude\”.mp331 If there is nothing scrupulous about anything he does, he will be a person looked up to by the township party. ——\”Night Talk around the Lu\”.mp330 Although a scholar has knowledge, his conduct is basic. ——\”Mozi·Cultivation of the Self\”.mp329 Seeing oneself is called enlightenment. ——\”Han Feizi·Yu Lao\”.mp328 Seeing the bright world in darkness, this heart is like the blue sky. ——\”Night Talk around the Lu\”.mp327 Those who are good at management cannot have full merit, and those who conduct themselves well cannot be without faults. ——\”History of the Old Five Dynasties·\”.mp326 A name cannot be simplified, and a reputation cannot be established by chance. \”Mozi · Self-cultivation\”.mp325 Respond to situations at any time, and do not have any thoughts of changing the situation. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp324 When a gentleman is in danger, he will share the same difficulties. ——Annotation of \”Three Kingdoms\” by Pei Song of the Southern Song Dynasty.mp323 The talent of a gentleman is hidden in jade and pearls, and cannot be easily understood by others. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp322 Favor and disgrace are as frightening as being in great trouble. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 13\”.mp321 This is unwise! How can I not regret dying today? ——Ming Dynasty Luo Guanzhong\’s \”The Romance of the Three Kingdoms\”.mp320 You can\’t have both, and you have to sacrifice your life for righteousness. ——\”Mencius·Gaozi 1\”.mp319 A horse is not as good as a horse walking at ease. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of the Marquis of Huaiyin\”.mp318 A loving mother has a failed son, but the Yan family has no prisoners. ——\”Historical Records·Li Si Biography\”.mp317 Wealth and honor cannot be kinky, poverty and lowliness cannot be moved, and power cannot be surrendered. ——\”Mencius, Duke Teng Wen\”.mp316 Born in sorrow, died in happiness. ——\”Mencius: Gaozi Xia\”.mp315 A gentleman is respectful and courteous to others. ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp314 Everything will be established if it is forewarned, and it will be ruined if it is not forewarned. ——\”The Doctrine of the Mean\”.mp313 When I am old, I am in harmony with others; when I am young, I am in harmony with others. ——\”Mencius: King Hui of Liang\”.mp312 Filial piety to a husband begins with serving his relatives, ends with serving the emperor, and finally establishes his integrity. ——\”Historical Records·Tai Shi Gong\’s Preface\”.mp311 If you are strong, you can help the world, but if you are poor, you can only take care of yourself. ——Mencius, Meng Ke, Warring States Period.mp310 If you are poor, you will change; ——\”Book of Changes·Xici\”.mp309 A gentleman in ancient times would never make a bad sound in his dealings. When a loyal minister leaves the country, his name will be unclean. – \”Historical Records·Biography of Le Yi\”.mp308 He who is knowledgeable and strong in knowledge but gives in, and who is committed to good deeds without slacking off, is called a gentleman. ——\”Book of Rites·Qu Li 1\”.mp307 There are bandits and gentlemen who are like quarrels and discussions, like polishing. ——\”The Book of Songs·Wei Feng·Qi\’ao\”.mp306 Heaven moves vigorously, and a gentleman strives to constantly strive for self-improvement. The terrain is kun, and a gentleman carries things with kindness. ——\”Book of Changes\”.mp305 A messenger can be overturned, but the desire of a weapon is difficult to measure. ——\”A Thousand Character Essay\”.mp304 The way of a gentleman is revealed by the sun; the way of a villain is revealed by the sun. ——\”The Doctrine of the Mean\”.mp303 Good people hate what evil people like. This means that if you mess with people\’s nature, disaster will surely catch you. ——\”University\”.mp302 There is a great way to make money. If there are many people who make money, there will be few people who eat it, if you use it you will get sick, and if you use it you will feel comfortable. Then you will have enough wealth. .mp301 JunI follow the way, but if it is half painted and useless, I can\’t do it. ——\”The Doctrine of the Mean\”.mp338 Wealth is momentary, fame lasts forever. ——\”History of the Ming Dynasty·Zhao Guangzhi Biography\”.mp337 If you are capable, promote it, if you are incompetent, demote it. ——\”Mozi·Shang Xian\”.mp336 If you are used to seeing good, you will be content with doing good; if you are used to seeing evil, you will be content with doing evil. ——\”New History of the Five Dynasties·Biography of Fan Yanguang\”.mp335 Those who share the same disease with the dead cannot survive; those who share the same disease with the dead cannot survive. \”Han Feizi·Lonely Anger\”.mp334 Clever deception is not as good as clumsy sincerity. ——\”Han Feizi·Shuo Lin Shang\”.mp333 Establishment is as difficult as ascending to heaven, and falling is as easy as burning hair. ——\”New Book of Tang Dynasty·Liu Gongchuo Biography\”.mp332 If you pretend to love someone, you won\’t be able to hate him again; if you pretend to hate someone, you won\’t be able to love him again. – \”Han Feizi·Wai Chu Shuo lower right\”.mp331 The loyal ministers stand out in the cold weather of the year, and the loyal ministers shine in the national crisis. ——\”Book of Jin·Mao Bao Zhuan\”.mp330 If you accumulate good deeds for three years, few will know about it; if you do evil for one day, it will be heard all over the world. ——\”Book of Jin: Chronicles of Emperor Xuan\”.mp329 A wise person debates with his heart and does not elaborate. ——\”Mozi·Cultivation of the Self\”.mp328 Don\’t think about people\’s old evils. The three of them can cultivate virtue, and they can also prevent harm. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp327 The virtue of one person is light, but the merit of success is the most important. ——\”Book of Jin: Chronicles of Emperor Wu\”.mp326 A good general will not be afraid to die in order to avoid death, and a martyr will not destroy his integrity in order to survive. ——\”Three Kingdoms\”.mp325 If evil people wander around, evil feelings will arise every day. ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Yang Li Zhai Ying Huo Yuanxu Biography\”.mp324 Knowing each other is like holding a sword, don\’t throw pearls secretly from the world. ——\”Xiaochuang Youji·Jihao Chapter\”.mp323 The knowledge of poverty and lowliness should not be forgotten, and the wife of chaff should not go to court -\”The Book of the Later Han Dynasty·The Biography of Fuhou Song Cai Feng Zhao Mouwei\”.mp322 The sand and gravel are wet; the human sexual desire is flat , desire harms it. ——\”Huainanzi Qi Su Xun\”.mp321 The strong wind knows the strong grass. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biography of Wang Ba Ji Zun in Yaoqi\”.mp320 A gentleman is indifferent to intimacy, but a villain is willing to give up. ——\”Zhuangzi·Outer Chapter·Mountain Wood\”.mp319 Once a word is spoken, it is difficult to follow it. ——Li Shouqing of the Yuan Dynasty, \”Wu Yuan Plays the Flute\”.mp318 The merits cannot be achieved in vain, and the reputation cannot be falsely established. ——\”Han Shu·Xu Zhuan Part 1\”.mp317 Since ancient times, melons have been bitter but sweet later. ——Yuan·Bai Pu\’s \”Zhonglu·Yangchun·Qu\”.mp316 Those who stop teaching will be looked down upon by unvirtuous people! ——Zhang Yanghao of the Yuan Dynasty, \”Zhonglu Mountain Sheep\”.mp315 If his body is upright, he will not do what he is told; if his body is not upright, he will not follow his orders. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of General Li\”.mp314 A scholar will die for a confidant, and a woman will look good for one who pleases herself. ——\”Historical Records: Biographies of Assassins\”.mp313 Defend against the enemy with knowledge and consider the enemy with wisdom. ——Liang Liu Xiao of the Southern Dynasties annotated \”Shishuoxinyu·Shijian\”.mp312 Making friends depends on acquaintance, why should flesh and blood be intimate? ——\”Collection of Yuefu Poems·Miscellaneous Songs and Ballads 5·Konghou Ballads\”.mp311 Who is here in the long sky? ——\”The Book of Songs·Wang Feng·Shuili\”.mp310 But do good deeds and don\’t ask about the future. ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp309 Gou Yu has an upright heart, so why does it hurt him even though he is far away? ——\”Nine Chapters: Crossing the River\”.mp308 His words must be true, his deeds must be fruitful, and his promises must be true. ——\”Historical Records·Biographies of Rangers\”.mp307 Goodness cannot come from outside, and reputation cannot be made in vain. ——Qu Yuan, \”Nine Chapters, Thoughts\” in the Warring States Period.mp306 A sage respects and respects him, fears and loves him. Love and know its evil, hate and know its good. ——\”Book of Rites·Quli.mp305\” A wise man will lose something after a thousand worries; a fool will gain something after a thousand worries. ——\”Yan Zi Chun Qiu\”.mp304 The whole world is turbid and I am alone pure; everyone is drunk and I am alone sober. ——\”The Songs of Chu·Fisherman\”.mp303 The peach and plum trees are silent, and they create their own mistakes. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of General Li\”.mp302 If you blame others, you should blame yourself; if you forgive yourself, forgive others. ——Fan Gongcheng of the Southern Song Dynasty, \”Guo Ting Lu\”.mp301 It is better to get Jibu Yinuo than to get a hundred catties of gold. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Ji Bu Luan Bu\”.mp330 If harm is the intention, the father and son will be separated and resentful. ——\”Han Feizi·Wai Chu Shuo Upper Left\”.mp329 Strengthen the walls and clear the fields to wait for the enemy to come; repair the armor and troops to take advantage of the enemy\’s defeat. ——\”The Biography of He Chengtian in the Book of the Song Dynasty\”.mp328 Those who act for their own sake will be punished by others. ——\”Huainanzi·Military Strategy Training\”.mp327 Remove the wisdom, eliminate the ability, and fail to understand. ——\”Han Feizi·The Way of the Lord\”.mp326 Those who love many will not establish the law, and those who fear the few will invade from below. ——\”Han Feizi·Seven Skills of Internal Storage\”.mp325 Survival depends on reality and reality, not on the number of people. ——\”Han Feizi·An Wei\”.mp324 Those who plan first and later will escape, and those who plan first and later will lose. ——\”Old Tang Book·Chen Zi\’ang Biography\”.mp323 If you don\’t believe in rewards and punishments, bans will not work. ——\”Han Feizi·Wai Chu Shuo Upper Left\”.mp322 Wisdom is used for people, just like water flowing on the earth. If the terrain is low, it will be filled with water, and if the terrain is low, it will be filled with wisdom. ——\”Think Tank.mp321 If you know yourself and the enemy, you can fight a hundred battles without danger.\” ——\”Sun Tzu\’s Art of War: Planning for Attack\”.mp320 Determine whether something is real or not, and follow his desires to see his will. ——\”Guiguzi·捭阖\”.mp319 Using yang to seek yin is to use virtue; using yin to form yang is to exert force. ——\”Guiguzi·捭阖\”.mp318 A wise man makes plans according to the times, while a fool goes against the grain. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biography of Zhu, Feng, Yu, Zheng and Zhou\”.mp317 Those who are straight are accumulated in music; those who have excess are accumulated in deficiencies. ——\”Guiguzi·Mou Chapter\”.mp316 The mouth is the door of the heart, from which all wisdom and wisdom come out. ——\”Guiguzi·捭阖\”.mp315 Isn\’t it a great fool to ask for revenge? ——Feng Menglong of the Ming Dynasty, \”Zhitan·Shangzhibu·Jianda\”.mp314 Those who are close to the outside but sparse to the inside are said to be internal, and those who are close to the inside but sparse to the outside are said to be external. ——\”Guiguzi·Mou Pian\”.mp313 This is why Shizu was able to overcome difficulties in all directions. ——Feng Menglong of the Ming Dynasty, \”Zhitan·Shangzhibu·Jianda\”.mp312 Everyone in the world knows that taking is taking, but no one knows that taking is taking. ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Huan Tan Feng Yan\’s Biography Part 1\”.mp311 Wisdom is used for things that no one can understand, and it is used for things that no one can see. ——\”Guiguzi·Mou Chapter\”.mp310 Those who abandon the near and seek the far will work in vain. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biography of Wu Gai, Chen Zang\”.mp309 Taking over the world with one country, the world can be completed. ——\”Six Taoists, Wen Tao, Literary Master\”.mp308 What ordinary people are shocked by, heroes are shocked by. ——Feng Menglong of the Ming Dynasty, \”Zhitan·Shangzhibu·Jiangda\”.mp307 It is better to have better soldiers than more soldiers. ——Feng Menglong of the Ming Dynasty, \”Yu Shi Ming Yan· Qian Poliu made a fortune in Lin\’an\”.mp306 A wise man does not endanger the public to do things, and a benevolent man does not violate justice to achieve merit. ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Biography of Dou Rong\”.mp305 It is better to stop the fire with no salary. ——\”Book of Han·Jia Zou Meilu Biography\”.mp304 Raise an army for a thousand days, use it for a while. ——Ma Zhiyuan, Yuan Dynasty, \”Han Gong Qiu\”.mp303 It must be revived for its own sake; if it wants to take it, it must be given for its own sake. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 36\”.mp302 Those who can do it may not be able to speak it, and those who can speak may not be able to do it. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Sun Tzu Wu Qi\”.mp301 When prosperity comes, we must worry about decline, and when we are safe, we must be prepared for danger. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Sima Xiangru\”.mp331 A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise. ——Li Ruzhen of the Qing Dynasty, \”Flowers in the Mirror\”.mp330 The beauty of application lies in one mind. ——\”History of the Song Dynasty: Biography of Yue Fei\”.mp329 If you are not crazy or deaf, you are not a writer. ——\”Zi Zhi Tong Jian·Tang Ji 40·The Second Year of Daizong Dali\”.mp328 A fire broke out at the city gate, affecting the fish in the pond. ——\”Zizhi Tongjian·Liang Ji 16·The First Year of Taiqing\”.mp327 The king of Chu was so thin that many people died of starvation in the palace. ——\”Zizhi Tongjian·Han Dynasty 38·Zhang Emperor Jianchu 2nd Year.mp326 Be prepared for danger when you are in times of peace. If you think about it, you will be prepared. If you are prepared, there will be no danger.\” ——\”Zuo Zhuan: The Eleventh Year of Duke Xiang\”.mp325 A poor family misses a good wife, and a country in chaos misses a good prime minister. ——\”Zi Zhi Tong Jian·Zhou Ji Yi·Twenty-three Years of King Wei Lie\”.mp324 Worry and labor can rejuvenate a country, but leisure can destroy one\’s life. ——\”New History of the Five Dynasties·Preface to the Biography of Lingguan\”.mp323 The jade in your hand does not need to be collected from the Kunlun Mountains. ——Liu Yiqing of the Southern Song Dynasty, \”Shishuo Xinyu·Words\”.mp322 It\’s about making good use of it, not about being popular. ——\”New Book of Tang·Biography of Xue Rengui\”.mp321 Kongming is like a horse, Tiandan is like a fire cow. ——\”Longwen Whip Shadow\”.mp320 Song Dynasty minister Zongze and Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian. ——\”Long Wen Whip Shadow\”.mp319 10-15.mp318 The square is like doing justice, the roundness is like using wisdom, the movement is like working hard, and the tranquility is like being proud. ——\”New Book of Tang·Li Mi Biography\”.mp317 Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. ——Gu Yanwu of the Qing Dynasty, \”Rizhilu\”.mp316 Exaggerating is not useful. ——\”Three Kingdoms·Book of Shu·Biography of Dong, Liu, Ma, Chen, Dong and Lu\”.mp315 According to talents, all thieves will be used. ——Feng Menglong of the Ming Dynasty, \”Zhitan·Shangzhibu·Jianda\”.mp314 Although the motherland is large, if it is warlike, it will perish; although the world is safe, if it forgets to fight, it will be in danger. ——\”Sima Fa·Renben\”.mp313 If you don\’t enter the tiger\’s den, you won\’t get its cubs. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biography of Banliang\”.mp312 There is gold and jade on the outside, but there is lint on the inside. ——Liu Ji of the Ming Dynasty, \”Words of the Orange Seller\”.mp311 The king regards the people as his heaven, and the people regard food as their heaven. ——\”Book of Han: Biography of Li Lu, Zhu, Liu, Shu and Sun\”.mp310 Anyone who offends the powerful Han will be punished no matter how far away he is. ——\”Book of Han·Biography of Fu Chang, Zheng Gan, Chen Duan\”.mp309 Don\’t cut it offIf it is broken, it will cause chaos. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Chun Shenjun\”.mp308 The king does not exclude the common people, so he can understand his virtue. ——\”Historical Records: Biography of Li Si\”.mp307 Today, Xiangzhuang draws his sword and dances, and his meaning is always in Peigong. ——\”Historical Records·The Chronicles of Xiang Yu\”.mp306 The decisive victory is achieved in the midst of planning and planning, which can be achieved thousands of miles away. ——\”Historical Records·The Chronicles of Emperor Gaozu\”.mp305 3-13 Things must come to pass, and things must come to pass. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Mengchangjun\”.mp304 A great conduct does not care about the details, and a great courtesy does not hesitate to make small concessions. ——\”Historical Records·The Chronicles of Xiang Yu\”.mp303 When the birds are gone, the good bow is hidden. ——\”Historical Records·The Family of Goujian, King of Yue\”.mp302 A slight mistake can lead to a mistake of a thousand miles. ——\”Historical Records·Tai Shi Gong\’s Preface\”.mp301 A person with solid warehouses knows etiquette, and a person with enough food and clothing knows honor and disgrace. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Guan Yan\”.mp350 Don\’t take high status as a source of security, and don\’t take low status as a danger. ——\”Huainanzi·Yuan Dao Xun\”.mp349 The way to seek medical treatment must not be preceded by correct customs. ——\”History of the Ming Dynasty·Ye Bo\’s Jubiography\”.mp348 It is difficult not to have talents, but to make good use of them. ——\”History of the Ming Dynasty·Biography Fifty-Nine Praise\”.mp347 Those who express the road are the lifeblood of the country. ——\”History of the Ming Dynasty·Huang Gong Biography\”.mp346 Those who occupy high positions are prone to arrogance, and those who live in idle life are prone to extravagance. ——\”History of the Ming Dynasty·Tao An Biography\”.mp345 He is not as good as a jackal, but his skills are different. ——\”Huainanzi·Zhushu Xun\”.mp344 There are rules for governing a country, and benefiting the people is the basis. ——\”Huainanzi·Pan Lun Xun\”.mp343 If private actions win, public merit will be less. ——\”Han Feizi·Wai Chu Lower Left\”.mp342 Listening to both sides will bring light, and listening to one side will bring darkness. ——\”Zizhi Tongjian·Tang Dynasty Chapter Eight·Taizong Zhenguan Second Year\”.mp341 If the spring breeze is overwhelming, the branches will harm the heart. ——\”Han Feizi·Promoting Power\”.mp340 It is terrible to criticize and criticize the truth, and it is terrible to speak bluntly and not listen to it. ——\”New History of the Five Dynasties·The Chronicles of Emperor Mingzong of the Tang Dynasty\”.mp339 How can a person who supports Gou live long and protect the country? ——\”Mozi·Kinshi\”.mp338 There is no one who can achieve things without being polite. ——\”Mozi·Fayi\”.mp337 If those who are not talented advance, the road to the talented will be blocked. ——\”New Book of Tang·Biography of Wei Siqian\”.mp336 The people have three troubles: the hungry cannot eat, the cold cannot wear clothes, and the tired cannot rest.——\”Mozi·Fei Le Shang\”.mp335 After Wang Le heard about it, he was not interested; Refuse to remonstrate, and there will be no chaos. ——\”New Book of Tang·Biography of Song Wuguang\”.mp334 Those who live with others will be saved from danger. ——\”Old Book of Tang Dynasty·Li Baiyao Biography\”.mp333 Those who clear the flow must clean up the source, and those who rectify the end must correct the root. ——\”Book of Sui Dynasty·Li Wenbo Biography\”.mp332 It is not too late to review and publish later. ——\”Northern History·Cui Hongzhuan\”.mp331 No matter how young or old, noble or humble, all people are ministers of heaven. ——\”Mozi·Gongshu\”.mp330 To remove weeds and eliminate their roots is to prevent them from spreading; to extinguish the fire to stop the scorching fire is to extinguish it quickly. ——\”Chen Shu·Zhou Di Zhuan\”.mp329 A selfless and wise minister, a person who can do things selflessly. ——\”Han Feizi·Youdu\”.mp328 The city is self-defense; these three are the tools of the country. ——\”Mozi·Seven Troubles\”.mp327 He is near the Qianren River. His talent is not long, but his position is high. ——\”Han Feizi · Fame\”.mp326 These four are common problems in ancient and modern times. ——\”Book of the Southern Qi: Biography of Cui Zusi\”.mp325 But the hearts of both the ministers and the ministers have been focused on, so why should the superiors control the horses? ——\”Han Feizi·Yu Lao\”.mp324 Is it possible that the people are poorer than the poor and the country is richer than the top? ——\”Book of Southern Qi: Biography of the Seventeenth King of Wu\”.mp323 You don\’t see what you want. ——\”Han Feizi·The Way of the Lord\”.mp322 If you punish excessively, there will be no punishment, and if you give partial favor, it is better to give no favor at all. ——\”Song Book·Yan Yan\’s Biography\”.mp321 Those who rely on their strength will survive, and those who do not rely on their strength will not survive. ——\”Mozi·Feile\”.mp320 Those who follow selfishness lead to chaos, while those who follow law rule. ——\”Han Feizi·The Envoy\”.mp319 If the lower part is light and the upper part is heavy, it will be easy to overturn. ——\”Huainanzi·Shuo Shan Xun\”.mp318 Those who died by attacking are innumerable. ——\”Mozi·Fei Gongzhong\”.mp317 It is difficult not to find talents but to use them; it is difficult not to use them but to trust them. ——\”Book of Jin Hua Tan Biography\”.mp316 If the law is not benevolent, it cannot be followed. ——\”Mozi·Fayi\”.mp315 If you are not honest, you will do everything; if you are not shameful, you will do everything. ——Gu Yanwu of the Qing Dynasty, \”Rizhilu\”.mp314 Those who are clean and peaceful are the beauty of politics; those who are in vain are the evil of chaos and defeat. ——\”Book of Jin·Biography of Liu Yi\”.mp313 When he died, he regarded the people as useless. ——\”Three Kingdoms·Wu Shu·Wang Lou He Weihua Biography\”.mp312 Sages are often careless and take the hearts of the people as their heart. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 49\”.mp311 Promise and music are used to change the sea, and public rewards and punishments are used to determine the war. ——Shi Naian, Ming Dynasty, \”Water Margin\”.mp310 The way of saints in the world has been the same since ancient times. ——\”Guiguzi·捭阖\”.mp309 Time cannot be left behind, and time cannot be reversed. ——\”The Book of the Later Han Dynasty·The First Chronicle of Emperor Guangwu\”.mp308 \”Spring and Autumn\” is based on Taoism. ——\”Zhuangzi · Miscellaneous Chapters · Tianxia\”.mp307 Those who are good at speaking about heaven will surely gain recognition from others, and those who are good at speaking about the past will be proven in the present. ——\”Book of Han·Biography of Dong Zhongshu\”.mp306 One piece and one piece of relaxation, the way of civility and martial arts. ——\”Book of Rites·Miscellaneous Notes Part Two\”.mp305 Those who have attained the right will receive many help, while those who have lost the right will have few. ——\”Mencius Gongsun Chou\”.mp304 The people are the most valuable, the country is the second most important, and the king is the least important. ——\”Mencius: Devoting Your Heart\”.mp303 The weather is not as good as the right place, and the right place is not as good as the people. ——\”Mencius·Gongsun Chou\”.mp302 Death has occurred since ancient times, and people cannot stand without faith. ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp301 Those who speak are not guilty, but those who hear it are enough to be warned. ——\”The Book of Songs·Zhou Nan·Guan Ju Preface\”.mp336 Wise men all have the same views; the words of a benevolent person are of great benefit. ——\”Young School Qionglin\”.mp335 A fly\’s ears are like a fly\’s ears even though they are thousands of miles away. ——\”History of the Ming Dynasty·Mei Zhihuan Biography\”.mp334 Actions come from oneself, and reputation comes from others. ——\”Yi Zhou Shu·Posthumous Method Interpretation\”.mp333 Playing a chess piece is not enough to show wisdom, and playing a string is not enough to show sorrow. ——\”Huainanzi·Shuo Lin Xun\”.mp332 Great disasters arise from a moment of intolerance.Don\’t be careless. ——\”Night Talk around the Fireplace\”.mp331 Those with perverse temperaments are likely to be children who died young; those with harsh words will eventually be unlucky. ——\”Night Talk Around the Fireplace\”.mp330 It is advisable to treat villains with respect. Respect can turn away evil spirits. ——\”Night Talk Around the Firehouse\”.mp329 If you are poor and have no choice but to seek frugality, if you are humble you may as well just be diligent. ——\”Night Talk Around the Stove\”.mp328 Misfortunes and blessings belong to the same family, benefit and harm are neighbors. ——\”Huainanzi·Human Lessons\”.mp327 There are all weapons and spears in front of you, and the bones are sold out without knowing it. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp326 If there is no beginning or end to things, there is no need for many undertakings; if one raises things in the dark, there is no need for extensive knowledge. ——\”Mozi·Cultivation of the Self\”.mp325 Knowing this, you can avoid the worry of being too lazy and can calm down your impatience. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp324 Those who are like me are my friends, and they are worthy of being compared to other mountains for attacking jade. ——Li Yu of the Qing Dynasty, \”Xian Qing Ou Ji\”.mp323 The air that is light and clear and floats up is the sky, and the air that is heavy and turbid and condenses down is the earth. ——\”Children\’s Study in Qionglin\”.mp322 If the heart is not as attentive as I am, it is not the fault of others! ——Ming Dynasty Song Lian\’s \”Preface to Sending Ma Sheng to Dongyang\”.mp321 The sage does not value the jade of a ruler but the yin of an inch, which is sometimes rare and easy to lose. ——\”Huainanzi·Yuan Daoxun\”.mp320 That woman is very smart. Men, be careful. ——\”Three Character Classic\”.mp319 Even though he is old, he regrets it too late. You, a young man, should think about it early. ——\”Three Character Classic\”.mp318 It\’s like getting gold by escaping sand, that\’s the real news. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp317 Those who teach by example will follow, and those who teach by words will follow suit. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Fifth Zhongli Biography of Song Han\”.mp316 After Hui gave birth to a tooth, Huanyan sat in the study in silence. ——\”Xiao Chuang You Ji·Ji Awakening Chapter\”.mp315 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 64\”.mp314 Borrow a character and return it promptly. If you are in a hurry later, it is not difficult to borrow. ——\”Disciple Rules\”.mp313 When you are young, do not drink alcohol. Drunkenness is the ugliest thing. ——\”Disciple Regulations\”.mp312 Just like walking at night holding a candle, it is still wise to close your eyes and see nothing. ——\”Yan Family Instructions\”.mp311 Easy to read and recite, the second element; easy to read and recite, the third element. ——\”Yan Family Instructions\”.mp310 Accumulating tens of millions of wealth is nothing more than studying. ——\”Yan\’s Family Instructions\”.mp309 It is better to have no books at all than to believe in books. ——\”Mencius: Try Your Heart\”.mp308 If jade is not polished, it will not become a tool; if a person does not learn, he will not know. ——\”Book of Rites·Xue Ji\”.mp307 To study alone without friends is to be lonely and ignorant. ——\”Book of Rites·Xue Ji\”.mp306 After a thousand swords, you will know the weapon. ——Liu Xie of the Southern Dynasties, \”The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons·Zhiyin\”.mp305 A rich house, a nourishing virtue and a healthy body, a broad mind and a fat body. ——\”University\”.mp304 A bell is silent, a bottle is full but it does not ring. There is no need to cover up your own faults. It can\’t be covered up, and it adds another shortcoming. ——.mp303 Things are lacking and wisdom is unclear. ——Warring States Period·Qu Yuan\’s \”Nine Chapters·Bu Ju\”.mp302 Everything has its beginning and end, and everything has its beginning and end. If you know the order of things, you will be able to take the shortcut. ——\”University\”.mp301 Stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. ——\”The Book of Songs·Xiaoya·Crane\”.mp332 A person does not forget his integrity, and his conduct is not despicable. ——\”Night Talk around the Firehouse\”.mp331 Those who are not strong in ambition will not be wise, and those who do not believe in their words will not achieve results. ——\”Mozi·Cultivation of the Self\”.mp330 If you are stupid and have more wealth, you will benefit from your mistakes. ——\”Zizhi Tongjian·Han Dynasty Seventeenth·Yuankang Three Years of Emperor Xuan\”.mp329 Streams and valleys may be full, but ambitions are never fulfilled. ——\”Liang Shu·Fu Xun Biography\”.mp328 Don\’t be content with wealth, and don\’t hesitate to do whatever you want. ——\”Liang Shu·Liu Jun Biography\”.mp327 The reason why benevolent people benefit the world is to eliminate the harm to the world. ——\”Mozi·Jian Ai Zhong\”.mp326 To carry forward the unique knowledge to the saints and create peace for all generations. ——Zhang Zai of the Northern Song Dynasty, \”Hengqu Quotations\”.mp325 The youth is gone, we must cherish the shadow; the sun and the moon are gone, and it is time for people with lofty ideals to wait for the dawn. ——\”Children\’s School in Qionglin\”.mp324 If you work hard, God will not let you down. If you sleep on your salary and taste your courage, three thousand Yue Jia can swallow Wu. ——Pu Songling, Qing Dynasty.mp323 When you open the book, your mind wanders for thousands of years; behind the curtain, your heart is in the mountains. ——Deng Shiru of the Qing Dynasty.mp322 The situation of being lonely and loyal again is a tragedy. ——Qing Dynasty·Jiang Shiquan.mp321 Scholars are not worried about their lack of talent, but they are worried about their lack of ambition. ——\”Book of Jin·Yu Pu Biography\”.mp320 A gentleman does justice and does not stop because of ignorance. ——\”Huainanzi·Shuo Shan Xun\”.mp319 The sea accepts hundreds of rivers, and it is great to have tolerance; it stands thousands of feet high on the wall, and it is strong to have no desire. ——Lin Zexu of the Qing Dynasty.mp318 Only when a scholar has an unyielding sincerity can he have endless magical effects. ——\”Cai Gen Tan\”.mp317 Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi. Don’t bully young people into poverty! ——Wu Jingzi of the Qing Dynasty, \”The Scholars\”.mp316 I wish to level the East China Sea, and my body and mind will not change; ——Gu Yanwu, the Qing Dynasty, \”Jingwei·Everything is uneven\”.mp315 Those who have traveled thousands of miles will not stop on the right path; picture All over the world, bandits have small intentions to harm the big ones. ——\”Three Kingdoms\”.mp314 As long as you are sincere and sincere, the place where you look back is the spiritual mountain. ——Wu Cheng\’en, Ming Dynasty, \”Journey to the West\”.mp313 Don\’t worry about the severity of dampness, don\’t worry about poverty and prosperity. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biographies of Zhou Huang, Xu Jiang and Shentu\”.mp312 A husband is a man of ambition, and when he is poor, he will become strong, and when he is old, he will become stronger. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biography of Ma Yuan\”.mp311 Care about family affairs, state affairs, and world affairs. ——Gu Xiancheng of the Ming Dynasty.mp310 The reeds on the wall are top-heavy and have shallow roots; the bamboo shoots in the mountains have sharp mouths, thick skin and hollow bellies. ——Ming·Xiejin.mp309 Life is about hard work, what will you get if you don’t ask for it? ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Biography of Zhang Heng\”.mp308 It\’s not a bone-chilling cold, but the plum blossoms are so fragrant. ——Yuan Gaoming\’s \”Pipa Ji\”.mp307 As long as you work hard enough, an iron pestle can be ground into a needle. ——\”Diary Story\” by Yu Shao of Yuan Dynasty.mp306 How can a sparrow know the ambition of a swan! ——\”Historical Records·Chen She\’s Family\”.mp305 If a person\’s ambition is not established, why worry about his reputation not being known! ——Southern Song Dynasty, \”Shi Shuo Xin Yu· Zi Xin\”.mp304 If you don\’t sing, it will be a blockbuster. ——\”Historical Records·Funny Biographies\”.mp303 The worry in my heart is like a bandit wearing clothes. You can\’t fly hard just by talking quietly and thinking about it. ——\”The Book of Songs·Beifeng·Bo Zhou\”.mp302 Playing with people loses morality, playing with things loses morale. ——\”Shang Shu·Lv Mastiff\”.mp301 Everyone is destined to die, which may be heavier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather. ——Sima Qian of the Western Han Dynasty, \”Book of Reporting to Ren An\”.mp341 If you live in the back and look in front, you are in the front; if you live in the front and look in the back, you are in the back. ——\”Chen Shu\”.mp340 There is no way to give in. It is impossible to say so in danger. ——\”Mozi·Jingxia\”.mp339 How can you see that under the overturned nest, there are still intact eggs? ——Liu Yiqing of the Southern Song Dynasty, \”Shi Shuo Xin Yu·Yu\”.mp338 You can\’t have a big heart in life, even if you live a hundred years, you still have For Yaoye. ——\”Song Book·Xiao Hui Kai Biography\”.mp337 People are in high spirits during happy events, and the moon is particularly bright during the Mid-Autumn Festival. ——Feng Menglong of the Ming Dynasty, \”Awakening Words for the World\”.mp336 A wise man will not change his eyes for small gains, and will not change his steps for his own purposes. ——\”Three Kingdoms·\”.mp334 Resentment is due to virtue, so it makes people be kind to me, which is not as good as virtue and resentment. Young people don’t know what it’s like to be sad, but old people don’t know how difficult it is to travel. .mp332 If you are confused and know how to rebel, you can still avoid it. ——\”Three Kingdoms·Book of Wei·Biography of Dong Er Yuan Liu\”.mp331 What is lost in the east is gained in the mulberry tree. ——\”Book of the Later Han·Biography of Feng Cenjia\”.mp330 In the midst of snobbishness, those who are not close are considered clean, and those who are close and uncontaminated are considered especially clean; those who are intelligent and clever, those who do not know are considered high.mp329 Those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not speak. I don’t know. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 56\”.mp328 The things mentioned in the scriptures may not be true; how can we fully believe the words behind them? ——Shi Naian, Ming Dynasty, \”Water Margin\”.mp327 The first thing to know is to know oneself, and then to know others. ——\”Guiguzi·Reaction\”.mp326 When discussing names and festivals, the matters of urgency are minor; compared with life and death, the discussion of names and festivals is trivial. \”Xiao Chuang You Ji·Ji Qi Chapter\”.mp325 Those who stand up cannot stand, and those who cross cannot move \”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 24\”.mp324 What is easy to gain is easy to lose; what is difficult to gain is difficult to lose. ——Ming Dynasty Shi Naian\’s \”Water Margin\”.mp323 Gains and losses are once, but honors and disgrace will last for thousands of years. ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Xun Hanzhong\’s Biography\”.mp322 In the old days, there was no Tao Ling wine napkin, but in the new one, Zhang Dian\’s calligraphy was written down. Why not be in a coma and just ask the king\’s heart? ——\”Little.mp321 Favor comes from the source, so when you are happy, you must turn back early; after defeat, you may succeed, so don\’t let it go when it touches your heart.mp320 Those who talk about the shallow and the deep are stupid; look at the humble. Those who are noble are confused; those who accept loyalty without trust are slandered. ——.mp319 Those who are born rich are proud, and those who are born noble are proud. ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty: Biography of Cui Xiang\”.mp318 It is better to dissolve enemies than to make enemies. Each one looks back and looks at the future. ——Ming Dynasty Tang Yin\’s \”The Second Sigh of the World\”.mp317 If you rely on your talent and become cynical, you must guard against the shadow bug behind your back; if you use your thick appearance to deceive others, you may have a mirror in front of you. .mp316 What is difficult about poverty and lowliness is not difficult to be honest but difficult to use affection; what is difficult to be rich and powerful is not difficult to show kindness but difficult to be courteous. .mp315 A mortal\’s heart is dangerous to mountains and rivers, and it is difficult to know the sky. ——\”Zhuangzi · Miscellaneous Chapters · List of Imperial Bandits\”.mp314 If you are as careful as you are at the end, you will never fail. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 64\”.mp313 If you are envious of fish in the abyss, it is better to retreat and build a net. ——\”Book of Han·Biography of Dong Zhongshu\”.mp312 He who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise. He who conquers others is powerful, and he who conquers himself is strong. ——\”Tao De Jing·33.mp311 If you don\’t see yourself, you will be clear; if you don\’t know what you are, you will be enlightened; if you don\’t cut yourself off, you will have merit; if you are not self-conscious, you will be long.\” Husband Weibu.mp310 The family is rich in money and cannot sit down in the hall. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Sima Xiangru\”.mp309 I wake up at night and regret the loss of yesterday. ——\”Yan\’s Family Instructions\”.mp308 Don\’t do it if you are afraid of being known, but you must be respected and diligent in your studies. ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp307 When a bird is about to die, its song is mournful; when a man is about to die, his words are also kind. ——\”Historical Records·Funny Biographies\”.mp306 Never forgetting the past is the teacher of the future. ——\”Historical Records·The Chronicles of Qin Shihuang\”.mp305 If the network is in the outline, it is orderly and orderly. ——\”Shang Shu Pan Geng 1\”.mp304 The water in Canglang is clear, so I can wash my tassel; the water in Canglang is turbid, so I can wash my feet. ——\”Chu Ci·.mp303\” Loyal words are unpleasant to the ear and beneficial to action; good medicine is bitter to the mouth and beneficial to disease. ——\”Historical Records·Liuhou Family\”.mp302 The other party is in a hurry. If you don\’t see it for a day, it\’s like three autumns. ——\”Book of Songs Wang Feng Picking Ge\”.mp301 Give me a peach and repay me with a plum. ——\”The Book of Songs·Daya·Yu\”.mp334 The opportunity cannot be missed, the time will never come again. ——\”Old History of the Five Dynasties·Book of Jin·Biography of An Chongrong\”.mp333 Spring birth, summer growth, autumn harvest, and winter storage are the principles of heaven. ——\”Guiguzi·Chishu\”.mp332 Small knowledge is not as good as big knowledge, and small years are not as good as big ones. Xi Yi knows this? Morning bacteria don’t know Hui Shuo, and crickets don’t know.mp331 There are many divergent roads in life, and generals and ministers should also be done by mortals. ——Wu Jingzi, Qing Dynasty, \”The Scholars\”.mp330 Insight into world affairs is knowledge, and understanding of human feelings is all articles. ——Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty, \”A Dream of Red Mansions\”.mp329 Although the trickle is small, it soaks into a river; although the fire is weak, it can set fire to the wild. ——\”Book of the Later Han Dynasty·Biographies of Cruel Officials\”.mp328 When a person has a thought, everyone in the world knows it. If there is no reward for good and evil, there will be selfishness in the universe. ——Wu Chengen, Ming Dynasty \”.mp327 When the false becomes the true, the true is also false, and there is nothing but nothing. ——\”A Dream of Red Mansions\” by Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty.mp326 If a great achievement is missing, its use will not lead to disadvantages. If there is a big surplus, it will be of endless use. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 45.mp325\” The universe is vast when you are drunk, and the sun and moon are long in the pot. ——Shi Naian, Ming Dynasty, \”Water Margin\”.mp324 If you refuse to accept the enemy, you will have no regrets. ——\”The Book of the Later Han Dynasty: The First Chronicle of Emperor Guangwu\”.mp323 If it is sustained and enriched, it will not be as good as it is; if it is sharpened and sharpened, it cannot be maintained for a long time. The hall is full of gold and jade, but no one can keep it; wealth and honor.mp322 The best is like water. Water is good for all things and does not compete with it. It is disliked by everyone, so it is close to the Tao. ——\”Tao Te Ching.mp321\” There is no place to be found even after wearing iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it. ——Xia Yuanding of the Southern Song Dynasty, \”Quatrains\”.mp320 The sky is vast, sparse and not missing. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 73\”.mp319 Misfortunes are where blessings depend, where good fortune and misfortune lie. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 58\”.mp318 Things in the world are like a boat with a short canopy, moving to the west or east. ——Ming Dynasty Tang Yin\’s \”Warning to the World\”.mp317 He is as straight as he is humble, he is as clumsy as he is cunning, and he is as naive as he is in argument. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 45\”.mp316 Mount Tai slips through the stone, and the unipolar tunnel () breaks the stem. ——\”Book of Han·Jia Zou Meilu Biography\”.mp315 When the spring dries up, the fish and the fish are on the land. It is better to forget each other in the rivers and lakes. ——\”Zhuang.mp314\” If a frog in a well cannot talk to the sea, it is bound to the void; if a summer insect cannot talk to the ice, it is bound to the time. ——.mp313 Generous without corners, late bloomer, great sound, but invisible elephant. ——\”Tao Te Ching·Chapter 41.mp312 If the water is extremely clear, there will be no fish; if a person observes it clearly, there will be no disciples.\” ——\”Han Shu·Dongfang Shuo Zhuan\”.mp311 The gap between heaven and earth in life is as sudden as the passing of a white horse. ——\”Zhuangzi·Waipian·Zhibeiyou\”.mp310 If you plant flowers deliberately, the flowers will not bloom, and if you wait, you will plant willows to form shade. – Guan Hanqing of the Yuan Dynasty, \”Bao Daizhi Zhizhi Killed Lu Zhailang\”.mp309 When the grass grows, it will cover the ground. Why should Yun Tong look for old friends? ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp308 Human relations are like meeting each other for the first time, and there will be no resentment until the end. ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp307 In humanity, no one has troubles, and his hair will grow old even in the wind and waves. ——\”Collection of Famous Sages\”.mp306 If you are full, you will suffer losses, but if you are modest, you will benefit. ——\”Shang Shu Dayu Mo\”.mp305 When the sun is at noon, it will move, and when the moon is full, it will lose. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Fan Sui and Cai Ze\”.mp304 A single tree cannot make a tree, and a single tree cannot make a forest. ——\”Collection of Yuefu Poems·Hengbiao Songs IV·Interpretation of the Purple Horse\”.mp303 The accumulation of feathers sinks the boat, the group lightly breaks the shaft, the public mouth makes gold, the accumulation destroys the bones. ——\”Historical Records·Biography of Zhang Yi\”.mp302 Horsepower can be seen from afar, and people\’s hearts can be seen from time to time. ——\”Shi Lin Guang Ji\”.mp301 Comes like wind and rain, goes like dust. ——\”Zengguang Xianwen\”.mp3 download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1l1jtnHl91VJjmJplJBlAAA extraction code: Verification code is universal across the entire network! 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