A day in the life of a second-born mother, after reading this, I’m afraid you won’t dare to give birth!

Before I got married, everyone asked me when I would get married; after I got married, they asked me when I would have a baby; when I was pregnant, people asked me about my plan for a second child. After giving birth to one child, I was too busy every day. If I gave birth to a second child… Dabao wanted to help Xiaobao change diapers, but the more he helped, the more trouble he would have. Okay, don\’t sleep, get up, clean up, change diapers, and cook breakfast. Everything is packed up, it\’s almost 7 o\’clock, and I can finally sit down and have breakfast. Xiaobao is full and her husband is at work, so he can finally sit down and have breakfast. Dabao is also full and can really sit down and have breakfast this time. Finally finished breakfast and could take a rest. Look at the time, quickly put away the pots and pans, and do the housework. After doing the housework and playing with the baby for a while, it’s time to cook again. At this time, both treasures will come to help. With the \”attentive service\” of these two children, I can only cook in this posture. After finally finishing the meal, Xiaobao has eaten enough and gone to bed. At this time, let’s give Dabao two bites of neinei. Dabao stopped eating after a few bites, so he started eating. However, I didn\’t take even two bites… I wanted to have a good meal, but I didn\’t expect it to end up like this… After finishing the meal, it was Dabao\’s nap time again. Many times, with coaxing, even I fall asleep together. Let’s forget about washing the dishes for now, I haven’t bought the food for dinner yet! After I came back from shopping for groceries, I put the two treasures on the floor and started washing the dishes and tidying up. Just finished packing and it’s time to cook again. After a busy day, my husband finally came back to help. After having a good meal, let my husband take care of the little baby, and I will help the big baby take a bath. After Dabao took a bath, my husband played with Dabao. Xiaobao and I took a bath together and then coaxed him to sleep. Dad took Dabao to play and put him to sleep, and I quickly went to wash the dishes, clean up, and take a bath. Finally, all three children fell asleep. I also need to prepare an article to be published tomorrow… Having one child is already too busy. If I have two children, I really wish I could master the art of cloning like Sun Wukong. Moms, are you ready?

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